Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WHICH To Choose eBook or Hardcover or Soft cover?

Seth Apter, mixed media artist and author, from NY said this on the back of my book:

"Feast on the drawings made by Lynn Cohen in this gem of a book called One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole. Illustrated over the course of a year at the author’s lunch spot, I would file this under the category of observational art. Her spirited and colorful drawings capture all the small details and nuances that make up the lives we live. Somehow, after just a few page turns, we come to know and care about the cast of characters that pass through Taco Jalisco. Lynn’s margin notes are the finishing touch, which together with her illustrations, will make you want to pick up the phone to make a reservation for yourself."

>>>>>>  <<<<<<<<
Sherrie/Happy Tiler in Canada sent this: "Hey I wanted to tell you to mention on your blog that there is a deal for Canadians until Jan 28 th 2013 on Blurb Canada...if they buy your book......
25 percent off!!
Check into it here!! "The Coupon Code is: SNUG 
Thanks Sherrie/Happy Tiler
For those of you in the US or other parts of the country go to BLURB on line and look for coupons.
My big shipment of books came in the other day, books I bought for my kids and grand kids, for Carlos and his family at Tacos Jalisco, and my friend Patty for her birthday gift. It's pretty super seeing them on my coffee table.
I did this?
Yes! I did!
Someone asked me which was better to get, the eBook or the hardcover?
I personally have one of each! But then it's my book so you might expect that!
It's also available in soft cover and hard cover with image wrap,
but I've not yet seen either of those.
Perhaps someone else who purchased them can give a critique.
The eBook is great on my iPad. The back lighting for the screen really makes the art in the book pop!
But then again, the pages of the physical book are on glossy paper and brightly colored pages,
so the art, which is framed in black, on the colorful backgrounds, also pops!
I, personally, like to hold the physical book in my hands!
But then it's my book so that is probably understandable.
It's kind of like holding a newborn baby, as opposed to seeing it behind glass.
Just so you don't think this blog post is me going on about it being "All About Me!",
I want to show you where I have hung two paintings purchased from my friend,
Joss Rossiter! They liven up our living space beautifully.
All those browns needed some color!
Check Joss' blog out by clicking on her name. (above) Her paintings are very unique and full of life!
My Publisher, a different self publishing company than the one I used to self publish my book on BLURB, offered a deal one day, so I made a calendar with drawings from the book inside.
It's kind of fun to have too. I am giving this one to the U. family at Tacos Jalisco!
And here are two paintings that are in the book, but framed, as the originals now hang
at The French Cuff in Davis, CA until February 8, 2013 along with
11 others from the book and 12 art quilts!
Enjoy Your Day~
and if you want to help promote my book
feel free to copy the cover from my side bar, where a book can be ordered,
or from any of the other posts on my blog
and show it on your blog or face book page~
~Much appreciated~
Enjoy Life!


  1. Oh my, you & your book are thriving, Lynn! I'm curious how long your process took, from finish of book to getting it published...And if it was hard for you to find a publisher...I too love paper books but I'm happy to know it's reproducing well electronically. You must love seeing those stacks of books!

  2. Dear S W, it seemed like months, but I think I started the search for a site to self publish in October or November ? I could go back in my blog posts to see. I did a shout out for help and several blogger friends came forth with suggestions. Rosemary A. Had used Blurb for her book, and told me it was fairly straight forward. I had considered Lulu, Create Space on Amazon, but wound up going with Blurb. Many hours and some hair pulling went into picture choosing, scanning, ( I bought a new printer/scanner) and the scans came out with gray splotches. Carlos brought over photoshop to clean up the white backgrounds. Hours and hours over several days went into this. The layout work was pretty easy once I got used to the program. I think having been editor of my high school year book paid off all these years later! A dear friend, who is a newspaper editor volunteered to edit my prose.
    Many emails between California and Georgia got that done. Reading and re- reading found errors in it up to the last minute that needed corrections (in layout/positioning of photos, etc.) even after I thought it was done, and sent for one copy from blurb (late December) mistakes were found. One whole page had to be re-done! My next order arrived January 4th and I posted it on my blog. On January 5th I sold my first 7 books! I guess it was just a few short months (after one year of drawing) but it seemed much longer to me. Delivery from the publisher to me was about one week ... Less than what they predicted it to be. All in all it's been a sweet and well worth it ride! I hope this answers your question. ;-)

  3. Well Lynn, your book looks really nice sitting on the table all stacked up like that. Would look really nice in a bookstore too. :) Fun post.. I was reading about someone that writes art books and has a publisher She said once the book leaves her its FOUR MONTHS before its back from the Printers. This is wonderful to get it so quickly.

