Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Portland Oregon Trip: Part 2 and Home Sweet Home AGAIN

While we were in Portland a week or so ago now, we went to the Tulip  Festival in Woodburn, Oregon. The shoe maker came round to see what I was doing, said he knew I was drawing him, and when I asked if he'd sign the picture he did! Fun personalization!

I walked out to the tulip fields with my little fold up stool and sat and drew this old tractor in the midst of all the beautiful, colorful flowers. It felt magical to be there.

Later, back at the entrance where there is  a gift shop and places for people to sit and chat I drew the folks I saw there. You know, my favorite thing to do!

Everyone seemed quite settled, except the girl in white, who I had to draw hoping out of her chair.

We tried to go to Crater Lake afterwards, one of our most favorite wonders of the world to visit, but unfortunately the gate we came to was closed and then it got too late to go to the other entrance ... so next time! I did a selfie in the car instead.

We spent the night in Yreka, CA. We ate at another beer brewery. Funny, as neither of us drink beer, but the burgers and veggie burger are okay there. I drew the people around us. Our waiter saw me doing it and came by to chat about it. He told me his mom did this too. But she was shy about drawing people in public. So I of course told him about Sketchbook Skool and my book about when I challenged myself to draw in public. He took it all down to give it to his mom. I asked him to sign the page in my art journal. His name was Israel.
I wonder if he'll see this.

On the Monday we got back we had an appointment to see the Tax Agent to have our taxes done.
We stopped at Barnes & Noble first so Fred could get coffee and I could draw.

This guy sat down with a stack of cook books! I hope he went home to make something good. Dinosaur stew maybe?

She got up just as I got started! It happens. He was very pensive. Maybe he was getting his taxes done today too!

These folks could have been doing their own taxes on their lap tops sitting across from each other on opposite ends of the tall seats outside the area where we were sitting. I had paper left over so filled it with signs over the book shelves there.

Afterwards, I asked her to sign it.
She wanted to rip it out of my art journal.
But I sent her a copy instead!
One just NOT rip drawings OUT of an Art Journal! It's not done!

You know life is back to normal when I start drawing at Tacos Jalisco again!

April 1 was our 30th Wedding Anniversary. I gave it its own blog post ( two right before this one) scroll down to see it if you missed it) ... but our friends, Jutta Wenz and Heidi Likar, who we met through Sketchbook Skool, then in their home in Austria when we were there last September, sent us this wonderful portrait of our younger selves. Jutta drew and painted it. I think it deserves to be seen here! Thank you again Jutta and Heidi for your gifts, friendship and well wishes! They and you are so appreciated.

And the week continued with me eating and drawing at Tacos Jalisco ...

I drew so much more, but this post is getting really heavy with drawings. I will save the rest for next week, when we had Passover with family. More Starbucks draw outs, and more. Wait and see. You have to come back then.

In the meantime enjoy others art via the icons on my sidebar for Paint, Party Friday and Sunday Sketchers.
Join us drawing at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens, where we are drawing landscapes this week.

Have a wonderfully creative week! Be well and Be Happy! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That was so entertaining, delightful, and Happy Anniversary. I did go down and see the first of the trip and the anniversary blog. You two haven't changed, you are more of the same, two very fantastic and fun people. Thanks for sharing so much of your life through the best drawings/paintings I've ever seen. Blessings, Janet

    1. Thank you JKW, I'm so pleased to know my art entertains! I have so much enjoyment from making it! Xo

  2. Happy anniversary plus 9 days! lol
    Great illustrations, and yes, we do not rip pages of our journal! :oD

  3. Happy anniversary! You must have 'it' to stay together so many years, lucky you! We have 4 yrs to reach 30 :)
    Thanks for sharing your amazing drawings and stories again - entertaining way to start my morning!

  4. Lovely work Lynn. I love seeing all the characters you draw.

  5. I love your road trips - I always feel I get to travel round a little bit of America vicariously through you and your fab illustrations of life as you see it! Belated happy anniversary.

  6. Lynn you are so quick! it's amazing what you accomplish! I hope Israels mother sees your blog and is inspired!! I sure hope so... All are so well done... I think Sherri is awesome and you can tell she has pride in her appearance by how you did the nails and what she was wearing!! Love the tulips and tractor too...all wonderful work!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I love that you drew the tax agent without her knowing. Now that's commitment.

  8. What a wonderful week you had. Thanks for sharing your lovely sketches

    Much love...

  9. What a wonderful week you had. Thanks for sharing your lovely sketches

    Much love...

  10. You have been busy this week! Wow! So many drawings accomplished. Happy Anniversary!! Here's to 30 more years!!

  11. I just love that you sketch people everywhere, even your tax agent. Our agent would have definitely noticed if I sat there sketching him. lol Your people sketches are getting so must be all that practice.

  12. Lynn, I always get a kick out of your drawings and commentary. I really think it is neat getting signatures of the people in the paintings. You are really an anthropologist!

  13. Loved your post, Lynn. I always love the people you draw and wish I had the courage to do on the spot drawing. I went back 2 posts to see about your elopement. You both still look lovey-dovey after 30 years! Congratulations.

  14. Welcome home and thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

  15. What a lovely post, Lynn. Your illustrations are always so fun and filled with life. Love the tractor surrounded by flowers. :)


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