Monday, May 27, 2013

In the Kitchen With Lynn ... Organically Speaking!

It was time for breakfast, but I didn't feel like my usual bowl of whole grain cooked cereal with fruit and nuts.

So instead I decided to make myself a smoothie.

I tossed the following ingredients into my trusty old blender:

three left over wedges of an organic Fuji Apple

two handfuls of fresh  organic blue berries

one  organic banana

poured in some coconut milk (non dairy, organic)

a sprinkle of cinnamon

and set the blender for liquefy

a few minutes later I was drinking a delicious purple blend of fresh fruits!

Nummy, Bon Appetite, B'ta Ah-vone (Hebrew), Good Appetite!

 This is my air tight (when I close it) box of flax seed and carrot juice crackers.
There are also some dried apple slices in there that I dried in my new dehydrator. They are so sweet!
A great evening snack.

This is one of my quick dinners from the week. Prepared ahead of time brown rice (in rice cooker, I make it and store it in the refrigerator to use all week long, and black beans (organic from a can from Costco); fresh organic red and yellow bell peppers, broccolini, fresh garlic and ginger, onion, stir fried in a little olive oil (also organic). Really yummy and filling. And no, I do not miss meat.

I bought a dozen large Fuji apples (organic) at Costco this week. We ate a few, then I used the rest to make a big pot of apple sauce. I added the rind and juice of one organic lemon, and some cinnamon and one cup of water. (no sugar needed) I like my apple sauce a little tart, and these are sweet apples.
I did not peel them, just cored and quartered them.

It filled this large glass bowl, which I'll keep in the fridge, as I am sure I will eat it all over the course of a week. But I was thrilled to learn you can freeze apple sauce too.
I feel like a newbie cook. I used to cook, but DH took it over in the 70's when I went back to school.
He never gave it up, as he said, that way he'd never have to worry about eating an eggplant ever again.

Well, now we cook for ourselves and it works out fine. He can still have meat, and I can be Vegan!
We are both happy!


  1. The Apple sauce looks good. Bon apatite'..

  2. wow, everything looks so good and healthy.

  3. It all looks delicious - reminds me of my hippie days!

  4. Almost eery day make a huge salad with blackbeans, strawberries ore mangos, piles of veggies, sunflower seeds it's so yummy. So good it rarely needs dressing....

    Also do you use a lot of quinoa? You can get coconut oil at costco too!! And try freezing the fruit that starts to's even better in the smoothie...or blend it for a frozen dessert much like ice-cream! Your grandchildren with love it!

    Check out this gadget I'd heard other bloggers speak of their love for it!!

    Hugs Giggles

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Interesting! I would likt to taste your delicious food! =)

    I was a vegetarian many years ago, for some time. I've tried many things, to eat and not to eat. Food is always an interesting topic. and each time reading a magazine (well I never read that much recent years), then I have to read about food and dishes and recipes :)) I've also tried not to eat that much carbohydrates. and I still do not eat carbo that much. and I love all green food!

    Cheers for a great smoothie! =)

  6. I do similar smoothies every couple of days, but I add some greens to it. Color is not so hot but tastes great to me. Applesauce also looks yummy.
    You are turning into one of my favorite bloggers, great sketches and healthy food ideas too!


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