Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Painted Drawings From My Busy Week Continued

I posted on Thursday a stack of painted drawings from this past week; but I'd been so prolific
that I had to add these today so as not to overwhelm any one blog post!

This is one of a few I did at the Pure Grain Bakery.
That family of four on the left was just finishing up their lunch and were
preparing to leave, as I quickly sketched them all just before they all stood up
and walked off!
I was proud of that accomplishment.
Then I added the other guy and gal around them.
Again, note all the iPhones OUT.

At Tacos Jalisco "The Couple" always seem to be connected to each other, not to technology! They actually talk to each other as I draw them. I like the early Valentine's on the walls, windows and door, as it seems perfect for them especially!

This was the same day, like I said on Thursday, I am drawing two or more drawings per session now!

Next day took me to the Pure Grain Bakery downtown. It was sunny and warm out, I walked and enjoyed walking in the fresh air. This is interesting. She is inside eating and talking on the phone;
he was outside the window across from her table. They knew each other, as I saw them wave to each other. Funny if they were talking to each other on their phones, but I doubt it. Just me making my own story, as I did with the drawing, making it look like they are actually sitting together when they were not!

Again, same day, same place, these two women were chatting with each other over lunch. I liked the blond woman's bright red coat!

I also had fun using my "Let's Do Lunch " stamp that I found a while ago at a thrift store! It's red ink compliments her coat!

I will hook up to Sunday Sketchers today. And you can too via the icon on my side bar! Lots of fun art to see.

Also remember to look for coupons on line for Blurb Books and mine can be viewed and ordered via that icon of the book cover on my side bar! "One Fish Taco..." Enjoy!

My book continues to sell, which of course is very exciting for me to know others are holding it and reading and enjoying it.

Recent positive feedback: Lisa D. bought two books, one for herself and one for her sister. When I asked if she used the buy one get one half off deal she said no, she didn't care she just wanted TWO!!!

Jessica S. bought two too! It's fun when someone likes something so much they want to share it with others.

Gloria Z. said her art teacher wanted to borrow it to read! I love all this sharing!

Several friends have told me it makes a great coffee table book!

My little grand daughter was impressed when I told her it was selling "on line" and she said: "Even to strangers?" I said: "Yes" and her eyes got really big!

Thanks to all who have bought a copy (or two) I'm glad to know "One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole A Year of Drawing Over Lunch at Tacos Jalisco" is being enjoyed by so many!  OH someone bought an eBook yesterday! I wonder who? Thanks!!!!

If you missed my blog on Friday go back one post to see "The Couple" and "The Purple Haired Lady" in the same picture....and several more!


  1. Wonderful, Lynn ~ your illustrations are getting even better !

    Carol of : (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  2. so fun to see all your sketches
    i almost feel as though i am there hearing the sounds and more

  3. I like your loose drawing style, it's wonderful.

    thanks for your visit, I hope you have a great day.

  4. These are wonderful... love the lively colours and you've really caught the chit chatty mood. So pleased your book is selling well... :D

  5. lovely sketches, great how that couple were actually speaking to each other!

  6. Love all that iPhone communication - captured perfectly :)

  7. More great sketches. Love the second one with the woman's purse on the table. Where are you off to today drawing?? :)

  8. Congrats on your book! I love the sketch of the couple and that they are so into each other. I also like the one with the phones, it's very much how the world is today and you've captured that moment!

  9. I'm so glad the book is doing well, its such a joy, beautiful painted sketches!

  10. I'm so proud of you! What wonderful style you have....hugs!!

  11. Love how these all show a story and life. Great job!!

  12. Love them, love the ALL! Great job!!!

    Have a great day!

  13. awesome eye and quick hand! perfectly captured down right down to the phone appendages!

  14. what a great sketching session! I especially like the quick one before they all stood up to walk away!

  15. These are wonderful, fun sketches, Lynn. I love the splashes of color here and there within each. :) I wish I could overcome my fear of sketching peeps. lol

  16. These are all great...third one is my fave. I love the two ladies on the left, especially the red head in that fabulous orange jacket. Congrats on the success of your book! So exciting!

  17. You are so full of creative energy, it's catching!

  18. Shame on me!!!! I have not been commenting. I think you are amazing, these are so detailed as always. I hope your book is doing well, you don't need a camera, you have the art of seeing and putting it on paper...great gift. You see what I would miss. Have a wonderful day, Hugs Mary


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