Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sketchbook Skool Keeps me Busy Drawing

Jean-Christophe Defline is a student AND a TEACHER in Sketchbook Skool.
He does a wonderful series of book covers taken from the Tin-Tin books but based on his family and their travel adventures. When he assigned us to make a book cover, rather than steal from another authors book I chose to cover my own book of art I drew in Europe with the cover you see below:

And I covered a second art journal with this drawing I did of our time in Doolin, Ireland.
I went on to cover a third art journal in which I have done many portraits with a drawing from inside it of two portraits I did of fellow klassmates from SBS; and a forth art journal with a drawing from inside it of a scene done at Tacos Jalisco. I may very well go on to add these wonderful glossy prints to the covers of all my art journals. It's much more fun that just looking at black or brown covers and trying to remember what kind of art is inside them. The covers give hints to that subject matter.

Our teacher since last Friday has been Veronica Lawlor. She is teaching us gesture drawing, drawing quickly moving subjects. I drew her quickly as she talked about this in one of her klass videos.

This was one of my first quick drawings trying to capture body posture of my husband on an early morning when he was complaining about his back and walking while bending over.

Then I was to follow him around for an hour drawing him in motion. Well, I first found him asleep in the recliner, where he kept moving while changing position. I was standing on the stairwell, looking down on him and drawing him while I was standing there.

He continued to change position and I continued to try and capture each one ...

Later he got dressed and we drove to Dixon to go to Starbucks. I drew his hands on the steering wheel as he changed hand positions over and over again...

At Starbucks I captured the people standing in line. They changed positions too. The guy kneeling down stacking shelves was working there.

Here my husband is reading the paper and putting his hands together...

Meanwhile, back in Klass, Veronica showed us a beautiful video of her drawing two dancers.
I slowed it way down to draw this dancer on the floor.

And then her again, and then with her partner, a male dancer.

I feel very good about these drawings. I see myself learning more and more in Sketchbook Skool. To me it is worth it's weight in gold. If you haven't already I strongly recommend checking it out:

Wishing you all a Happy Paint Party Friday (on Friday) You can get there via the icon on my sidebar; and be sure to visit us at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens as well. Thanks for your visits, your comments, and for following my blog. I appreciate it all!

As we get closer to holiday time I'd like to remind you that my book:
"One Fish Taco and Half an Order of Guacamole A Year of Drawing Over Lunch at Tacos Jalisco" is available at Blurb Books and can be reached via the icon LINK on my sidebar of the book cover. It's a great book for inspiring artists who want to brave drawing in public. Something I was afraid to do two years ago and now do with out giving it a second thought all the time. Or to inspire any artists on your gift list who want to be inspired to draw at all.

Thanks to all of you who have already purchased my book
and to those of you who may be doing so for the first time!


  1. What a great post Lynn, so full of your paintings and sketches. You are a prolific sketcher :-)

  2. I love seeing your sketches, especially the continuous line ones of your husband! They look like such fun. Maybe I'll try doing some of those in NYC tomorrow. The book covers look like fun. One of my friends does a photocopy of the first and last sketch in each of her sketchbooks and uses those for her covers as a way of identifying what is inside. Happy sketching!

  3. Lots of energetic work here, Lynn. I love the Travels with Lynn and Fred. I especially like the sketches of your dh in the recliner.

  4. Great drawings. Very challenging! Hugs! deb

  5. I really love the energetic and dynamic line work as well as character of the portrait. Amazing work!

  6. Drawing quickly and you draw like that, good grief, that's great. There is so much more detail than I would imagine. Blessings, Janet PPF

  7. Love your airplane on the first cover. :)


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