Tuesday, November 13, 2012

There Is Nothing More Important Than Family (and friends!)

A week ago Saturday we drove to visit My dear Uncle and Aunt again. The  car did not lose battery power this time and so the ride was uneventful. We are always so warmly greeted by my lovely Aunt Mimi...
 and my handsome Uncle Harry...
and I can't help myself from capturing the love between them. 
 Between them they have 186 years~! How about that!

 My Uncle so enjoyed conversation with my brother...
 and my husband...

                              As did we with him....
 Mimi and I had our little bit of conversation too.
 I had to take this picture of myself with my iPad
so you'd know I was there!
We shared photos and art from our recent road trip, and baby Allie pictures and videos~
Then we all went upstairs to lunch.
It was such a lovely visit.
And the good news is we will all be together again next week for Thanksgiving!
Mimi loves orchids and hers are always
so beautiful.

I want to thank everyone who left comments on my last blog post, and extra thanks to those of you who shared your experiences and know how about self publishing. I do believe I have a much clearer picture about how this is done. And if so many of you have done so successfully, I feel encouraged that I too will figure it out and have a book of my art to publish and then share with all of you in the not too distant future!

Just to finish up on the family theme here, plans are in the works to attend the 8 yr old grand kids soccer Jamboree soon; and my son and his wife want to meet us half way in Ashland in a few weeks time with Allie so we can have more play time together. With luck this will all come to pass.

Like I said, FAMILY is so very important to me!


  1. Family is what matters most no matter how you look at it.

  2. Nice post and wonderful photos. You're very good with portraits.

  3. Wonderful photos. Family is the best. all I have left are my Aunt and uncle the same age as yours.

  4. This post is so heartly as can be! lovely aunt and uncle! and so fun to see you also! :)


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