Sunday, July 14, 2013

For Patty!

Recenty I got a gelli plate. I took out old acrylic paints a week or so ago, and I practiced using it and some stencils I had on plain copy paper. I had no idea what I'd do with them, I was just playing around.

And then the idea to make a book for Patty popped into my head. I took the previously made papers and stacked them up and "bound them" by sewing down the middle of the stack. Then I added some photos and some cut outs and words, and wha la! a book was made. It's a very personal book, but I thought it okay to share, as I've been sharing my feelings about my friends' battle with cancer and her heart ordeal.

I mailed the book off, because Patty still does not feel like having anyone over other than immediate family members. She's not even yet ready to talk on the phone.
So I wait patiently. When she is able she will call. I know, because she always has in the past.

Sending love to Patty and her family, and continued positive energy and prayers for her healing!
Thanks to those of you who join me in this. It really does help.

I love you, Patty!


  1. This is such a lovely book and present for your friend Patty, sure she will love it. Good wishes are sent to her with lots of healing :)

    I've seen the gelli plates. As it happens the other week I bought something similar but not officially a gelli plate!'s a rubbery type of kitchen equipment for putting hot things on, but (and as it was vastly reduced in a sale) I got it for painting with. One side is smooth the other side has a pattern, perfect. Like you out came my acrylic paints and I have had fun too. Your pages in this book for Patty are great and I love the little houses.

    Happy gelli paint painting Lynn!

  2. This is such a lovely gift that you could give her, of your friendship and continued support. Thinking of her and you too. xx

  3. How sweet of you and a very nice book.

  4. Oh Lynn, I know Patty will appreciate the book. Even I can see the love oozing out of each page of the book. Blessings.

  5. I know too that she will love the book. She's in a tough place right now, and we are all.....with you......sending her healing thoughts and prayers

  6. My prayers going up to Patty. What a beautiful book with thoughts from the past and inspiration to look to the future.

  7. I just love what you've done, thanks for sharing!

  8. The book will certainly warm her spirit and she'll have it there anytime she needs a dose of your love and kindness.
    Sending her healing thoughts and hoping for the best.

  9. Sending healing thoughts to Patty. Love the book. You have so much imagination its mind boggling. She will love and appreciate it.

  10. What a lovely gift for Patty I am sure she will love it.


  11. Lynn...this may be your best, most personal, heartfelt work ever... I am crying tears..this will mean so much to have created a Life Story of two unshakable, unbreakable friends...forever. I am in awe. You both are so blessed to have found each other at an early age....and grew up together...shared life's adventures together... YES...there will be more adventures together...Patty is a fighter...I can tell... like you! So, please tell her that all of your blogging friends are sending strength, love and prayers to her....and to you too.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. Lynn, your book is beautiful. Your friendship sounds like something everyone should experience. My prayers are with both you and Patty as she faces this difficult time.

  13. Dearest Lynn this makes me's so beautiful and heartwarming! How wonderful to have a friendship last that long, from childhood! You two are blessed with each other!! I hope she enjoys the book as much as I have!! I chuckled at the phones... How far we have all come....all those things you wrote brought back so many memories for me, hopscotch, bible so many of us lived similar simple fun lives back them!! Patty I'm praying for you!! Also for you Lynn because I know how hard it is to know your friends not well! Sending love.... You are a beautiful friend Lynn, a really beautiful soul!

    Hugs Gigglers

  14. Patty has a good friend. The book is gorgeous...obviously created by a girl with a very big heart :-)

  15. Oh, Lynn, you made me cry! This was the sweetest thing you could have EVER done for her! She will just LOVE this book! WONDERFUL!!!! Pattie is in my prayers!
    xoxo- Julie


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