Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Animal Wednesday and Drawing in Usual and Unusual Haunts Last Week

I actually added to a previous blog post:
a Buzzard, not the prettiest bird on the planet some would say,
but interesting looking if a bit intimidating
when you stop and think about it ...
I like his full form, beautiful plummage, interesting red head ... from

a countryside ride we took a week or so ago ... this horse was in fact very close to town ...

I thought he looked pretty on the hill side on  a sunny day in February ... good for Animal Wednesday!

And then there was Art of another sort: 
Last Friday we'd dropped MY car at the mechanics this time, and had time to go to Starbucks in Fairfield for a few quick draws... The gal in the high heeled boots and cell phone sat behind DH,
but somehow he SAW her! ;-)
He told me later her hair was darker! Uh huh!

Same place different people, all very busy this early morning down the street from the court house. You could almost tell by the tension in the room who was waiting to go there and who wasn't. The guy with the newspaper was very relaxed. He wasn't going to court!

Later in the day, DH wanted to go to Fentons! For Ice Cream! As if we hadn't had enough to eat already! We can thank Patty for a lot of our Food-Outs of late, as her Starbucks Gift Card and her Fentons Gift Card took us both places in one day! Thanks Patty! I am NOT telling what I ate there!

Fast forward to Sunday ... Here I am sitting on a bench, no you can't see me, we are in Davis, and I am waiting for DH to come out of the music store. So I drew these people on the sidewalk in front of me as they passed by. I had to draw quickly as they moved just as quickly or more so ...

 (Oh we'd just eaten lunch at the best new to us Fish Place in town. Brown rice, steamed and grilled veggies and huge portions of fish...delicious! We will go back there!)

Oh dear, this is a different day, a different Starbucks, which morning???  It's in Dixon. And this picture really tells you the dangers of "NOT Erasing!"  See that baseball cap in the right upper corner? That guy left just as I had drawn his hat! How was I to know he didn't want to be drawn?
Now he is a ghost of himself just letting us know he WAS there!

The three kids were talking, drinking, and using a cell device. The older gentleman in the back was quite good looking, and I do think we made eye contact several times as I drew him. But I am not sure he knew I was doing it, or perhaps I am kidding myself. Who knows.

I drew so much this past week that I have a stack more waiting to be posted on Thursday for Paint Party Friday! So do stay tuned. MORE to come... at even more UN usual places!

I hope you enjoy my arty life ... I sure enjoy doing it!


  1. Oh your style is so free and colourful, I just love these sketches - especially the 'ghost' baseball cap!! I also really admire the car at the top. Fantastic work Lynn.

  2. i'm trying to catch up on blogs tonight... i love your sketches lately! i can see you're getting LOTS of art time!! Beautiful. xox

  3. I am delighted to have found your blog . . . and yes, I do enjoy your arty life. Your work is so interesting, I love all the details. I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time going through your incredibly art :)
    I'm your newest follower, and I would love to invite you over to follow me back. Have a marvelous day and Happy Valentine's day :)
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie

  4. More great drawings. I love the boot lady. :)) You get so much detail in your drawings even tho you do them so quickly. They guy you made eye contact with might have thought you thought he was cute and couldn't quit looking at

  5. What an eventful week this was! Nice work as usual!

  6. I love how you captured the movement and motion on the street!! So well done...they look like they're are getting soooo good at this... Wow impressive all these love the girl with the boots even though her hair isn't a match to your water colors....teehee!!

    Have a great humpday!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Lovely sketches to show us a glimpse into your world looks fun ..xx

  8. Great photos and drawings! Enjoyed my visit here as usual! Love to see your life through your drawings!

  9. Great drawings of little bits of life, Lynn.
    Happy Wednesday !

  10. Hi, Lynn, I love the beautiful photos and your great drawings. Thank you for sharing... ^_^

  11. i love the way you drew that boot - that's great - plus everything else. and the purple colors around the horse in the first picture is just beautiful

  12. Wow, Lynn. You are fast! Two comments you had painted three figures in 7 minutes, and about the Purple Lady..."when I painted her later. It took me 1 1/2 hour to do my sketch at the Field I guess not a sketch! I will write more in email!

  13. I love how you capture postures and expressions, like the man reading the newspaper. That's a quintessential peering at the paper look! And the girl looking at the screen of her techno device... you got that right on, too. I love your sketches! And you can bet that all the DHs always see the girl in the black boots, even when we think they don't!


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