Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lyla Draws, I Eat Lunch, and Patty Needs Prayers!

Lyla is six years old. I know, she looks significantly older in my drawing of her done from a recent photograph, however, she's only six. She is my first cousin's grand daughter. And apparently she looks up to me as an artist. We've drawn together twice. The most recent time just a few weekends ago when she was visiting her great grandpa here from Colorado. After the visit her mom sent me that photo on facebook telling me that Lyla now takes her drawing pad with her everywhere she goes.
How great to start drawing seriously at six instead of at seventy as I did.

Yesterday I drew both drawings, the second one over lunch at Tacos Jalisco. Carlos was working. He gave me two Tacos Jalisco T-Shirts (black with V necks and white writing which includes the chili pepper icon he designed for the shirts front and back) Now I can be a walking bill board for TJ's!

I drew this group of women and men eating lunch together at  two tables pushed together. I think one of them is Carlos' sister. She's way prettier than I was able to draw her. Another woman on the left sat alone. "The Couple" came in with their daughter and grand son, Mike shouted out to me across the room; "The Floor Guys" were there too. It felt a little like old home week.

And now for a huge plea. Some of you know I have a very best friend Patty. VBF is an understatement. We have literally been friends since birth. My family moved into 1203 Amador Street when I was about 3 months old. Patty and her family lived across the street at 1220 Amador Street. We aren't sure at exactly what age we met and started playing with each other. I am guessing at around 3 or 4.
Because Joann moved in and I remember photos of her and she was really young and she was younger than me and Patty. Patty was the oldest by 6 months. Marion might have already been there, we aren't sure. But we all four grew up playing together. In the 1940's and 1950's kids were allowed to play outside by themselves from morning till dusk. And we did. Our memories recall playing in each others back and front yards, riding trikes and bikes down the street and way further, roller skates, kick the can, hide and seek,
dress up, doll houses, later movies at the El Rey theather, dancing and acting lessons, and well I could make a really long list here but I won't.
We grew up together. Marion died over ten years ago. Joann died maybe five years ago. That left me and Patty. We continued to play together. This is a collage of photos from one of my last birthdays.
Patty on the right, me on the left center. Those are our favorite cookies and gellato from the bakery
where we'd go for lunch. This year I planned to make some healthier treats, as my birthday is
coming up again real soon. And we always celebrate it together!
But Patty is in the hospital. She's in ICU. She has lung cancer.
Two days ago she had a blood clot (less than a week after her first chemo treatment)
and that caused her to have a heart attack.
I am asking for your prayers, positive thoughts, energy to be sent her way.
I love this friend more than you can imagine. We have been there for each other
our entire lives, through thick and thin. I cannot imagine life without her in it.
She is a fighter. A survivor. A believer. She appreciates all the prayers and good wishes
that have already been sent her way.
But she needs MORE NOW!

Thank you from me and Patty. I love you Patty. Please get well. I love you so so so much!


  1. I will say a prayer for your friend and send you a hug too xx

  2. Thinking of Patty and her family and you too.. You are more like a Sister since you go way back. You all need good thoughts and prayers.. its not easy being the one waiting and worried. She is a fighter and I am sure will fight to get well. She has so many who love & care about her to give up.
    We are all pulling for you! ♥
    Lovely work as usual Lynn.

  3. Oh this post made me cry Lynn.... Patty is way too young and beautiful to fade away now...I was praying as I read this and will continue to do so!! What beautiful memories, so similar to my own save the friends from childhood still being in my life I do have a group of five women I've known over 30 years that I love so much.

    Looks like your artwork took on a whole new life for TJ's...Hope you take a photo dressed in the sweat shirt! Wonderful artwork and love that you inspired a six year old!!

    Sending love and light your way!
    Blessings for you and Patty....

    Hugs Giggles

  4. So sorry to hear about Patty's health issues. You bet she is on my prayer list.

  5. How wonderful to inspire a six year old to draw, good for you Lynn :)

    I am sending, with all I can muster, good wishes for your dear friend Patty. It is a long way to send good wishes I know, but I just want you to know that seeing her picture helps the vibes head her way. love ann.

  6. I am praying for your dearest friend, Patty.

    My granddaughter is 6 also and loves to look through my sketchbooks. This year for her birthday she asked me for her own sketchbook. She is showing real talent and we love drawing together. Like you, I wish I had been so serious about drawing when I was 6.

