Sunday, March 10, 2013

Choices: Water Soluble Pencil + Water, Watercolors, Ink

Meanwhile, back in that crazy, found it cheap at a thrift store art journal, with spirals at both ends; NEVER AGAIN. It's a huge waste of time to flip back and forth from two sides, and pages get bent! It may seem "cool" at first, but in all honesty, it's a pain in the be-hind!
But I will probably use it to the bitter end just because it's started ...
I drew this couple and her mother (I'm guessing it's her elderly mom) sitting next to her, at the Pure Grain Bakery last Thursday.
Drew in ink first, whipped out my colored water soluble pencils and colored it there.
Added water from my drinking cup and painted it there too!
Indoor Plein Air Painting!
My new thing.
You can see SPRING out side the large windows!

This I drew there too. The guy was sitting directly in front of me. The gal was sitting way across the room by the windows. The door is in between those two places closer to being in front of the guy...
Both were alone. I brought them together. Now in case they were lonely there, they are not lonely anymore. I always wanted to be a matchmaker!

I painted it using my small watercolor kit back at my office before my first client of the afternoon showed up!

Two entirely different looks, colored pencils, and watercolors! Any preference?

On Friday we went to have our taxes done. The yearly most dreaded meeting, except for maybe dental oral surgery which is next Friday!Getting the taxes done actually was fairly painless this year. For once I had gathered every single thing I needed to bring in, so there was no go home and hunt and call back later business; nope! Got it all done there and the great news was I did not OWE any money, THEY OWE ME! Music to my ears!!!!

After lunch we went to a new Deli (for us) in this town 15 minutes away from home. It was packed to the rafters with people, mostly men, eating lunch and talking. I got out my pen and pad and quickly sketched the people around us. I mean fast, as in five minutes or less, before our sandwiches arrived!
I like this fast style of drawing. It's only a little faster than what I do already. Maybe this is what they call Contour drawing?!

Painted with watercolors (people) and gauche (background) at home later!
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Thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated!
Have a creative week!


  1. Yes, we do get what we pay for most of the time, especially with art supplies !
    I like the watercolors better but some times really good quality watercolor pencils and a waterbrush can get a good watercolor effect too.
    Wishing you the best of luck with the oral surgery. That is nerve-wracking stuff. Deep breaths !
    Happy Sunday !

  2. good luck with the oral surgery - I hope it goes as well as the taxes and the drawings!

  3. I thought I'd seen the first one before! It's brighter now! Good luck at the dentist but I do envy you making a start on the taxes!

    1. No, not unless you were at my house or at the bakery looking over my shoulder. First time posting it. It must remind you of some I did on my PPF post. But these are all new since then. Taxes got done in one visit!

  4. These are all really fabulous..great expressive lines..wonderfully done!

  5. These are wonderful, fun sketches, Lynn. I really like these and they're encouraging me here as I recover from being seriously ill all week. Thank you for your inspiration. :)

  6. Always like it when they owe me money. Love the paintings. :)

  7. I ap admire your talent. I always wished I could produce art. I just don't have "it".

  8. Gotta love that you put these two together. Imagine if next time they went it they really did 'find each other'... The earth moves in mysterious ways...

  9. Love that everyone seems deep in thought at the deli!

  10. Nothing better than getting money you didn't know about. :) Awesome illustrations!

  11. It's awesome that you can sketch the scene in such little time! I would be too meticulous to do it, but I love what you do.

  12. In the first two i like the white border you left around the painting and the way you did your signature. the pencils are darker, more like colored pencil. i think i like the washyness of the second best but both have their place

  13. I like the watercolors best. Not so dense. The border is nice, but the other way you get more on a page. Fun seeing all these new drawings. Congrats of getting money back. :))

  14. I like the look of the second painting compared to the first, but as usual they're all wonderful!

    I haven't gotten our tax stuff together yet. Hopefully today as time is ticking!

    Oral surgery, ugh. Good luck with that. I hope it's a small procedure.

    See you on FB :)

  15. oh another collection of great pieces!!! always love seeing your works!!

  16. Hi Lynn, I most love the contour drawing, but they all are great, animated, there's a lot of movement in there, even chewing lol! Love it,
    take care and thanks for coming to visit :)
    greetings from cold and humid Paris,
    we want Spring! :)

  17. Fun sketches! Sorry to hear how frustrating your new art journal is. :(

    ♥ aquariann
    Art Update: White Rabbit Drawing

  18. I love that you are doing color work when you are out now. That is so much fun.

  19. I love seeing them without colour, and then seeing them come alive with the colour... fabulous sketches...xx

  20. love the fast drawing. and the watercolour too!

  21. I love your first painting. It feels like somewhere I could have been for a very posh afternoon tea with cakes:)

  22. Lynn such a fun post! Loving the watercolor but the vibrancy of the first as well! Good luck with your surgery! Got my dentist appointment at the end of the month! Yikes!


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