Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rocky Mountain Goats Siting in The Black Hills, South Dakota

 Our Grand daughter's name, Yael, means Mountain Goat in Hebrew. We were thrilled when we came across this group of them on the Needles Highway in South Dakota. There were about six all together that we saw there.

They are so furry and sweet looking.

Five of them had made it off this big rock and crossed the road, but this guy wasn't sure by then by all the people who had gathered to watch...

Slowly he made his way down...

and got to a safe place with the others. They are such a beautiful animal.
Just perfect for Animal Wednesday.   HAW!

If you are interested I've been posting photos and art done on our recent road trip across eight states, just scroll down to see more...and stay tuned as there will be more to come.


  1. My friend's sister is called Yael. These goats look so sweet.

  2. What handsome beasts. I have never been this close to them. What a lucky sighting. HAW.

  3. i dont know why but i love goats. also actually their milk and products made from their milk.

  4. These are a great animals, how beautiful are they.. I just want to touch them, they must be soft.

  5. Fantastic and fairly rare photographs, Lynn, What a memoir you have built!

  6. What a BEAUTIFUL animal. Love their fur coats. Great photos you got of them too. HAW

  7. Oh my, I LOVE goats and these guys are just beautiful! I used to keep goats but I don't have the land anymore... very sad, but these photos made me smile!

  8. You got some wonderful shots of these beautiful goats. They look so soft, I would love to pet one. I'm doubt that they would be very receptive to that. :-) Thanks for sharing!


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