Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I am so excited!

Thanks to all who voted for Obama! I am relieved, excited, overjoyed, happy!
 I won't have to have a Medicare voucher, my kids will get health insurance, there will be more promise of peace in the world! I am hopeful! The middle class and the poor will have a chance, they won't be denied! Lets hear it for the 47%!

This is not a political blog, but this is a great night so hear me roar.

I'll be back to art, animals and family tomorrow!


  1. So HAPPY for you, so happy for us!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. WooHoo!! I'm so happy and super relieved!

  3. Well, here, in Spain, most of people (and myself, of course) have voted (in our mind) for Obama too :) So, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  4. I think people all over the world are glad President O WON! In realizing he had won the tears just fell out of my eyes. My greatest hope and prayer is that he can do the work he was born to do for us. That somehow the Congress will come together for the good of all. There will always be rich and poor people in this America...but my fear is that we would become like sheep and just go with the idea that somehow the rich really care about the poor and will make jobs for us, that may have been the case at some point in history...but not today. If we are not careful we will be like so many other countries...where the rich rule and the common person works for almost nothing. Big Hugs, Mary


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