Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Long Week of Mixed Reviews

Last Tuesday found me again at Tacos Jalisco for my burrito bowl  lunch. Did I tell you
Senor U. has added grilled mushrooms to the mix of grilled veggies? Yes, delicious!

On Sunday last we ventured out of the house, after the day before hibernating, as it was 106 degrees F. outdoors! On this day it had cooled off considerably, and by the time we made it to the Bay Area it had dropped to a cool 64 degrees. Very pleasant. We had set off to see a play. "The Beauty Queen of Leenane" by Martin Mc Donagh. An Irish Black Comedy, supposedly his first and best of a series.
Well Black it was indeed ... covering elder abuse to the extreme ... and left me with nary a laugh, and instead a sick feeling at the pit of my stomach.

At the director's talk at the end of the play he did say people either love it or hate it. I guess I left falling into the latter category!

I drew the building while we were waiting for the play to begin.

By Friday I was glad to have a day off work. We had a long list of things to accomplish this day, starting early in the morning dropping DH's car off AGAIN at the mechanics ... then to Starbucks for his coffee and my drawing time. I was waiting for Michael's around the corner to open up, as I wanted some Scribble Dimensional Paints like Jessica Sporn uses on her art journals! And I had a 50% OFF coupon! (two)!!!!

These are the folks I drew at Starbucks.

We did go to Michael's and I did find the Scribble dimensional paints in the fabric paint department and I could and did use my 50 % OFF coupon (so they were $10 instead of $20 for 20 bottles. I also found a whole slew of stuff on the Clearance wall that I could not live without, some I could even use on my art journal gifts! (canvas letters!!!) Everything dirt cheap so with the discount on the large item it was like everything else was FREE!

From there I hopped over to the medical clinic for my mammogram where I met "Diane the Dragon Lady" who invited me in and said: (I kid you not) "I am going to torture you!" I am a very mental/emotional being and that was not the cute come-on I needed to feel relaxed and calm for this, let's face it, rather unpleasant ordeal. Not the worst thing I have to do in life, but not fun either.

I had a bit of a wait so I drew these folks also waiting, then the towels and gowns and trash can while I waited some more; and finally my boob being ready to be squished by Diane the Dragon Lady!

So glad when that was over with!

At home I retreated to my "Art Studio" once called "The family room", but it's just me and DH and truth be told I have taken over the FR and now it's the AS. So there!

You can see the twenty bottles of Scribbles dimensional paints on the back end of the ironing board which is one of my craft areas.

The duck tape (I got a new roll with wavy lines for 50% off with that second coupon) and the tape I used on my GD's art journal I showed on my blog on Thursday/Friday this week. (go back one post)

This is the beginning of my Grand son's art journal.
My application of dimensional paints leaves a bit to be desired yet. But it's just the first time I ever
used them in my entire life so I give myself some slack.

It's colorful!

And this is the back of the same book to be. GS is into birds and fishing of late. He's soon turning 9.

So as you can see it was a busy week. Not sure what I'll do tomorrow (Saturday), but on Sunday, when you may be reading this,  we'll be with family (again) and that will be precious time.

Thank you for your continual prayers and good healing thoughts for my dear Patty. It's helping, she told me so. Keep 'em coming please!!! We have a ways to go yet. Thanks!!!

See you at Sunday Sketchers too! Happy New Week!


  1. loving your new set of sketches Lynn, have a great weekend, Annette x

  2. those paints are tough to work with - keep trying and working it.

  3. Loving your artwork, Lynn. I always enjoy your sketches/watercolor. Although not a fan of tattoos per se, I LOVE the tattoo on the dude's arm. I really like how you capture every detail of your subjects. :)

  4. I love it all!!! Bright and delightful!

  5. Wow, you covered a lot in this post but each piece was interesting. I would not have liked the play or dragon lady either but I did love what you sketched while waiting to be tortured.

  6. Great work, your art studio shows the evidence of a busy week, love the journals you arfe doing for your grandchildren.

  7. What a nice journal of a week that including Diane the dragon lady :-) oh squish...

    So glad you are having fun

  8. You have had a busy week and got lots of fun goodies. Fun seeing what you will be up to next Art wise. All great fun here. The kids are going to love their books.

  9. I too have taken over the side is surrounded neatly of course (at times) with art supplies...sometimes it gets chaotic...but oh well!! Your journals are turning out lovely!! That paint is a great idea!

    Don't think I could have watched that play either... too upsetting for me. Lots of great work here Lynn....more prayers for your friend!!

    Big hugs Giggles

  10. Great journal for your grand son. Love these illustrations. I'm yet to try drawing people from real life. You've done it so well.

  11. What fun you have been having Lynn. Its always a pleasure to visit.


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