Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Mixed Media Art Journal: Learned From Jessica Sporn's Amazing Creative Video

Since following the  Paint Party Friday Blog and posting every week there I have met some amazing artists. One whose art really speaks to me is Jessica Sporn. She is a very talented woman! On her blog you will learn about her colorful art making, her stencil designs, her stunning collection of Judaic art, her trips to Guatemala and the family she helps there and last, but certainly not least or even all of it, she makes terrific videos of herself creating her art!

 I fell in love with this one showing how she put together an adorable mixed media art journal. I liked it so much I wanted to make it myself and after watching and re-watching THE VIDEO I spent an evening doing just that!

Here is Jessica Sporn's Wonderful Video that Inspired ME To make my own art journal like hers! THANKS JESSICA for persmission to post your video on my blog!!!!!
I have no doubt it will inspire others as well!

I set out to create an art journal for my grand daughter who will be turning 9 in September. I chose a butterfly for the covers (front and back) and cut out the shape from a colorful magazine page. I laid it on the already painted card board pieces covered in gold and green and blue acrylic paints. Then I used paint, greasy crayons, gold and silver marking pens and black ink pens to draw around the paper cut out.

I added some Hebrew Words from a Jessica Sporn Stencil I had previously purchased from her blog store. My grand kids are learning Hebrew as a second language in school so GD'll be able to read the words.

Just like in Jessica's video I found the same duck tape she used on her book at Michael's Art Supply Store. And I used it to bind the front and back covers together. Okay I am a bit of a copy cat! Although there were lots of choices in duck tape I liked this one best! (maybe I'm just a little bit of a Jessica Sporn wantabe!)

I went on to gather papers from some Somerset Magazines I had on hand for my inside cover and inside pages. Some of which I painted and some I stamped and added photos of my grand daughter.

I added a little pocket on this page with brackets, (something I learned in Seth Apter's workshop I posted about a few weeks ago). And put in tags with messages to GD. BTW the photo on the pocket is an old piece of art I made using paint-dyed paper towels and dryer sheets on a painted canavas, which I later sold!

I made suggestions for drawing, stamping and collaging on the pages. My grand daughter is quite the artist already and I have no doubt she will come up with her own ideas about how to use this little book.

I like this page with the picture of her walking on this old wooden walkway in Locke, CA on a recent trip we took together. It's exciting to see how her life is evolving and the things she is learning and doing. I can't help wondering what her life holds in store for her, what she will create it to be in the years to come!

She's probably not old enough to get the significance of this old watch half hidden behind the paint, but I am! ;-)

The inside back cover has plain slick magazine-page pages that can easily be used for drawing, stamping, writing, or collaging.

And the very back cover sports another butterfly!
Fly Yael, fly and CREATE to your hearts content!

Thank you Jessica Sporn for your wonderful video that inspired me to make this book. I have already started the second such book for my grand son who turns 9 as well on the very same day! They are twins!!!

I am linking this to Paint Party Friday this week. If you are wondering where my usual drawings and paintings from my week are check in on Sunday when I post for Sunday Sketchers on Blue Chair Diary Illustrations Blog, that is when you will learn where I ate lunch this past week and what other adventures I had that I show in my art work! See you there and there!

Thanks for your comments, they mean the world to me!!!! Really! They make my day! ;-))))


Thank you for the prayers and good wishes for healing you sent last week to my dearest friend, Patty.
She will start Chemo therapy tomorrow. She strongly believes in the power of prayer,
positive thought and energy. So any more of those you can send her way will be greatly appreciated by her and by me.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This is amazing! Love her, and your journals! I finally see a wonderous use for that a binding! This was the best thing ever, as I just made a book from a Vanilla Wafer box for Emily yesterday!!! Thanks for showing, and I will be off to Jessicas blog now!!!

  2. What a fun project. Yale is going to love this. I really like the black and white edging. It would be my favorite of the tapes too. Thinking of Patty as she starts on Chemo. Tell her to get lots of funny movies.. as laughter is the best medicine. :)

  3. Oh Lynn - you made a gorgeous journal for Yael and I'm sure she will just LOVE IT! Thanks so much for the big shout out. You are the best!!

  4. Sorry the fingers made me misspell Yael..:))

  5. Great journal stuff Lynn!

    And the prayers will continue for your dear friend♥

  6. beautiful work on this art journal.

  7. Wonderful journal! You've inspired me to get mine out and get working on it.

    Sending prayers for your friend, Patty.

  8. Couldn't agree more - Jessica is a wonderful inspiration - and so are you!! :)

  9. wow that turned out gorgeous at all!
    maybe youl will join now also our
    in future to fill your great Art Journal!
    We would be happy to have us with us!

  10. I love Jessica too! She is so wonderfully encouraging and generous! I am sure your granddaughter will sooo appreciate this gift from your heART!!! patsy

  11. Thgis is wonderful, lucky Jael. I too love Jessica's videos, I have several projects lined up from watching her videos.

  12. this is going to be treasured for many many years... and the video is tremendous... i think we are all inspired by Jessica

  13. thank you for your inspiration, really!!!!!!!!!

  14. What a wonderful project.... your granddaughter will love it for sure.

    Thanks for sharing the video :)

    Karen x

  15. Lovely and inspiring journal, what a great, thoughtful gift! Yes, Jessica is awesome! :)

  16. Jessica's blog is inspiring and you did a wonderful job with the art journal for your grand daughter. what an amazing gift for her to cherish.

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  18. Oh Lynn, this is just magic! Yael is going to adore this as much as she adores you! Have a very happy PPF my friend.Prayers and thoughts for Patty.

  19. wow- you did a fantastic job in creating this wonderful journal book!Happy PPF

  20. It looks like you had a blast with paint this week. Blessings!

  21. Fabulous journal. I love the cover with the butterfly and Hebrew! And the inside is wonderful. What a project! It's beautiful.

  22. What a lovely and thoughtful gift for your GD the artist, one she will truly treasure! Hope you will post your GS journal when you finish it. Thanks to Jessica Sporn for her wonderful videos and loads of inspiration!! Looks like I have another journal to make now! Now, I'm off to watch the video and get out the supplies. HPPF. Oh, and blessings to Patty, I've sent up my prayer for her today. HPPF!

  23. Wonderful journal Lynn! Gotta love the pockets and themes. Your granddaughter is going to have FUN creating in this special book!

  24. LOVE your journal, it's wonderful! HPPF!

  25. Wow, your Journal pages are stunning. I love the vibrant colors and your style.
    Happy PPF and hugs

  26. Awesome journal pages!
    These really complement your narrative paintings in public!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  27. Your pages and cover are wonderful. Happy PPF, Annette x

  28. Fantasic interpretation of Jessica's lesson and I hope your friend makes out okay. Happy PPF. xox

  29. Lynn this is fabulous and a slight change for you!! Love it and Jessica is quite the inspiration! Love her new videos too, she's a fantastic teacher!!

    Hugs Giggles

  30. adorable journal you made. i will check out the video. hope all goes well for Patti.

  31. What a wonderful journal you made. I'm sure it will be loved. Great project.

  32. Fabulous journal Lynn and yes Jessica is such a talented and creative girl :)
    HPPF dear :)

  33. Lynn that is a wonderful journal and your grand daughter will love it. And it is truly a gift of love! HPPF

  34. Lynn, this is a beautiful journal. Well done. :)

  35. Thanks for all the new stuff, I had no idea. The journal is fantastic and a great idea. Blessings, Janet PPF


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