Monday, November 18, 2013

My Healthy Lifestyle


Staying on track:

Means starting the day off right ...

 Preparing my morning smoothie with organic raspberries, banana slices, apple slices, grapefruit, almonds, coconut flakes, flack seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, non-dairy coconut milk. And kale.  Nummy.

Mix it in my Ninja single serving cup on the blender.

Wha-La, ready to drink, and it's delicious!


Eating out the other day found me pondering menu choices and asking for substitutions.

Roasted Veggies was something I could eat, but please leave off the goat cheese and bread, instead put it on a bed of greens. Perfect Vegan dish.

Purely vegan!


Last nights dinner: lentil and tomato marinara sauce with onions and garlic sautéed in olive oil. I was out of tomato sauce so I made my own. I cut up two medium organic tomatoes, added one can of organic tomato paste, and several cups of water, blended it together in my Ninja blender. Perfect. Added dried organic rosemary, oregano, and basil. Then sautéed spirialized zucchini and put the sauce over the zucchini. Delicious.


Obsessing over a rise of 2 tenths of  a pound in weight has to stop! A friend reminded me of my loss of twenty pounds as a huge success to date; coupled with the lowing of cholesterol to normal, ending of GERD problem; and making gone being pre-diabetic all reassure me that my weight loss is right on track.
(and that 2/10ths I gained back? I lost it again and then some the next day!)


Since committing to exercising almost daily (missing a day for an early dental appointment or leaving on a trip are good excuses) I find it easier to just get up and do it without much pre-thinking or talking myself out of it. It's become a habit over the last six months.

I continue to do crunches to help tighten my abdominal muscles. Approx. 50-60.
I continue to get on the treadmill for 20-40+ minutes.
I continue to mix it up with some time on the stationary bike.
I continue to lift 5 lb. weights for biceps and triceps. I probably need to be lifting heavier weights by now.

Writing it down:

I write down my weight and time exercising on which equipment each day on a white board in the "exercise room". It keeps me inspired. I challenge myself to do a little more. I enjoy seeing the numbers going down (for weight) and up (for exercise time).


I am committed to making this a lifetime routine.
I am doing it for my continued good health.
I am doing it because it makes me feel good.
I do it because it makes me feel better about how I look outwardly
and how I feel inwardly.
I am in competition only with myself.
I am committed to talking positively to myself about my goals and my accomplishments.
I am committed to not sabotaging myself at any step along the way.
I am committed to staying as healthy as I can and doing everything I need to do to make this happen.
I am committed to keeping balance in my life. Resting after stressful events. Filling my life with positive friends, family, activities, work, play, art, recreation, kindness, creativity, and growing this list.

I am committed to eating a healthy plant based diet.


I share this in the hopes that if its something someone wants for their own life I can inspire them to take it on as their own. It's a choice.

I'm happy to share recipes and ideas for a healthy life style.


  1. Congrats for figuring out whats good for you. Keep up the good work and yes don't sweat the small stuff. Look at the overall picture and that is awesome. You are inspiring to help people figure out whats good for them..maybe not your exact diet as everyone is different, but your dedication to doing something positive and sticking to it.

    1. Thanks Cris, for being a wonderful cheer leader for me as I go along this journey.

  2. Wow, this is like a great work of art, you being the masterpiece in the end! I'm going to come back here & see what bits I can start incorporating into my life & habits...Thanks for sharing it...

    1. You are too kind! Thanks and happy to know you are inspired to be creating your own "masterpiece"!

  3. yay for you Lynn!! It does inspire me as I have a huge amount of weight to lose. Being vegan is a bit too strict for my liking, but I can certainly do most of this. I'm not a meat eater but I do love my fish.

    Are there other books you like besides "Forks over knives?"

    1. I just bought a new book this weekend, published in 2011 by Elaine Louie called The Occasional Vegetarian. It has many vegan and non vegan recipes in it. I was going to post about it next week after I have time to read more and perhaps make something from it. I'll do a post then about my book list and website list where I get recipes. Glad you are inspired.

  4. Way to go, Lynn!!! Looks like you are doing all the right things…new lifestyle of eating and exercising.

  5. You make the vegan food look a lot easier and tastier than I imagined! Good for you on the exercise, too! At the gym, I can easily increase the weight I lift with my quadriceps until I'm pressing more than most men. But even after two years, I can barely arm curl more weight than when I began...and that's almost no weight at all. I think it's a female physiology thing.

    1. Vegan food is simple or complex as you want to make it; and delicious...Tonight I was going to come home and make a big salad, but it was chilly out and soup sounded good, so I opened a CAN from Costco that is all ORGANIC and VEGAN. Hot and delicious and healthy. I imagine with winter coming on I will be making more big pots of soup from scratch, and saving them in portions in the freezer with my new Food Saver machine. Again, a half a days work perhaps, but meals for a month!
      Interesting about the weights.

  6. you are an inspiration love to hear your success stories!

    1. Thanks Christine! Be inspired! Enjoy a healthy life!

  7. great work! i love such "success stories", thanks for sharing. i lost about 20 pounds this year and i'm happy too:) i drink healthy coctails every evening (my fav is banana, apple, fresh orange juice, sesam, pumpkin seeds and 2 dried plums - yum!).

  8. This is inspiring Lynn, I have just started a new health regime, Second day of the 6 day fruit and vegetable fast and then vegetarian with no dairy or wheat products. I am hoping that my immune system will get back on track again. I just discovered a vegan blogg site Some fantastic recipes. Hope the success story keeps on for you.

    1. Wonderful Sharon! I believe we are on the right track! I just vacuum bagged five bags of roasted veggies to eat in the weeks to come. Thanks for the tips on the vegan recipes, much appreciated! Wishing you wellness!

  9. Thank you for sharing your wonderful dishes and work outs, very inspiring! You are doing so great!


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