Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Animal Wednesday in My Garden and Henry's Opinion of it All

 DH found this adorable rusted metal frog in a thrift store and bought it for me last weekend! He looks cute under the ficus tree by our front door. That tree is 25 years old. A gift when we moved in.

My dear friends, Cris and Con, Cris of An Artists Country Life Blog, gifted me last summer with some delightful wooden garden guests, this stately egret is one of them.  We have many egrets living within a mile of our home, so it's as if one of those has landed and decided to live with us in our backyard.

Our dwarf peach tree is fully laden down with an abundance of pretty orange peaches. I hope we'll be home this year for the harvest. They often decide to fall from the tree when we are gone. I'd love to eat them fresh from the tree, as well as dry some in my new dehydrator for snacks later in the year!

This metal cat, a gift from another friend, has been living with us in the garden for many years now.
It loves to romp among the pink Mexican primroses and red orange trumpet vines.

The bunny, another creation of Cris and Con's, lives in the very old pot of red geraniums that keep coming back year after year after year. A very faithful plant!

My new basil plant is thriving well. I just need to remember to go out my back door to clip a few leaves when I am cooking! So delicious!

More peaches!

Cris and Con made this little lady too. She is almost being taken over by the Mexican Primroses she is busily watering!

And then there is Henry V, who has had enough of gardening for one day, and decides to go back in the house!

He does wish you, along with me, a very Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Love the tour of your garden. The peaches look delicious. Your garden decorations are great, I think you are very lucky to have friends who give such great gifts.

  2. wonderful garden. i do adore fresh peaches. thanks for the tour

  3. Hi Henry and Lynn! That peach tree is beautiful! Sure wish we could have those down here!!! Lovely gardens overflowing with love!!!

  4. Your blog post came up this time. What you did worked. :) It was a surprise to see Cons wood working on here. I did paint them but he made them. They look lovely in your garden. Love the peach tree. I hope you get to enjoy some this year too. Good to see Henry being Henry.:) HAW

  5. Lynn, you have such a beautiful, lush garden! Those mouth is watering! Fresh Basil....oh yum...

    The metal frog is adorable! All the great garden *sculptures* from Cris and Con are wonderful - such a talented couple!

    We all have missed seeing *Le Roi Henry*!!! It's a treat to see him...even when he's *escaping* to his inner sanctuary!

    Kiss the King!

    HAW and love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. how lovely this all is and those peaches! wow - SO jealous!!!

  7. The peaches look yummy! Aren't you a lucky girl to have such a beautiful garden and fruit trees! Like the garden art and your kitty is adorable.


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