Saturday, September 27, 2014

Every day events by Lynn Cohen

Yesterday we walked the Berg, Berghausen castle, and I had the opportunity to sit and draw this one small part. What a joy it is to be here. A place my husband lived, literally in the guard house, as an infant with his German mother, before his American military father could send for them to come to the USA. They were "displaced persons" because of the war housed in the castle with others in the same situation.


  1. Great drawing of a great place Lynn :-)

  2. Your drawings capture all the colours and shadings of der Berg Schloss! This must have been a memorable moment for you both! ♥

  3. Happy and sad memories I am sure for both of you. Nice you could take that trip. Safe trip home when you go.

  4. I read all about you Lynn on your side bar. Wow you are very creative. That is great.

    That sure keeps your mind and hands going. May the Lord keep you in good health so you will be-able to continue all of your pleasures to a ripe old age. I am glad I met you like everyone else. I enjoy your art.

  5. Such a powerful story and to be able to go back all those years later is amazing!! Glad you got this important sketch down! A great piece of personal history!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Beautiful Painting! I love all your work Lynn. What a fun story about the guard tower. So happy that the two of you are sharing so many wonderful sights and memories. Hugs to both of you. ♥


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