Thursday, June 19, 2014


 Working backwards in the week, I drew yesterday at Tacos Jalisco over lunch. I don't go as often as I once did, but have been there last week and this where I draw the local color.

Then I did a bit of bragging at Sketchbook Skool where I posted some of my sixty plus portraits I have been drawing there of my Klassmates and teachers and the klassmates pets.

I had a bit of a drawing breakdown from doing so much at such a frantic pace ... I need to slow down a bit, but I still want to continue doing these portraits. The next semester of Sketchbook Skool starts July 4th. I can't say enough how much fun it is, I'm taking Semester 2! The international community of artists is something beyond special, warm, friendly, helpful, inspiring, and kind.
It's been money worth spent.

Here are a few more portraits done ... with their bright spots and mistakes, although Tommy Kane says there are no mistakes. Just carry on, so I do.

And then there is the one I did of myself, as I slide into my 73rd year this month! Rather daunting when you look at the candles on that cake! No wonder I look like a deer in the headlights, frightened.
But I shouldn't be. Just joyful I have made it this far, and excited to see what the new year brings! I promise to do my best to make the most of it and hopefully many more to come.

One of our challenges was to draw our house, or houses, in SBS. I drew ours.

The book is a large moleskin and I used the whole two pages to get both stories of our house into the picture. I had to turn the book sideways to draw the car. Some decided I was a poor car-parker, others that the car was simply tired and lying down for a rest. You can describe it anyway you wish.

Have a creative week. Pace yourself. I am trying to learn to do that, but failing miserably.

Happy Paint Party Friday!

Do come visit us at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens as well! We have a lot of fun there too. You can join in the drawing to a theme if you wish. Just let me know you are interested.


  1. Love your sketches Lynn and your caractatures of your class mates. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  2. You are definitely very good and confident doing portraits Lynn, I'm impressed with what you have achieved in Sketchbook Skool. I had considered joining in on the 4th July start, but I don't think I will have the time to spare at the moment. I'll make up for it seeing your paintings instead :-)

  3. You have been on a roll. I like the way you put a lot of the portraits on one page.

  4. You've infected me with the biggest case of sketch-itis I've ever had. Last year was a sneeze compared to this. Your enthusiasm, your charming and humorous style, your prolific output all challenge me to join in and play. Love love love your work. Counting down the days until July 4th (session 1 for me). Blowing kisses. xo

  5. 73? Amazing!!!! I always think of you around late 50's since you are so busy and going constantly and still working??? Damn. Well, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY, and many more to come!!!!!
    I love Fabricio's hair. Is that a special technique? it works well for hair like that!!!

    1. Julie, no special technique, I just tried to use lines in the direction I thought I saw his hair going.

  6. Your portraits are such fun to look at. I can't imagine doing portraits in ink. When I work in pencil I'm erasing all the time. These are go great, and I love the sp!!! You are one very active 73 year old. I remember when we though 50 was old. LOL Luckily we are in much better shape (I hope) than people were when we were young. Happy Birthday...wishing you many, many more artistic years!

  7. Lynn, you are so prolific and such a great artist. I identify with your obsession. It makes me smile. Ain't life grand?

  8. wow.. look at how much you have accomplished. all great too. there is only one place to go from here and that is up. which makes me think that you could put a cable on the front of the car and make it look like its being hoisted up in the air.. :))


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