  7. I promise to pray and keep praying for patty and for you and patty


  8. Sending out healing thoughts and prayers to Patty.

  9. So scary, Lynn. I'm sending all my best to Patty and hoping and praying she recovers completely. She's lucky to have you in her life.

  10. Isn't it wonderful how you made such an impression on Lyla? (BTW, that's my grand daughters name, same spelling too). Awesome that she is so into her art at such an early age.

    I'm praying for your friend Patty and also for you. Hugs. xoxox

  11. MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU BOTH. PRAYER REALLY WORKS! Love your work as usual, Lynn. So nice to start another artist on the road.

  12. My thoughts and prayers are with Patty. I am sending lots of Love and Light! Hang in there girly!
    I think your illustrations are wonderful!

  13. Healing prayers coming your friend, and for peace of mind to you.

  14. Sending prayers for your dear friend Patty.

  15. Lynn..I am typing this after sending my heart-felt prayers to Patty and you. I remember the B'day snap...Sending all my positive prayers for a speedy recovery. Please do not worry yourself Lynn...Prayers do have Power!

  16. Sending love, light, and prayers to you and your Patty♥♥♥


  17. Love your loose and lively sketches, and Sending love and healing prayers for your dear friend Patty :-) xo L.

  18. Lynn, my prayers are with you and Patty. I know this is a very hard time for both of you.

    How wonderful to have inspired a young artist. To be painting from the age of six - what a gift you gave her.

  19. Your post brought tears to my eyes, because I have friends of 70+ years' standing too. I am praying for Patty that she might be given more time here on earth. You seem to have a very special and caring relationship.

    Your painting as usual is a delight, Lynn. The fact that you have inspired a 6 year old to carry a sketchbook around with her is admirable.

  20. Sending prayers and good vibes to you and your VBF Lynn! That's a tough one.

  21. Oh Lynn, that must be so hard, having known eachother for such a long time. I'm sending positive and healing thoughts your way for both of you.

    I think it's wonderful that you inspired that 6yr old to take her sketchbook everywhere. That's quite amazing for someone so young.

    Wishing you a lot of strength, and keep painting. Art heals ....

  22. Lynn, just checking in again to wish you HPPF! Still sending prayers for Patty too.

  23. Lovely art work and sending lots of healing reiki hugs and prayers for you and Patty ~ My thoughts are with you ~ Carol

  24. Lovely drawings! How wonderful, that you are such an inspiration to Lyla! I'm sending my best wishes and thoughts to Patty and you! <3

  25. Oh no. So sorry to hear about your friend Patty.
    Praying hard for her.
    Lovely work again this week, too.
    Happy PPF,
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  26. How lovely that you and Patty have been friends all your lives - I remember all the games you mentioned you played safely outdoors as children - I guess it was still safe in the 70s when I was a child. I'm sending positive thoughts and vibes to Patty and to you. x

  27. Oh Lynn, I am so sorry. Your work is wonderful as always and the pictures of you and your "sister" Patty are heartwarming. My prayers are being sent to Patty. ::sending lots of healing thoughts and many prayers to Patty and you.::

  28. So scary when someone you love so much is so ill. I will send healing thoughts your way. xox

  29. I am praying for Patty right now - with some tears. That is a wonderful photo collage of the two of you. How amazing to have a friend your whole life - a real gift. HPPF

  30. That collage is so full of love and friendship... she has all the prayers and positive thoughts i can send your way...xx

  31. Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts to Patty. I hope she is out of ICU soon x

  32. I am so touched about your friendship with Patty. I am offering prayers for her fast recovery and healing at our Church until she gets well. The Good Lord will not leave her. Hugs Lynn!

  33. Patty got out of ICU yesterday. The doctors were amazed at how quickly she progress in 24 hours. There is still a long road ahead and all your prayers and good wishes are welcomed and helpful. Thank you so much! Please keep them coming!

  34. Hi Lynn, sorry to read about your friend but good to then read that she is better, hope she will go through this, Ill send her good angels. As always I love to look at your drawings and read your text, wish I could have lunch there with you :)

  35. Lynn...hoping and praying for you and Patty. Many many thoughts and prayers.

  36. Oh dear Lynn, your love for Patty is so evident and touching! SO glad to read that she is now out of ICU. I prayed for her - and for you - today. Do keep us updated...

  37. Your story about your friend brought tears o my eyes. I'm sending love and good thoughts to you and your friend! <3



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