Sunday, March 9, 2014

End of the Week Drawings Lynn Cohen

This week my SIL had a birthday. I took a photo she had on FB and drew from it and painted it turning it into a birthday card for her. She loved it and turned it into her FB profile picture!

At my other blog: Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens, an open blog to all artists who wish to draw to a theme every two weeks, we are still in the "Kitchen"... so this week I have drawn my kitchen counter top above the sink looking into the family room. You can read more about this and the others below at PPP&P.

I drew and painted the inside of one long kitchen cupboard ...

And this morning I drew my Ninja Professional blender.

Have a happy Sunday doing what you enjoy best. And thanks for your visits here.

I'll link this up to Sunday Sketchers, and you can get there via the icon on my side bar.

Thanks for your visit here and your comments, which mean the world to me.


  1. lovely kitchen themed sketches and thoughtful beautiful birthday card!

  2. Very sassy looking portrait! I love your kitchen art too!

  3. Fantastic array of wonderful sketches rich in design, color and bw ~ Happy Creating to you , xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  4. Lovely set of sketches! I can see why your SIL used your illustrated card for her profile pic.

  5. That is a cute pix of your SIL. No wonder she is using it. :)))) all great sketches.

  6. You are prolific! Your kitchen sketches
    are very fun


  7. Fun! Fun! Happy belated birthday to Sil. :) LOVE your watercolor/sketch of the books. Always admire anyone who can do those with such a loose style and it still look fabulous!! :)

  8. PS:

    As far as the link, just save the photo and insert it as a photo on your blog with a link to: for the Sunday Sketches FAQ To participate, simply link to

    Sorry for the hassle with the new blog change. :)

  9. Love the portrait you did of you sil. It's so alive and vibrant. And fun drawings of everyday life!

  10. Cool drawings love the blender :)

  11. Love your powerful Ninja sketch!!!

  12. Great sketch of your SIL for the card...and I love the kitchen sketches.

  13. Brilliant sketches and loooove the card


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