Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Life and Times in Drawings by Lynn Cohen

A week ago Friday we went to Starbucks. I go there exclusively to draw. I am so very appreciative of all the people who sit for me. None of them know it, yet they are very compliant models. Sometimes they even "talk"! (but never directly to me).

 I had a suspicion that the blond woman who was with her young son got wind that I was looking at her from way across the room. It might just be my paranoia, but they got up to leave very soon as I was finishing them. The guy on the right hadn't a clue and he sat much closer to us.

The people in line to place their orders are easy as they are all focused away from me! I'm good at backsides and profiles!

Just this past Friday we went to visit family. We had breakfast with my brother at Fat Apples! Their oatmeal isn't as good as Starbucks oatmeal. Maybe that's because I put a ton of cinnamon on the one at Starbucks! And my brother does not normally put his elbow and hand in his plate, but he did here for some reason!?  Later in the day we took our two grandkids out for ice cream. Well, they ate ice cream and I drew them. Okay, I had a tiny taste of my grand son's Jamaica Almond Fudge! (I don't normally eat dairy) ...

We were there for Grandparents Day at the kids school. There were presentations by the kids in all the classes and we also got to go into their individual class rooms to see what they were doing and learning. We also got interviewed about our own childhoods. That was fun.

On another day my husband and I went to Winters, CA for lunch at the El Pueblo Meat Market and Deli. It's a new haunt of ours and I do like drawing there too. It looks like my husband is in the meat display case along with the chicken and shrimp, but he's not. It just looks that way.

On Sunday I had a field day drawing this rather large woman, who sat at the table right across from ours. I love drawing large people. There are so many interesting curves and turns to their bodies. The other woman looked very familiar to me. I must see her somewhere else out in the community.
This doesn't really look like her so she won't recognize herself here.

These women were fun to draw in their colorful clothing, and chatty ways, as they placed their orders at the counter!

 "Something Used for Measuring"

Then I am continuing to draw daily for EDM (Every day in May) to the prompts there. This is a ruler I have on my desk with Hebrew letters, which are also numbers!

 "A favorite recipe"
 "Something I could give or throw away" ... or recycle, which I do!
 "Something I use every day"

" Lipstick"
I don't use lipstick at all and haven't in years, so this is just from memory!

These two were done in digital art using the app Paper 53 and my finger for the stylus

" a cupcake"


We went back to the grand kids school on Monday for a special ceremony they and their fifth grade class were involved in. It was lovely to be there again. My grand daughter is the girl with the long curly hair, she kind of stands out there, as she does in my heart. Her brother was drumming to the side and I couldn't see him so he's not in the picture. Their parents are the couple watching on the far right. My daughter had flowers on her sweater.

Afterwards, my husband and I drove into San Francisco. We had lunch at the Warming Hut by the Golden Gate Bridge. It was fun to draw there too. I thank Sketchbook Skool for my passion for continual drawing in multiple sketchbooks and most days of my life now. I'm a little behind on my homework, but will share that with you next time.

Have a Creative Week!

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Thanks for coming by, your visits and comments keep me drawing too! It's fun to have interested folks to share it all with. See you next week!


  1. I am exhausted after seeing all of your have so many and they are all great. I especially love the ones at your grandkids' school...and Starbucks.

  2. Another busy week! Fab! Happy PPF

  3. I agree with Joan - every week you have so much to look at! - you must spent a lot of time in cafes!! How lovely that there is a grandparents day at school.

  4. Wow, your sketches are amazing. I wish I could do some too, but always feel I can't do them.

  5. Love your wonderful sketches. Very interesting as always.

  6. Great sketches and explanations Lynn! I sure didn't expect to see lipstick or a cupcake amongst your pages!! lol

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Fun sketches, Lynn. I really, really like the shade of green in the first few illustrations. Thanks for always helping us look and appreciate the little things around us. :)


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