Friday, October 10, 2014

More Travels With Lynn, Come along ...

hope some of the drawings tell their own stories, as this other earlier train ride to London, where I caught these women talking.

Oh this was my disaster breakfast morning when I cut into a canned tomato and it splashed all over my Sketchbook Skool T-shirt and had to be hand washed before we could leave for Hampton Court!

Ah, we are in order here, as we arrived in Hampton Court eventually, and I made a quick sketch of a small part of Henry VIII's castle. I've decided I must have been a brick layer in a previous life as I love drawing bricks. 


Now we go back a few days to saying goodbye to Ann Hyde of Sketching William the Lurcher, and Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens blogs. We'd said hello to Ann and her husband Graham and their dog, Wiiliam four days earlier. It was an awesome visit. Ann and Graham picked us up from the train station, when we found we couldn't rent a car for this leg of the journey. They drove us to our AirBNB, they fed us lunches and dinners each day, Ann and I drew every day by the sea together. They live in the most indylic village of Willacombe. It was quiet, quaint, relaxing and beautiful. Our friendship grew. I played cards with Graham, and he teased me relentlessly about myfears of cars driving on the wrong side of the roads.  Saying goodbye was not easy.

Here are some of the spots Ann and I drew at... Cawley ...


And the Valley of the Rocks..

I so enjoyed just hanging out with Ann and Graham and of course  William, who I finally got used to his jumping up and kissing me on the mouth. 
I think he likes me! 

Ann and I at one of our drawing spots by the sea. That's me on the right.

This next "out of order" cartoon shows my most difficult day of walking for what seemed forever and was actually several miles by foot, with my big backpack on from a ferry boat from France to England, where we tried to rent a car, but the place to do so was closed.
Finally we got a train, then a taxi to our airBNB only to find I had to climb a mountain of stairs to get to our room. I crashed there, needless to say and after a good nights sleep was re energized to push on the next day again. 

These last two pictures show some difficulties we encountered in getting there, but it all worked out grand in the end. Most of this trip has been picture perfect, peaceful, beautiful, mind boggling amazing and fun. But as life in general it does have it's ups and downs, often with hills and back burdens involved. The good news is I'll be going home with new leg muscles I never knew possible before.

 One last shot at Saint Mont Michel where we also were in heaven with all we were seeing and doing in France.
We actually had this view  from the window of our AirBNB ... A charming place, in Huisness , a quaint small French village. Narrow roads, stone houses, flower boxes... 
In the morning of our second day there, we awoke to fog. We took the two mile walk out to the island and watched Mt Saint Michel gradually appear out of the fog ... a lot like Brigadoon! 

Next stop Ireland, out last country before heading home. I have a few pages to fill in my biggest art journal and hope to do it there. I've finished one smaller journal and started a third that Ann gave me. These memories will make me happy for the rest of my life.


Many of you know my dear friend, Cris Marlow, of A Country Life. (Her blog) I just heard from her this morning telling me she is in the hospital following an auto accident, she was rear ended, and the accident resulted in her having a broken hip. 
She is scheduled for surgery for a hip replacement tomorrow. I'm sure she'd love hearing from you. I'd suggest going to her blog and leaving a note there. Thanks. We need to help lift her spirits! 



  1. What an exciting trip! I love that you've chronicled it with your art! I hope your friend feels better.

  2. What a grand adventure! I love the way you are keeping track of it all.

  3. thanks for sharing your lovely trip and sketches. sorry to hear about your friend.

  4. Oh how exciting meeting Ann and William. I'm sure it was one of the highlights of this trip!! I can understand how much that sketchbook skool shirt means to you...sorry it got splashed hope it didn't stain! Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip and thanks so much for sharing with us...I've enjoyed it!

    Prayers and healing thoughts for Cris...I will visit!

    Hugs Giggles

    Hugs Giggles

  5. What a trip you're having. Always good to exercise those leg muscles. Also glad you told about Cris, I will write to her immediately. Poor thing, how awful!!

    Have a safe trip home.

  6. Enjoying traveling with you..... Mim is right....walking is good for you! I love *William the Lurcher*.... Henry will be jealous! Now, you are travelling to my part of the world....I still have family in County Wexford... Thank you for the heads up regarding Cris...I don't visit most blogs any more... but I will go to hers today! Love , ♥ Robin ♥

  7. I am enjoying traveling with you so much! These sketches are just so great and your cartoon descriptions of traveling have made me laugh. One thing about traveling is that you need to be flexible enough to change plans and go with the car available...not a problem. (Driving on the wrong side of the road is so wild and confusing anyway.)

    I'm glad you had such a great time with Ann, Graham, and William. I'll be back to see where and what you do in Ireland. I think it is so funny that we are both posting about our trips. Enjoy!!!

  8. I am worn out with all the walking by your side!! What a host of memories you have in your precious journals. So jealous you met William

  9. I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE your artwork. SO fabulous--and it fills my eyes to the brim.

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