Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Allie Bel at the Animal Farm in Portland, Or for Animal Wednesday

 Allie Bel hears now with her newly implanted Cochlear Implant and hearing aid, but she also signs. Here she is signing COW in ASL sign language. It's a great way to communicate with babies before they can talk!  Allie knows a whole slew of signs for animals and for things like eat, drink, more, where is, stop, thanks, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and even for buffalo! That one takes two hands and she learned it in a day! I taught her!

The animals at this Portland, Oregon animal petting farm were very friendly!

And very beautiful. The long horned ram is one of my favorites. They are becoming rare in the western states, where we have seen them in the past on our travels, due to diseases. So it was great to see this one here.

Allie loved seeing all the animals and learning their names.

That's a Llama Allie. I need to look up how to sign llama!

We know how to sign goat!

Petting a calf is fun especially when it licks your hand!

We had such a fun five days with our kids! And we are already planning a next meet up in December!
Happy Animal Wednesday!!!


  1. So precious. I was just telling my out of town friend about Allie and how she signs at such a young age!! She is a doll with so much love surrounding her!! It's no wonder she's so advanced!!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. What a sweet little sole Allie Bel is and so clever learning all those words in sign. Wonderful what she made of the cow licking her hand with its rough tongue.

  3. That photo of the ram is beautiful. Looks like you all had a great day.

  4. That sweet grand baby is the show stealer here. HAW.

  5. Replies
    1. Allison you could teach Elaine. Allie and her parents attend a signing class for children age 6 months-2 yrs and she is the only hearing impaired child in the class. It's amazing how we can communicate with her and her with us using sign. NO crying frustrated baby ever! It works! My now 8 yr old grand kids, with no hearing loss, learned it too as babies and they still remember some signs!

  6. allie is a wonder. so good about the implant and amazing she can do sign language. she's adorable.

  7. Wow, she´s brilliant! My girl used to call anything with four legs "dog". :D

  8. Oh what cute photos. I love that long horned ram. wow. It is cute how she signs. Never thought of it as being a means to communicate with a baby but wow.. great idea.

  9. This child is a little marvel. Isn't it such a 'mitzvah' to have her in your lives?

  10. Oh, that sounds great! I'm sure the little sweet girl will remember this trip for a long time! :)
    Lovely animals also, and photos! :)


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