Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday's Health Update for Lynn and Happy Holiday Wishes

Eating out, eating in, always a challenge to stay on track. My TRACK is my new (of the past six months) LIFE TIME health track regarding preparing vegan dishes, exercising, and living a healthy and happy life style.

A fruit smoothie seen before pressing BLEND is still the thing that kicks off my morning:
raspberries, banana, Fuji apple, grapefruit, coconut flakes and non-dairy coconut milk *unsweetened

First of all let me tell you TODAY that I honestly DO NOT MISS ANYTHING I no longer eat, but did, grow up on in fact. We were big meat eaters in my childhood home. Every Sunday was Roast Beef that bled on the platter; middle of the week was steaks, lamb chops, chicken, turkey, fish. I do remember my mother trying to get me to eat LIVER, and rebelling loudly. I finally got lamb chops instead. I did like the sautéed onions that went over the liver. My grandparents came to visit with corn beef and tongue from the deli where they lived.

This Saturday we ate out in a Mexican Restaurant and I was able to order steamed vegetables in a bed of lettuce.

In the past there were desserts: ICE CREAM, CAKE, CANDY. My mother baked beautiful to look at and delicious to taste confections and baked goods. She even baked bread. Well, I did too in the 1970's.

But today since SUGAR, FLOUR, DAIRY, EGGS, are things I NO LONGER EAT, I am happy to say that FRESH FRUIT, and an occasional raw cocoa/coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla extract treat satisfies me just fine.

My new mantra is: "I NO LONGER EAT THAT!"
one I will be bringing with me to a family Thanksgiving this week along with some
beautiful vegan main dishes and desserts.
More pictures and recipes from that next week.

But I do eat:

Last night I stir fried in a dollop of olive oil, mushrooms, red bell pepper, yellow onion, and julienned zucchini. And topped it with some left over cooked lentils in marinara sauce. A perfect dinner.
With enough left over for lunch or dinner tomorrow.

It was a busy weekend. We went sailing yesterday afternoon, a short, free sail offered by the CAL Sailing club in Berkeley, CA. Before the sail we stopped at a sandwich shack near by. What could I order there? I asked the woman what they had that would be vegetarian. She said they had an avocado sandwich. I said, "But I don't eat bread." She offered to wrap it in a big lettuce leaf. It was avocado slices, tomato slices, bean spouts, and pickle in a big dark green lettuce leaf. Delicious and very vegan! I didn't ask if the veggies or pickle were organic. Sometimes you can't be too choosy.

Last week I wrote about my commitments and you can read that here!

I continue to live up to those commitments, and have exercised every day since last Monday. My weight continues to decrease slowly over time. I found myself getting disappointed if it went up a few tenths or stayed the same, as it has for the past three days in a row. But I keep reminding myself that this is a  LIFE TIME GOAL and HABIT so I trust my body will let go of it's unneeded fat in a fashion that will assure it going and staying gone over time. In the meantime I feel ever so good in my NEW BODY! Walking is easier, It just feels good to look down on myself and see less of me there! ;-) And knowing that things on my insides are doing better too.

I am giving away two very good pairs of Cabella's jean's that I have out grown! They used to be tight, they are now too loose fresh out of the drier. That my friends is SUCCESS!


I bought a new cookbook: The Occasional Vegetarian 100 Delicious Dishes That Put Vegetables at the Center of the Plate by Elaine Louie 2011.  by Hyperon NY
It is full of vegan and vegetarian recipes!

I also follow Sonnet Lauberth's blog and have her just out E-book:  The Seasonal Comfort Food Cookbook on my iPad.

Have a healthy week!

Wishing you and yours a
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Chanukah


  1. It's nice to learn a bit more about your new way with the foods you eat. That smoothie looks delicious, I like the sound of adding the coconut flakes, that must really add to the flavours.

    1. Yes, Ann, it's really tasty. I change it around with different nuts, fruit, berries, veggies, etc. to get different tastes each time.

  2. I have to admit the smoothie looks VERY yummy! I've been working over the past 3 months to eat better myself and have noticed very positive results. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! :)

    1. Alexandra, I'm happy for you. May our results last us a life time!

  3. Congrats Lynn. I can see from that photo just are happy you are with your new routine. And the food looks great too!! Happy holidays!!

    1. Thanks Seth. Happy holidays to you as well!

  4. I am always reminded that feeling good about healthy steps create health. It 'a a double win!

    I doubt I will ever eat as you do but I'm happy avoiding meat and choosing fruit, vegetables and grains much/ most of the time

    Great to read this Lynn and double great to see your mile wide smile


    1. Thanks, Kj. Sounds like you are practically there already. ;-)
      I love the double win thought!

  5. you look fantastic, a picture of health, just wow!

  6. Happy Chanukah and Happy Thanksgiving!!! Your recipes look delicious. I'm glad you aren't feeling deprived and seem to have worked out getting something vegan wherever you stop. Yeah!

    1. Thanks Joan. Yes it seems to be working out fine! Check in next week to see how I do on Thanksgiving!

  7. Gorgeous photo of shine with such a dazzling spirit! Gorgeous yummy pictures..looks deliscious! Great mantra..there is alot I do not eat either..and I am fine with that ha is others who have had reaction to it..but when it comes to holidays, they are all used to me making and bringing my own meal! I think it is great what you are doing..and you sound passionate..keep shining! Thanks for the wonderful links..fantastic my friend!
    I am gonna go gaze at your beautiful art now..just had to comment on this fab post!

  8. This is a great photo of you Lynn. you do shine in it. :)

  9. You are gorgeous, Lynn! Congrats on your healthy lifestyle! I have been doing Hungry Girl, and have gone down 4 sizes! It shocked me when I went to buy long pants (all I've lived in the past year were capri's), and I started out with the size I used to wear. I had to keep moving down sizes! It was amazingly exhilarating!!!!!

  10. Although I have been a vegetarian for 36 years, I am a poor eater. I hate the kitchen and I hate cooking and I am bone lazy about food. It just doesn't interest me. However I feel sluggish and overweight and jealous of your accomplishments. You look so wonderful, and I know how you must feel too. Well done and hip hip hurray.

  11. You are looking so good Lynn, whis I could do something like this for me eating healty :-( missed your blog, hope everything is ok. Love Sigga Dis


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