Saturday, August 24, 2013

Good bye Cheeryene and Aviviah; Hello Yael and Aaron

Last week I went to a party to say goodbye to a dear friend who is moving to a new city. Cheeryne and her daughter Avivah (third from right in next photo) are moving to Alameda from Davis, CA.
We are now nearly equal distance from them, as we were before, but in a different direction. So it's not really goodbye, goodbye, just good bye Davis home, hello Alameda home. It was a lovely party and I met lots of new people who I enjoyed. Three of them were artists! I spoke Hebrew to two of them. (I'm wearing a necklace Patty made for me at a bead class we took together!)

Avivah is with several of her friends. These are all adopted children from overseas. Two from Cambodia and one from China.

On Wednesday two of our five grand kids came to visit for three days. Grandpa had them alone for the first day as I had to work. He and our next door neighbor Dave, a retired Air Force guy, took
them to Travis Air Force Base to look at planes and the air museum there. They brought home model planes to build. (See some Jessica Sporn art in the background here!)

When I got home (and the next two days) Yael and I sewed together. She made clothes for her dolls.
(She some of Sharon's art on the table behind the sewing machine)

We also did some thrift store shopping and we found this white fur coat for her doll. She made the black and white skirt with tie belt. Yael is quite the clothes designer.

Aaron also created a fun art piece using yarn he finger knitted first.

This was the first time in almost nine years that Henry got comfortable having the kids in the house. We had them offer him tuna from their hands. After that they had him! And he played with them the rest of their stay!

I asked Yael to show off my handy work here. I had crocheted this top several years ago thinking I was giving it to my older grand daughter, but never finished it for her. I finally finished it and by then it fit Yael. Isn't it pretty. It was very intricate and hard to do. I doubt I'd try such a pattern again.

Here they are back at the planes at the air base! They both said they enjoyed it there.

It looks like they are having fun!

When all was said and done I think we wore them out with all the activity. Good to have a hammock in the back yard to chill in. We are pooped now too. But so glad they came and look forward to when they come again!


  1. You certainly kept the grands busy! I love the concentration of Yael's face at the sewing machine, a young lady with determination. I had to laugh at this last photo of Aaron relaxing, so boys when they want to chill!

  2. Looks like you all had too much fun. ;)

  3. Oh I love all these photos so much...what talented grand children!! Love the top you crocheted your grand daughter! My mother crocheted me a whole dress that color and another variegated purple in 1969...sure wish I'd kept them!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. They are so good looking as well as so talented.

  5. Very creative kids, great fun you all had!

  6. All great photos. The kids are getting so big.. and bless Henrys pea pickin heart.. he has come around. Probably because the kids are big people now. :) Fun doing all the Art with them. Nice pix of you and your Friend too.

  7. Talented kids. Guess it runs in the family!

  8. So much fun Lynn. Thank you for sharing your precious moments with us. Enjoyed it!


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