Monday, January 26, 2015

New Life Drawings Posted from Fort Mason, Art Marathon

To view my latest 44 new Life Drawings visit the Life Drawing Page by clicking on the top icon on the right sidebar of this blog. You may leave comments here or there. I filled 36 pages of 44 poses of ten models in six hours at the Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA Art Marathon Jan. 25, 2015.


  1. Hello Lynn greetings.

    Excellent drawing.

    Best wishes

  2. That's my kind of marathon. lol Good job on this one. I'm heading over to see the other sketches you posted.

    1. I'm so impressed with the number of sketches you did and the quality of them. You are really getting good at the figures. I'm stuck indoors with 16 inches of snow outside. lol The only thing I got to sketch were snowy trees this morning.

    2. thank you so much Joan. It was awesome having so many models (10) to choose from and often two at a time. Since I draw quickly I almost always had time to do both especially in the 20 minute pose times. Stay safe and warm in your snowy days there.

  3. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.


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