Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Spring I Share With You on Animal Wednesday

 Just bloomed in our front yard!

And our dwarf peach tree is in full bloom in our back yard!

A recent drive out in the country side (3 miles from our house) finds lots of wild mustard in bloom!

Back at home Henry V scopes out his territory!

I always think of my mom when the camellias bloom, as they were a favorite of hers and she had them in her front yard. Mine are out back.

We found these guys on our country ride too...

I know many of you are still buried deep in snow where you live. I hope my spring photos bring you a hint of what you are looking forward to as you enjoy the end of your winter weather!

Happy Animal Wednesday!
Come back tomorrow for more art in the form of drawings and paintings!


  1. Yes. Buried in snow. 12" last week, 8" more yesterday. Thank you. I needed this.

  2. Hermosas fotos, una tentación para hacerlas en acuarela!

  3. HENRY! Mon Cher! I have missed your *Royal Presence*! It is so good to see your *Striped Self* again!

    Beautiful flowers and Sweet Animals, Lynn!


    Kiss the King!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Thanks for sharing your spring photos. They sure cheer me up and have me looking forward to warmer weather! :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs Lynn.

  6. What beautiful blooms you have Lynn. It is fun seeing Henry and the barnyard animals. I can't wait until this snow melts and we have more things blooming here.

  7. You have a wonderful camera for close ups. Love the chickens. We have two of the barred rocks and our sex link looks like the light red. They are growing like weeds and getting so big now. Will be fun seeing them running around. Great photos. your flowers are ahead of ours blooming. but ours are not to far behind.

  8. fantastic! thanks for the spring of spring!

    that barn is great. now, how did you get your photos be so large and not overhang to the side bar? xoxo


    1. I choose the Extra Large option for my photos. And I have made my side bar very narrow. It works that way! I love that barn too.

  9. you know I didn't know what peach blossoms looked like, surprising colour! Thanks for bringing spring to us!

  10. oh spring!!! come here soon.
    (same question as kJ, love the big pics)

    1. I choose the X Large choice for photo size, and my side bar is narrow. so it works for me.

  11. Oh those beautiful luscious blooms!!!!

  12. We had 2 spring days but now back to rain and snow tomorrow. But it can't be long now!
    Thanks for the inspiration :)


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