Thursday, May 14, 2015

Challenges, Challenges ... Drawing Where ever and When ever I can

I have joined a new challenge to draw Every Day In May (EDIM) on Facebook.
The following drawings are not in order nor are they all I have done so far, but enjoy these few:

Things with Bristles

An old envelope was the first love letter I ever got from my then boyfriend, now husband ... I liked how my paint made the envelop look every bit of it's 38 years of age!

My Favorite Food

Something Hot and Something that Can Be Turned On and Off



Spice Bottle

A book of Arty Postcards I am now sending one by one to my grand kids for the fun of it!

Now back to Sketchbook Skool, where last Friday Koosje Koosne introduced us to our new teacher, Fabio Consoli!

They were both on bikes, she in Amsterdam and he in Italy!
I drew him again as part of a lesson on goal setting, goals I made up for myself:

And I drew my cat just cuz... The square cut away on his leg was done by the vet to clean cat bites and let his limping leg heal. Old Warrior never one to run from a fight!

On Monday last we went visit my uncle Harry, who is 96 and living in assisted living. We wore him out talking and when he dozed off I drew him as you see him here:

At lunch time we met some of his friends in the communal dining room ...
It really makes one contemplate life, and time, and how much we have (left) and
what we are going to do with it ...
We go out to lunch and I draw!
We go out for Breakfast and Coffee and I draw!
Starbucks is a great place to find people to draw!

I drew this portrait, as a gift to my friend, Carmel Campbell, in Oregon. She is a klassmate
and dear friend from Sketchbook Skool, who I have had the honor to meet with in person in Oregon and to draw with. We will do that again this summer for sure!
A real bonus from SBS is meeting your klassmates in real life when you can!
Happy Birthday, Carmel!

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your visits and your comments, they keep me drawing!

Have a creative week.
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  1. Great EDM will get practice sketching lots of different things other than people, who you will continue to sketch anyway in your favorite places. No Taco Jalisco???

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  2. Beautiful work, love the sketches, happy PPF, Valerie

  3. Fun sketches Lynn. Love the earphones, lots of cross hatching. Fabio looked great too.


  4. Wonderful drawings, Lynn! I've signed up for SKS too but I'm so behind... haven't even started yet...

  5. I just think they are all awesome. Thanks so much for sharing them all with us..
    Happy PPF
    Sandy :)

  6. I think you are the busiest sketcher I've ever met Lynne - every week you have so many things to delight us with on your blog! I love the old love letter envelope!

  7. Wow, that's quite an amount of sketches. Lovely work!

  8. Another huge week of beautiful artwork...never losing your wonderful style! I saw those long sketchbooks on amazon yesterday. I like how you used them!! Very nice!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. These are fantastic. Love seeing your weekly sketches.

  10. My word Lynn, you have been busy! Lovely to see all your drawings :-)

  11. Many nice sketches Lynn. Good to see you are so busy. I know this makes you happy.

  12. Fab drawings ~ and the "Things with Bristles" just ticked me!

  13. Love your sketches Lynn. I think many of us envy the amount of sketching you do...but each of us could if we would....
    Happy PPF

  14. Love those bristles. Great sketches. Enjoy your new challenge.

  15. your still life sketches are my favorites. that spice bottle and your signs are super!


  16. I think all your drawings are awesome, Lynn and you have inspired me.

  17. I enjoy your work so much,, always a joy to see! Like a visit with you, seeing life through your eyes,

  18. the spice bottle and earphones are amazing... love both of those so much...xx

  19. You are so prolific! I've loved looking through these paintings and getting an insight into your life!

  20. great sketches, I especially like the evelope one with the watercolors.

    visiting from sunday sketch, have a lovely day.

  21. Katie would not have survived at college without Netflix! She binge watches old tv series as well as movies.

    I love the envelope. What a precious artifact of your life. Richard has never had the opportunity to write me a love letter. I had a whole stack from my college boyfriend (we spent two summers half a country apart), but when I married Richard, I got rid of those.

  22. I haven't been here in a long time. As always your artwork and your wonderful sense of humor inspire me. Someday, my talented Friend, you are going to be famous. :D

  23. Wonderful artworks! Your cats are darling!


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