Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oregon Trail Ruts in Wyoming

 Yes, yes, these are the original ruts made by the early pioneers wagon trains crossing the Oregon Trail.

I often felt I might lose my husband as he walked back in time and seemed often to go into a time warp where only he could hear and see the original pioneers making their way across torturous land and perilous plights.

Fortunately for me there were beautiful flora and fauna to see along the way.

cotton wood trees full of "cotton"...

And then there was the road to where?

A very rough road that could not have been good for wagon train or car...

But even though he never found the town not without trying that road went on and on and on and on(that was on the map) he did find the street sign and he was happy. (only our closest friends will understand this one and that's okay).

"No, I do NOT want to buy that fixer upper!"


  1. wow.. Who knew the ruts would still be there after all these years. Well I guess lots do but I didn't. Fun getting to see it all and the sign. :)

  2. Is that a pioneer in the photos Lynn? Lovely pics, particularly that cabin.

    1. Oh yes, Ann! Believe me, he is! And if he could move time he'd be back there for real.

  3. those wagon trail ruts are amazing - I would make the trip just to see that - absolutely miraculous!


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