Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Green Smoothie ... Vegan!

We don't eat banana's fast enough. So they get spotted and brown. But they are still fine inside the skin, but a little soft. This is when I peel them and put them in a freezer bag in the freezer. I cut them in half. When I get ready for my morning smoothie I take out one half of a banana (frozen), run some warm water on it, cut it into thirds and toss it in my blender ...
... along with a handful of almonds, some sunflower seeds, chai seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds,
two hands full of blue berries, (now choose: some raspberries, strawberries, figs, a peach, or other fruit of your choice)
at the end I add a handful (one cup) of fresh organic kale, or some edamame (soy beans) from the freezer. That's the green can use spinach or zucchini too.

Then I add half a cup of unsweetened non-dairy, organic, coconut milk.
If you drink dairy you can use milk instead, or juice.
But the non-dairy fits my vegan style of eating.
Blend it all together (chop the nuts/seeds/banana) then liquefy)

Pour it into a tall cup...mine is 16 oz and I fill it to the top

and drink it for breakfast! I have fruit and veggies, nuts, seeds, protein, calcium, vitamins!

It keeps me feeling full until way past normal lunch time. So I eat half as much as I'd normally eat for lunch and take the rest home for dinner. No wonder I am losing weight!


  1. This is a good drink! Looks wonderful! Maybe you could market it at Tacos Jalisco!

  2. You are lucky to live where you can find all that fruit available.

  3. Mmmmmm good...smoothies are my go-to breakfast a couple of days a week. Love to get my greens that way.

    May I recommend a new book which I just love? "Eating on the Wild Side" talks about many fruits and veggies and how we have gotten away from the originals and in breeding for additional sweetness have bred out a lot of the nutrition. She compares different varieties of fruits and veggies and the nutritional value of each. Because of this I have taken to buying red bananas which she says are quite a bit more nutritional than the yellow. They taste almost the same as yellow and in my store are just a little more in cost.

    Anyway keep up the good work, both in your art and in eating.

  4. That looks like a good start to the day. I don't think I could go vegan, I'd miss cheese and cream too much, lol. Don't go loosing too much weight Lynn, from pix of you I would say you are already thin enough:)

    1. Thanks Ann! I hide my fat well. You don't see it in my clothed self pictures. ( belly area)
      When that goes I will stop. So far I don't miss anything. Glad it's so! I'm more concerned with good health than thinness, not to worry!

  5. Thanks for the book tip and info! I appreciate more resources for my new health kick I'm on here! I will look for red bananas!
    Who wrote this book?

  6. Sorry should have included that. Jo Robinson wrote it.
    There is so much info in it that I use it as a reference book. I read the first part which is general information then I read up on what I plan to buy that week. She gives a lot of info on the best way to cook each type food to retain the most nutrition.

  7. Wow, you have gone vegan! I am impressed! Also I think I'm going to check out that book Diane mentioned. I make smoothies very similar to the one you describe here. I keep bananas in my freezer for the smoothies but don't find a need to run water over them before I slice them and plop them into the blender because the juice or coconut milk helps the blade turn and puree the frozen fruits.

    1. Kelly, what blender are you using? I have a simple Hamilton Beach Blender. The $20 model probably, have had it forever. But am thinking about possibly, maybe investing in a very much more expensive Vita Mix. My DIL swears by hers. To make the investment or not? Do I really need it? ??? So far I feel I don't. But ???

  8. We do the exact same thing with our bananas...and they are either used in drinks or banana bread. In fact every piece of fruit that is a little bruised or just starting to go we throw in the freezer and make drinks... we call those you make green monsters!! We love them!! Need to add more of the seeds though. We don't put any milk or non milk products in them though. We prefer them more icy. My daughters favourite tool in the kitchen is her ninja that thing is amazing...You can blend anything!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. My DIL returned her Ninja for the Vitamix. ??? Said the Ninja didn't chop ice well enough. Maybe your daughters' is a better one than the one she had.


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