Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dream Box Made in Seth Apter's May 2013 Portland Workshop!

 In May I went to Portland, OR to take a workshop from Seth Apter of the Altered Page Blog/NY!
(and to visit my family, but this post is about the workshop!)
The name of the workshop is "Box of Dreams".
I am showing you my end result (to date, there is still more to do on it) and the
steps to get there come at the end~
The front of my Box of Dreams:
The back of the box ...

One side of the box ...

... the bottom of my box ...

... and inside my box are ten cards painted with pockets on one side ... dreams to be added ...

At my age, and where I am in life, I have already fulfilled MANY life dreams ... which doesn't mean I am done dreaming by any means, but other things are on top of my MOST IMPORTANT things in life, like FRIENDS...

... and FAMILY ...

... on the back of my "family card" I put photos of my very immediate family ... as many as would fit ...

Who doesn't dream about making it big in the MONEY department? So even though I have a lifetime of hard work earning money behind me, wouldn't it be nice not to have to worry about it anymore?

... so that's a dream ...

... and then again, at my stage of life, there are my accomplishments to look back on ...

... of which I have a few; one large one this year was publishing my own little book of art! A huge accomplishment to me!

... And there are still more blank cards to  create more dreams on and I will ...

This is what my box looked like when we just got started, covered in Gesso, and trying to keep it off the silver metal on the box. The paint brush is assuring the top won't stick to the botton of the box.

Seth did an excellent job keeping the class rolling, teaching each step effectively, giving us plenty of tips about products, techniques and applications...

It was great to finally be able to meet Seth in person. I've been following his blog, the Altered Page,  for a couple of years now. It's his book, The Pulse of Mixed Media,Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed, that I was published in in 2012! An earlier accomplishment! ;-))

My good friend, Sam, came up from So. Oregon to take the workshop with me. We had a fun day!

How cool to finally get to hug and be hugged by my inspirational artist friend, Seth Apter!
Thanks Seth for a great workshop! Everyone really enjoyed it and went away being inspired!

May 10, 2013 in Portland, Oregon


  1. It was fun getting to see this in person when you stopped to visit. What a fun thing to go do with Sam too. Great photo of you and Seth too.

  2. i like your interpretation of the dream theme. i agree that my dreams now are different from my dreams when younger. you look so happy in the workshop/ You and Soulbrush strike me as two women who started out slow and then took off to great heights, going out in public and sharing your talents. Admirable.

  3. Lynn!! What an amazing experience for you - Seth is a mixed media superstar! Cool to have your pic with him too -

  4. The box is looking fantastic Lynn. I love how you have filled it with such wonderful accomplishments and more dreams. After having so many online connections with you for so long, it was great to finally meet you and spend a day arting together. And can I the third pic from the end is quite the close-up - LOL!

    1. Thanks Seth, and thanks again for the fun day! Well, we all enjoyed you up close and personal! Sweet memories!

  5. You're so lucky to go on a workshop, I love them! This workshop looked to be great fun, very inspiring. What a great idea having a box of dreams. Will you go on other courses/workshops now? Thanks for sharing your dreams :)

    1. Ann, this really was an informative and fun workshop. I mainly went because I wanted to meet Seth. I might do an art workshop once a year.

  6. You are SO lucky. Seth would never come to Kansas, and if he did, I'm sure very few of us would take his class. Mixed media is not big here. Scrapbooking is, and scrapbookers have a tendency to look down on mixed media artists (in Wichita, that is). So lucky you to have the opportunity to have a fun day with Seth.

    BTW, I have been unable to visit you because of how your blog comments were set up. Until recently, when I finally got the "bug" out of my internet program, I couldn't see the comment box. But I'm glad I can finally return for a visit or three.

  7. Elizabeth, interesting that you brought out the comparison of scrapbooking versus mixed media. Seth addressed this in his workshop and felt there was merit in both , there was no one is better than the other, so refreshing to hear! So your scrapbook friends would have felt welcomed and appreciated there!

    So glad you are able to visit me here again.

  8. What a fantastic little treasure you made. I love the 'leave something behind' and of course all the colours too. Gesso is so versatile- what a great day you had, wish I was there too!

  9. it looks like a wonderful class - and your box is so joyful. I'm catching up on posts - wow- lots to catch up on.


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