    1. Yes, Cris, I got mine in less than two weeks. Perhaps it takes longer if you live further away (it came through three states to get to me), but it's worth the wait if I do say so myself. Oops, I just did. LOL

  4. So much good information, I would love to publish. I am so proud of you, and they look so pretty stacked on the table. How excited you must be on this adventure...Hugs, Your Mary

    1. Mary, this has been such a fun experience, a learning experience for sure. Do go ahead and do it! Let me be your inspiration!!! ;-)

  5. It's wonderful to hear how your book is coming along!

    1. Thanks Christine, yes the book is OUT There and it's fun hearing from those who are holding and reading it already!!!

  6. I like a hard cover book if it has art in it, I prefer to see the images on a flat space and not folded over- if that makes sense. I bought the hard cover copy and am thrilled with it.

    Thanks for showing my art hanging in your lounge/living roo. It does look marvellous in that setting I must say.

    1. Dear Soulbrush, I am so glad you are happy with the style of book you chose. I'd love to hear from someone who bought the softcover as I have yet to see that one myself. I wonder if the pages open as flat as the hard cover. But then I can't imagine why they would not. So probably both are good reads.

      And YES, we love living with YOUR ART!!!! ;-))

  7. Hi Lynn.
    Your book arrived two days ago but I did not have a change to read it before yesterday as I had a little car acident the other day an was to tired even to open it when I finally got home. I think your book is so great and after following you at the PPF it seams like we have got to know your friends like Carlos and the couple. It is so nice to see how you have grown (can I say like that) I think every painting is better then that one before... hope you understand me. Love the way you write on your painting and in the end when I read that you dont use eraser it explained some things like the flower vase on the girls arm. Im going to read it one more time and then im going to take it to my school and show to my student. They are going to love your book. I love open their eyes for what we can do with our art. Have a beautiful weekend Lynn :)

    1. Thanks so much Sigga,

      I am sorry you had a car accident and I Hope you were not injured seriously at all.

      Sweet to hear your comments about my book! thank you so much for buying it in the first place. Yes, others have also told me they can see my "growth" in my art and that was one of the purposes of the book to show how it developed over a years time. So I am glad that came across. Yes, the vase on the girls art was a hoot! I still don't know how I managed to do that, but I sure did. And I love seeing it like that. so I am glad I did not erase it out. too funny.
      You make me so happy to hear you want to share my book with your students. What do you teach? Are this young children or adults? Just thrilled to know even more people will be seeing it. Thanks again, Sigga, your comment today had made me very very happy.


    2. Hi again. Im ok but not my car... they had to remove my car by a truck.. but someone was watching over my, I was so close to death..
      Im teaching art to children age 6-16 and that is so much fun, every day I try to open their eyes for something new like this morning when I told them to look around and try to figur out how everything started.. when I told them that almost everything that was made like their cloths, lunch box, pens, table... did start by a drawing/sketch their eyes got bigger they had not thought of that before. Ill tell you later how they will reject after going through your book.
      Hugs back
      Sigga Dís

  8. The pile of your very own book looks really impressive and nice - such a wonderful accomplishment, Lynn. I personally would prefer either hardcover or paperback. but certainly not an ebook. I'm pretty old fashioned in this regard, I love real books, their smell and feel etc.

    1. Carola, I agree with you; although I have surcomed (sp?) to reading on my iPad of late and I am enjoying it. Even getting FREE books from Amazon for Kindle on it.
      But regarding MY BOOK, I love HOLDING IT in my hands and turning the pages (live)! Of course it's my baby and I am proud of this endeavor and outcome.Thanks for your input here!!!

  9. I loved reading all the comments here Lynn. I hope a few people order from the code!! I think I may order the soft cover!! As much as I wanted to put something together for myself I think I might have to pass and just order your book by itself since there is so much on my plate this week!!

    Love the pile of your book stacked up...very cool...also love the calendar you made!! All so exciting!!

    Hugs Giggles


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