Thursday, March 7, 2013

Starbucks, Tacos Jalisco, Tacos Jalisco and Tacos Jalisco!!

These are the folks I found at Starbucks on Saturday last. By the time we were ready to go, there were six people sitting at tables like that round one along that wall all with computers out. One woman had a huge book, I bet it was six inches thick, on Medical Physiology! Boy, did she have a lot to learn!
I drew this with black ink pen (prism color); and colored it in quickly with colored pencils (water soluble) and then used my drinking water and a paint brush to paint the colors wet. I like the way you still see some of the colored pencil lines under the "paint".

Yes, I did all that at the cafe!

(colored pencil + water + watercolors)

On Tuesday, I went to Tacos Jalisco for lunch. I am getting braver and braver not only drawing in public, but now coloring in public too, and painting what I have colored. This time I put my water via my straw onto my plate of finished food, a small pool, and dipped my paint brush into it to highlight the water soluble colored pencil.

So I AM PAINTING in public!

(which is something that Carlos challenged me to do this year!)

Today a woman came over to my table to remark about what I was doing. She shared that her sister had just taken a watercolor class and was really enjoying it. She showed me a butterfly her sister had painted that she had on her phone. She asked me if I taught painting!

I had to say, "No, I just Do It!"


I finished the art journal I started the very end of January 2013 on March 5, 2013. It isn't taking me very long to fill them up. Forty pages! A few with drawings on both sides. Carlos had a little time to sit and talk. He passed his acting class final with flying colors!!! Yey, Carlos!!!!!!!!

This guy was eating at Tacos Jaliscos too, same day as up above, but he's in the two spiral art journal.
I kind of liked him in black and white so didn't paint him later.
 I put drafting tape around the borders of this and the picture above before I started drawing.
It came off smoothly on the watercolor paper above.
On this paper it stuck more and tore a bit of the top layer of the paper when I removed it.
But I really like this new style (for me) of border.

Perhaps this will be my more neat period!?

What do you think?

On Wednesday I had full intentions of walking downtown to the Deli or the Bakery for lunch,
however as I stepped outside my office it was sprinkling ... so ...
I slipped into the eatery closest to my office instead,
which happens to be
Tacos Jalisco

I started drawing "The Kid" in the baseball cap, when  two things happened at once:

1. "The Couple" came in and

2. "The Kid" and his friend got done eating and got up to leave.

So I left the ink drawing of "The Kid" and proceeded to draw "The Couple", who had much to my delight sat at a table facing mine, where I could capture their likenesses easily!

I later went back to finish the picture of "The Kid" after he was no longer there, adding background from the room behind where he had been sitting.
I colored it in AFTER drawing and coloring "The Couple" below.
And later at my office, when a client did not show for their appointment,
I got a cup of water and with paint brush "painted" the water soluble colored pencils.

As You can see Carlos was there behind the counter and his dad was in the kitchen.

"The Couple" and I had some words, all positive, I went on to color and paint that picture there.
And when I got done and ready to go it was no longer raining.

Happy Paint Party Friday!

Thanks for coming by and leaving your comments, it warms my heart to the MAX! 
                                      It made a nice "Tacos Jalisco Family" drawing!


  1. Well done Lynn, very brave painting in public. I knew you could do it. Carlos was right to challenge you to that, lol. Do pass on my congratulations to Carlos on passing his acting exam.

    1. Thanks Ann. I will tell Carlos you are proud of him. And yes, I do like a challenge!

  2. You are always up to a challenge.. Good for Carlos challenging you to color on the spot. :))Nice to have the WC pencils to help do this. All of your art is well done as usual and I can tell the people apart capture the essence of them that carries thru in each drawing. Well done. HPPF early. :)

    1. Thanks Cris, I guess the next test will be to see if I can pull out my watercolors (small kit) while in the restuaraunt.

  3. Gosh, how brave of you, you must be chuffed with yourself. I wonder what the waiters thought of the coloured water etc.? Love these on the spot skektches, one day I will try and do the same myself - or perhaps not!

    1. Polly, I soak up the water (about the size of a quarter dollar bill) from the plate when I am done with a paper napkin.
      Hoping it does not get into the water system.

      I do encourage you to draw in public! It's fun.
      And as I wrote in my book: "One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole A Year of Drawing Over Lunch at Tacos Jalsico" it gets easier with practice.

  4. wow not only drawing in public but painting as go girl, all kudos to you.
    I really love coming here and seeing how your week has been Lynn, thank you for this special treat. Happy PPF.

