Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Henry Practices His Attack Mode Ready for The Night!

"First I sharpen my claws on my scratching pole...

"I practice my swatting at the feathered ball imaging the cat next door...

"I grab him around his middle bringing him down to the ground...

"Next exercise is to dive at the bag, dig my teeth in and tear...

"Drag it across the room, dive and ponce!
"Then lay on my opponent and hold him down... 

"Walking away the VICTOR as usual..."

That night Henry went OUT and apparently found his prey next door. He came home with his fur fully fluffed out, hair flying everywhere around him...the fur of his opponent stuck between his digits of his paws...ears bleeding, on top and inside...but feeling full of himself. As I brushed him down with my hands and DH applied medicine to his bleeding ear, the shaft of the other cats claw came out in my hand. I'm thinking the other guy may not have fared as well.



  1. Oh my goodness Henry...was it something the other guy said!

  2. Nice series. Henry sounds like a handful - in such a cute catlike way. I have 3 myself.

  3. Ooooo, noooo..Henry! He looks like he just fought the *Battle of Agincourt*! Mon Dieu! I hope you will keep him in for a few days (and nights) so his wounds can heal! As you know, Le Roi Henry is much beloved by us - (his Vassals) all round the World.


    Kiss the King (albeit gently)!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. So Henry comes in to practice for combat and goes out in the night to slay dragons.
    As a King will do. :) HAW

  5. Oh Henry! You are really something else. Love you King Henry, xoxo

  6. Henry is so much fun. I am glad you share him with us.

  7. what a guy. so busy.

    my cat doesnt like playtoys nor does he get into fights anymore, if he ever did.

    henry is truly a KING.

  8. What a beautiful cat you have! I love cats! :) and this was a very fun story and photos that you mad me laugh loudly!! =D Great cat Henry!

    But..uhuu.. take care of him at nights!


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