Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I DrEw SiXeTy TwO PeOpLe ThIs WeEk!

Again, we start up where last weeks blog post left off, at TACOS JALISCO, where I go to draw and eat lunch... If you've read my  book (see side bar) you know "The Couple" (above)! They were there again last Thursday and I got to draw them AGAIN! I also got them to sign their drawing! That was fun.

This couple was there too, but I did not know them. They were really into each other, holding hands, starring into each others eyes; staying and talking a long time after they had finished eating. I think they liked each other quite a lot. Carlos Sr. was cooking and keeping an eye on them too from the kitchen!

My week isn't complete without a dive into one or two Starbucks. This group always seems to be there in one form or another. Their members change in and out, some leave, others take their places ... I can bet that they will be there next week again!

That guy next to them is there again too. He hides behind his pile of stuff working on who knows what in some sort of electronics.

My husband makes a good model as I can count on his being there. What I should also count on is he'll change his hand and arm positions several times in five minutes time  making it hard to get him drawn.

Another day, a different Starbucks: This group took up more room than my scanner could manage so I took two scans to get them all seen. That or someone would feel left out.

Last Sunday we went to Sausalito so I could meet up with the San Francisco Urban Sketchers and the East Bay Sketchers at the Bay Model. The Hawaiian Chieftain  and the Lady Washington, two Tall Ships, were in dock and we were all busy drawing them. (20 of us)

I drew the kayaks piled high on the dock and the guys coming to unload some into the water so people could kayak out on the bay; then we got let into the dock and I found this woman working up on a beam of the sail on the Hawaiian Chieftain.  

Volunteers work on the ships and one guy climbed up the rope ladder on this mast nearly to the top. I worried for him, as he was not tied on to anything for protection and he was wearing sandals.

Here's that woman working on the beam again...

I drew one of the sketchers as if she was drawing what I was drawing, but she wasn't really. It just looks that way.

Afterwards, I drew from 9 a.m. till 1 pm, we went over to my cousins' Condo. This is her dog! His name is Butkus. I thought she said Butt Head! But I was wrong.

I also spent time taking care of my car this week and documented each step of the way ...

On Tuesday night we went out for St. Paddy's day; a group from Travis Air Force Base, The Band of the Golden West was singing downtown and we went to hear them and see the step dancers.

I drew them playing and dancing and being listened to!

These folks sat in front of us.

I had a really good Portabella Mushroom sandwich for lunch at the Nugget grocery store deli. I drew this little group while eating it outside at a table. It was sunny and warm out.

On Wednesday I had lunch at Tacos Jalisco again. A nice way to end showing off MY ART.
Now I want to show you the art of my new friend from Sketchbook Skool. Her name is
 Darlene Campbell and she is a cartoonist. She does other kinds of art too, but these are some she sent me recently.

Obviously, Darlene knows I draw at Starbucks and she knows I love her main character, Zebra! I love that she has us in this relationship drawing above!

This was a cute Christmas cartoon Darlene drew of Zebra and the Pine Sol episode!

Zebra can be a little naughty at times. I will let this one speak for itself.


When I got my gift of Zebra cards from Darlene I was inspired to gift her back so I made a Zebra cartoon of my own and put myself in it dancing with my new crush, Zebra! See below!

Thanks Darlene, for all the generosity of art giving, and friendship giving! I love that we have met in Sketchbook Skool. I look forward to the day we can draw together in person!
Wishing you a Creative Week
A Happy Paint Party Friday
Enjoy Sunday Sketchers
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comments,
They keep me drawing!
A new Semester #4 is starting in April at Sketchbook Skool.
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  1. Oh I'm so happy to have find your blog again!
    So fun to see your drawings taken right out from the daily life.
    lovely! :)

  2. I'm happy to see you visiting my blog again Viola! See you next week! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lynn, are you still working or have you retired to sketch? You get so many sketches done in the course of a week...I am amazed. Love your characters but the doggie is a darling too. I like your friend's cartoons especially the one with the ballerina. That one made me chuckle.

    1. Joan, I am calling myself Semi-retired. I work three days a week. So I have four days I can go out to sketch; and I also sketch on work days at lunch some of the time. Today we were at Tacos Jalisco for lunch, a work day, and I drew a table of eight!!!! yes, it amazes me too when I go to post at the end of the week and see how much I have done. Some people did one or maybe two drawings at the Tall Ships last Sunday and I did six! Guess that's why they call me "Flash" at Sketchbook Skool. I might do better if I would slow down a bit ... Glad you got a chuckle from Darlene Campbells art! She is fun and funny!

  4. You really have a had a busy week. Love your energy. It shows in your drawings. My favorite...the dogs. You need to do more animals. They have so much personality and expression like your people.

  5. Fabulous post Lynn... I loved everything!! You have improved over the years so I love all your characters and so cute you dancing with zebra...Love Darlene's sense of humour, and yours too!! You both rock...these are so fun and full of colourful interest!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Your drawings keep getting better and better! I really enjoy looking through them and read the little stories. I love how you're doing the text on these ♥

  7. Fun, fun, fun!! I could only dream of being so prolific. Wonderful!! I love you Starbucks and restaurant sketches. And the zebra cartoons had me laughing. Wonderful!! xoxo Silke

  8. You are amazing. Such talent. I have not visited you for a while, and it is fun to catch up with you.

  9. Wow, this has to be a record number of people drawn in one week, Lynn! If I drew every minute of every day, I would not be able to get anywhere near that. Your drawings are always fun and seeing that the "couple" signed their portrait makes it even more special. You are a great analyzer of human nature, I think.

  10. What a fun post. Love all your creations. Awesome Lynn! I never tire of your work. I'm glad I have one of your books. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. That is a lot of people Lynn. You continue to amaze me at your productivity.


  12. Love these snapshots (or sketch-shots) of yr week. The people are great, but that dog is the absolute best!!!

  13. prolific indeed. i wish i wrote like you draw :^)


  14. Hi Joan and Giggles...thank you for the comments about my cartoons. Appreciated!

    Lynn you are a sweetheart to highlight some of my work on your famous Blog. So happy to share with you and I certainly look forward to the new session of SBS starting in April. I apologize for not visiting sooner as I have been putting all of my focus on the book. Thank you so much. You've made me feel special. Cheers-Darlene

    1. Darlene, you are indeed a very special person and artist! I'm excited to learn you are busy working on a book of your art! and excited to think that I introduced you to more artists here!

  15. Unos dibujos muy simpáticos :)


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