Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Animal Wednesday and My Book Giveaway

a sneak peak of what the cover of my book might look like

If you haven't already put your name in the hat for my giveaway on this Friday for a copy of my NEW BOOK One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole  A Years Drawing over lunch at Taco Jalisco
do so NOW by leaving a comment on the post link below. AND SAY YOU WANT TO BE IN THE DRAW.
The winner will have to wait for the publication of said book to come out and that should be sometime before the new year.

Henry V has been up to nothing but TROUBLE this past few weeks.
1. was the cat fight he came in from with two bloody ears (top and inside both)
2. was the second cat fight he came in from with a bloody gash in his neck!
     that one caused a trip to the vet and a bill for $104 (but he's worth it!)
3. was looking down at my feet while sitting at my desk on Sunday and seeing what looked like feathers...yes, small grey feathers, then larger feathers...a huge array of them...I had to get up and go round to the back of my desk to find the poor bird who belonged to all those feathers carpeting my floor at my feet under my desk. Dead of course. Poor bird, Bad Henry!
 I have a picture of them somewhere, but cannot find them just now.
I am supposed to be working on the book, whose format continues to give me troubles. But I am determined. I hope who ever wins the GIVEAWAY will be patient for publication! It WILL HAPPEN.
4. and this is NOT Henry's fault, but while emailing that photo of sweet Henry V from my iPad to blog it set itself up in a different post and I meant for it to appear on Wednesday! Oh well, Happy Early Animal Wednesday!


  1. I was wondering how come Henry was posted without words but then I know how under the gun you are to get this book done and the fits its been giving you but I know you will figure it all out soon. I do want to be in that draw.. but I suppose I need to go to the other site. :) Poor Henry. I hope he gets out of trouble soon. :))

  2. did I put my name down for the draw??? not sure but would like to be in it. be well, suki

  3. Henry seems to be a real cat - usually wonderful, but sometimes just bad.

    Good luck with your book, this is wonderful for you!

  4. That face! It says it all, Kisses to the bad king. Congrats on your book, looks wonderful, please put me in for the draw! xoxo

  5. One fish taco, half an order of guacamole, and one dead bird...perhaps not the most well-balanced lunch order! But certainly colourful.

  6. I love the paintings on your site but the most beautiful one is your cat.I would really like to be included in your giveaway.

  7. HAHAHAHA that Henry! I miss having a real cat in the house. The two old ladies who are left here never killed anything in their life! even the doves continue to eat when Spook is sitting on the container beside them.
    Not that I miss dead birds and mice brought in and sometimes alive...... but eh you know what I mean I guess. I miss the temperament of Sjimmie around.
    Hope Henry's ears will heal soon! Give the rascal a hug from me :)

  8. Henry certainly seems to get in lots of fights! I take it Henry has all his, ahem, boy parts!

    Our only boy cat is Jenny's cat, Jane, who turned out to be a boy--when Jenny was in kindergarten she wrote in her journal "My cat is a he but we call him a she." Pass that along to Henry the Warrior...


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