    Hugs Annette x

  5. Wow that is so brave- I really couldn't do that- paint in public. Well done you, a real pioneer for me. Happy PPF (still Thursday night here).

    1. Never say never
      Never say never cause you just never know!

  6. Painting in public is a whole other thing... I sometimes will sneak in a little sketch and make some notes, especially when I can get a table out of the way, but painting is a step too far for me at this stage... you have done a beautiful job and i love that you get braver and braver...xx


    1. Me too Tracey, it's crazy, I guess you have to be a little nutty to do what I am doing!

  7. Love your week of sketches, Lynn! Good that you are painting them in public, too! Valerie

  8. Haha, love the creative ways in which you use your drinking water to be able to paint in public :-)

  9. You not only have a creative art life, you have a wonderfully colorful people life. What fun (and oh yes, work) albeit fulfilling. I am so glad that you share all of this with us. You have a beautiful soul. Blessings, Janet PPF

  10. You are so brave!!! Love all of these, but my very favorite is the guy behind the counter! Great style! <3

  11. I love (and envy) your new found confidence. It is just so amazing what you capture. I love your couple, Carlos Sr and Jr. Wonderful work.

  12. these are great lynn. people must recognize you now about town as the paint lady.

  13. How wonderful to take on another challenge head on. You keep going like this and everyone's going to fill those eateries hoping to be painted :) Great illustrations!

  14. Lynn, this is wonderful. You can tell the next person who asks that you are an art teacher. Think about how much you teach all of us each week. I am going to set a goal for myself this week of drawing or painting in public. It should be fun.

    I love all of your drawings. I was really drawn to the rosary beads behind the counter. It is all of the details that you include that make your people and places so real to me. Have a great week!

  15. You are very, very brave, many dare not draw anything while someone looks at you and you get to collect the environment around you. saludos

  16. I admire the spontaneousness of your paintings !!

  17. Oh my! you are always busy, busy, busy doing these great sketches. Love them!!!

    Thank you for stoping at my blog. Took me six hours with out all the interruptions. I had to stop the timer every time something came out. :S

    Have a great day!

  18. Oh Lynn, how wonderful that you are now painting in public as well as drawing! That is a big step. I think it is more "out there" to be seen with a paint brush than a pen. Love the paintings/drawings, especially the black couple.

  19. I have huge admiration for you drawing in public and now you're painting as well!! I wish I was that brave! Great illustrations of life in your food haunts as always - I like how you finished the kid's sketch off after he had gone!

  20. You know me, I love your sketches. I feel I've gotten to know all these regulars at Taco Jalisco's. Also like that you are actually painting in public. Yay for you! Nice job as always and thx. for sharing.;)

  21. I think it comes naturally to you to paint in public! Lovely paintings this week!

  22. Love your post, have to tell you that I like the black and white...

  23. you are so talented and I love seeing all your sketches, little gems!

  24. Congratulations on painting in public now, too! Wow!!
    That's great!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  25. Oh Lynn - I think you SHOULD teach painting. Your powers of observation and technique, and the way you use color, are so wonderful and you should share your gifts with the world!

  26. How brave to paint in pubic! Your art is wonderful and the people so interesting

  27. I always am afraid people won't like my renderings of them, so when I draw in public it's always inanimate objects or elaborate doodles. I love to see yours and know that you're bravely out there -- the drawings are so interpretive and unique. I love my watercolor pencils, too. Have you tried the Inktense from Derwent? Very vivid colors! I like your black and white guy, too. Your lines are very expressive.

  28. You need a brush with a built in waterreservoir ;) Google Niji waterbrush and you will see. This would be perfect for you!
    It must be fun for the guest to see you paint now too!
    have a great weekend♥

  29. Its so brave of you to paint in public...I am not very comfy as of now and that's why I take a lonely place or not so crowded place to do that. I should shed my inhibitions and do that sometime!
    Nice sketches as usual full of character!
    Say my 'Hi' to Tacos family :)
    HPPF Lynnie :)

  30. so much character and fun in your work...congrats on working in public, and getting compliments too! it's not always easy to do that...

  31. I am glad you are being brave.....good for you!
    I wonder what kind of things the people watching you will ask you:)

  32. What transformative fun you are having, Lynn! Isn't it something how much the world enjoys artists in action? You must feel like a celebrity :-)


  33. It is so much fun to "eat lunch" with you Lynn! I like your idea of the clean edges. That will look nice if you frame up watercolor papers individually.


Thanks for leaving your comments as I love hearing from you. Your words of encouragement are why I continue to draw!