Monday, July 15, 2013

Welcome to Sam's Home

Sam has been a friend for 35 years! We met long ago when she and her late husband lived in Alameda, CA. Jim was my DH's best friend. They worked at the same place, lived together, had dogs and a garden, and played beautiful music together.
That music followed us for years and years...
Jim and Sam eventually moved to her parents land in Glide, Oregon,
and we followed to visit. Mostly on 4ths of July's
to participate in Sam's family fun!

Here is Sam in her art studio, working on a little book about our grand daughter, Allie, for my birthday. I am the proud owner of many such pieces of Sam's art!

and this is the portal to her small room studio packed
with art supplies!

Sam's take on life is everywhere!

... as is her love of things old and reusable!

It's all quite wonderful from every perspective ...

Life has not always been a bed of roses for Sam, but her attitude is exceptional and she is a great role model for me!

Sam's guest room is better than any Bed and Breakfast I have stayed in anywhere. This is the view at the end of our bed!

Ah, yes!

And this is the view looking to the right!

Now you are in the kitchen!

And the counter that separates kitchen and dining room sports some of Sam's metal art!

This piece is in the living room!

And this is a box full of little books Sam has made, just some of them!

Being at Sam's is like being on a treasure hunt, and every turn you take finds just that, another TREASURE!

Next I will post photos from Sam's gardens! Her artistry spills over to outdoors in beautiful and creative ways! It's such a pleasure to spend time with her there.

Sam does not have a blog or a website. She just recently posted a piece of her art on Facebook. But maybe if you all shout out real loud to her she'll create a blog where we can all continue to see what she is creating!!! Help me encourage her in that direction, because the world is missing out!

Love you Sam!!!!


  1. I'd say the world is missing out..YES INDEED IT IS {that's a shout}. Nice to meet Sam through your eyes and see that there is another ecclectic out there. Her tastes are brilliant, love all the little things she has done to her home to bring such a great mix of things to her home and her iron work is fabulous! Too right, Sam should have a Blog, I would definitely be there following along...So SAM if you should read this (or at least hear about my comment from Lynn) >>>>>>GET A BLOG<<<<<<

  2. Sam looks to be a busy lady what with all that art oozing out all over her world. A treasure for sure.

  3. Yes Sam, a blog would be loverly!!!

    What great energy, enthusiasm, talent.

    Lynn, you inspire me. Like your friend Sam, you live life at every turn.


  4. thanks for the tour of sam's studio which is full of fascinating stuff. love the little books.

  5. No wonder you like going there.. there is inspiration at every turn and corner. Cant wait to see the garden. Yes Sam..Get a blog!!! :) we need more inspiration in our blog world. I would follow. :) Thanks for sharing this Lynn.

  6. oh Sam love what I am seeing. Please share more. You have talent alright. Dont hide it under a bushel share, share.

    We are a real family of bloggers here. Very friendly group. You will love us all. Give us a try.

    I am a addicted to all of them my bloggers..

    I love the peaceful surrounding of your we need a gal like you..

    Carol Ann from Canada

  7. Her home is like Aladdins cave.Fascinating

  8. Sam's house is like a museum of art!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Grandma Nancy Sapp

  9. Oh YES, PLEASE! Such talent shouldn't be hidden! Come out and play with us Sam!!! Lovely photos Lynn, thank you for sharing your friend Sam with us. Keep encouraging her to start a blog, I'll follow too!

  10. Aww, what a beautiful tribute to your friend! She does wonderful art, I am especially drawn in by her functional pieces. I always have good intentions about rescuing and renovating objects, but I'm not sure if I've ever followed through... I love hers though!


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