Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Artfilled Week by Lynn Cohen

I still have a day job, but my time in Sketchbook Skool fills more of my time and fills me up in wondrous ways. This first picture was NOT an assignment. I just had a strong urge to draw another portrait. This one is of one of my Klassmates there.

Our teacher this week is Andrea Joseph, who does amazing art using ballpoint pens. I am a definite beginner in this arena. I felt the same way at my first attempts using colored pencils with
Koosje Koone. Both mediums can be layered light to dark. I do not even begin to have a handle on either of these tools both new to me; but I like what they can do and am happy to know that with practice I could get better at both.

We had a rather exciting adventure this week. We were on a drive out the back roads of our town when we happened upon two bicyclists, who had stopped to exam a barn owl on the side of the road. We stopped too to see if we could help. The woman cyclist wearing bike gloves had picked up the owl that she thought might have been injured, as it made no attempt to get away and didn't seem able to fly. They were on bikes, we had a car, so it was decided that we would drive the owl to the local wildlife sanctuary thirty minutes away. The woman at the sanctuary examined the owl and said she was very thin and very dehydrated, but not otherwise injured. But that had we not brought her in she would surely have died. We felt good about being able to help. I'll be calling in a few days to see how she is doing.

I took some photos and then later at home I drew and painted her in Tom Bow brush pens and water brush.

I bought this tiny, 3 1/2" X 5 1/2" art journal by Moleskin at Barnes and Noble book store. I sat while husband drank coffee there and drew the people in my line of vision.

At Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens we are drawing to the theme: "Cups and Mugs" this week. I, as usual stepped a bit out of the box and drew and painted my grandma's creamer and sugar bowl. I felt it was close enough to theme in the kitchen cabinet where I found them close to our cups and mugs!

Again, drawing to assignment for Andrea Joseph, "A Collection" of pens "in one color" done in ball point pen. However, it's me, Lynn, so I had to add one color for the one red pen!

On this day I got to be JUST ME drawing at Starbucks in Dixon, CA. This picture upset a lot of people because one woman looks like she is laying down on her face I thought I'd clear it up here before you all have the same reaction. She is standing up in line for her coffee but I fit her into an open space on my page under the seated people. Just tilt your head and you can see her correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

And finally back with Andrea Jacob, Queen of the Ball Point Pen, my attempts are very, very beginner-ish, so I highly recommend your looking her up on line and seeing how extraordinarily well she does it.

The final drawing is with ball point pen of things in my living room.
Hope you enjoyed my week in art.
I'll link up with Paint Party Friday.
I appreciate all of you who come visit me here.
I regret that I do not always have time between working and skooling and drawing
to return the favor. But I do appreciate your visits and comments.
Have a creative week!


  1. You have certainly been busy with all your drawings Lynn. Keep up the good work. (Hope the owl is ok).

  2. you've had a very busy week! i've visited Andrea's site many times. Her work is really much detail. I've been experimenting a bit this summer with new pens, too. Sometimes it's hard to switch from something you've been using for a long, long time.

  3. You have been really busy! It must be really interesting to learn all these new techniques and try your hand in it.

  4. You get so much done, Lynn...and save owls in your spare time! Great combination of sketches. Are you studying lettering too? I like the writing on the last sketch page.

  5. Enjoyed seeing your pages!

  6. Lots of wonderful art Lynn and love the happy ending for the owl. Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. Ha! Ha! Lynn, you crack me up. I wondered about the lying-down-woman. Then I read the explanation and laughed out loud. How frugal and creative you are! I enjoyed all your sketches but I think the best thing for me today was your owl and the story behind saving its life. Life is so precious, even wildlife.

  8. What a fantastic collage of people and things. I love your pen drawing of the living room. The pens are good, very good. Blessings, Janet PPF

  9. No thats you lying face down from all the work you get done. You just fell over from exhaustion. LOL
    Lots of fun and terrific work here. Keep up,the good work.

  10. I love your style. You always make me smile.

  11. So many wonderful piece of art. I love the owl and the rescue.

  12. Andrea Joseph is one of my favourite artists, but like you I find ball point pens frustrating and much prefer faster flowing pens. A wonderful collection of sketches + art xx

  13. Your paintings make me happy. It is a good style!


  14. The Barn owl is gorgeous. So glad it's on it's way to recovery! I love all the beautiful portraits you full of interest!

    Hugs Giggles


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