Friday, October 3, 2014

Travel along with us on our Grande Tour de Europa!

These drawings are not all sequentially posted, so pardon me as I skip back and foth over the past few weeks of our journey. 

Here we are on the Normandy beaches paying tribute to our American and British forces that landed here on D Day, June 6, 1945! My husbands father was one of the lucky ones (American) who survived this mission.

This was done on the train to Paris, a long day of two train rides that took us to Caen, France.

Meanwhile, back in Berghausen, Germany, we came upon these delightful goats in the beautiful park behind Berghausen, Castle! The swans on the water were lovely too!

This lamb was enjoying grasses behind the same castle.


Earlier that morning we'd walked across the bridge into Austria, sat on a bench looking at the whole of the Berg (Castle) and I sat drawing it all. 

Now go back several days to our time spent in the quaint village of Weissenburg where I quickly sketched this ancient tower, and later spent time detailing it out with darker lines and color.

We spent two days with our Austrian friends, Heidi Likar and Jutta Wenz, fist in Salzburg and then in Konigsee where we laughed and drew together in the rain. Where they held up an umbrella over me and my sketchbook so I could finish my painting and carried it back to the boat we'd come in on to let it dry! Such friends are they!!

Jutta did the top drawing of all of us and me the bottom. 

Fast forward again to the morning of the trains to France, Starbucks in Munich, Germany around five in the morning where everyone was falling asleep over their coffees waiting for their trains with us.

This is the same sleeper awake for just a few minutes before falling back to sleep. I didn't sleep. I just kept drawing.

In France we had the most absolute pleasure enjoying the site of Mont Saint Michel. Here I drew for hours. Talked to folks from all over the world who wanted to take my picture drawing, who talked to me about their artistic endeavors and about Sketchbook Skool.

Oh, here's another train traveler!

And a final sketch of St. Mont Michel on our second day there. The morning we waked two miles to approach her and watched her slowly appear out of the fog and into another magical sunny day.

Thanks for sharing my journey with you. I hope you enjoy the ride!


  1. wonderful memories of your trip!

  2. What a wonderful journey, I loved seeing it through your brush! Beautiful! I especially love the Berg castle expanse...

  3. these drawings are awesome!! i've been to Munich and Salzburg (many years ago) so thank you for bringing back those memories. i love riding on trains!! so relaxing and a great place to people watch :)

  4. Lots of wonderful drawings Lynn. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. Wonderful all of them. But I especially love the goats fun! Wow you captured so much...and the train people! All fabulous!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I have loved *travelling* with you via FB....but have been waiting for your St.Mont Michel sketch... as I told you, one of the most meaningful places I saw....ever! Wonderful, Wonderful trip.... you have brought us all right the Schloss, in the Train, at Starbucks! Can't wait for Paris....and JOSSIE! Love, ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Oh, my...I feel so privileged to have viewed your artistic journal of events. Your artwork, as always, fills my eyes.

  8. great stuff Lynn - hope you are having as good a time as it looks like you are

    1. The greatest adventure of my life and I've had many! My traveling companion is tops! We are laughing and enjoying so much together!

  9. You had this trip planned so well and it's paying off. Look at all the fun places you are getting to see and the wonderful art coming out of it. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  10. such obvious energy and electricity!

  11. I am finally home and posting again. It may be 2:30am Italian time, but I plan on staying up until around 10 NY time to try to adjust to the time I'm blog visiting. I've enjoyed seeing your great sketches from your trip and reading the commentary that goes with them. How great that you met two friend from Sketchskool. I got to meet an internet blogging friend when I was in Rome. It was so much fun. I did my first trip post a little while ago so come and visit.

  12. I am enjoying the ride, more than you know. The pics you are painting show me so much of the area that I would ordinarily miss in a photo. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't expect to ever be able to travel overseas. . . but won't stop hoping. Blessings, Janet PPF


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