Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Introducing Sketchbook Skool Blog and my Weekly Art

My blog got mentioned this week on Sketchbook Skool's blog! I direct you immediately to go there, just click on the SSB words in my previous sentence to find out more about this incredible inspiring skool that I have been involved in for over a year now. Meet the amazing teachers, my fellow students from all over the world, see their art and see what this skool has to offer YOU! It changed my life and it can change yours too in truly wonderful ways! Check it out!

This week we got a new teacher, France Belleville-Van Stone, originally from France, now from New Jersey. I'm not asking. France has a book called: SKETCH The non-artist's guide to inspiration, technique, and drawing daily life.  She's really into cars and cross hatching.

France has asked us to draw something with wheels. I went outside and sat and drew my next door neighbor's truck. One of them. He has at least two. I drew the red one months ago. This one was fun to draw as well.

We found ourselves in Winters again and at the same El Pueblo Meat Market and Deli. This is the place across the street from the First Northern Bank I have drawn numerous times through it's windows there. On this day I sat where I could comfortably draw some of the other patrons! Deju Vu of Tacos Jalisco's huh? But its not TJs it's EPMM&D!

I like drawing our teachers in Sketchbook Skool. Many of us do! Here is my portrait of France Belleville-Van Stone. She liked it. She also has a blog I just linked you to it on her name.

France also suggested we draw something with wheels on "different paper" and to add cross hatching. Thus "My Car" on brown grocery bag paper torn and glued into my sketchbook! She liked that too, said she was going to try it herself!

Meanwhile, back at Starbucks. My second most favorite place to draw and paint!

It's an incredible feeling when you realize you are about to finish an art journal. I filled this one with 158 drawings on as many pages, the Pentalic landscape Travelers Journal I took to Starbucks, Tacos Jalisco, the El Pueblo Meat Market and Deli, and a few other eateries in our travels. This was the second to last drawing in that book.

And this was the last page! Page 158. There are a few pages left blank here and there so I am guessing the book was 162 pages, something like that. No idea why I skipped a few, just did.
But it's done now.

And time to start a new Art Journal for the same purpose. This one was hand made and gifted to me by a friend I made in Oregon, and met through Sketchbook Skool. Her name is Carmel Campbell, and she has been an artist for a long time. Her art rocks. She has a blog too. Find it here!

Now I ask you, could she have made me a better or more appropriate cover for this fold out book of Stonehenge Paper pages?

I have to admit that the mere touch/feel of these pages made me nervous about drawing on them.
You know me I am an INK FIRST artist, but believe it or not I went for a pencil first just to warm up to the idea of drawing in such a pristine book.

And then I added ink on top of the penciled sketch.

Then I got really, really brave and added water color paints. The pages really liked the paint.

My second day of drawing it it was at the same STARBUCKS, so I bled the people across the spread so it looked like they were all together even though it was two different days ...
I loved drawing the captive model with the green nail polish just one table over from mine.

Now I am skipping to my very small, pocket Travelers journal that I carry everywhere. I took it out at the I House Open Mike in Davis last Sunday night. I was trying out some new watercolor markers by Winsor & Newton too.

It was fun meeting Jer, who was visiting from Galway, Ireland. I got to tell him that we were just there ourselves last October.  We had a nice chat.

We always enjoy the music of "503", a group that includes a fellow teacher to my husband, but Chris is still working. Fred is not.

Last but not least back in the NEW art journal and back at Tacos Jalisco for lunch, the place that launched me as an artist drawing in public, I sat and drew a lot of people also enjoying lunch as you can see. It spread across two pages, and since my scanner does not allow for that this is the first half ...

click on pictures to read the balloons better

... and this the second half. This half is very important because as you can see in the far right corner sat "The Couple", having lunch at the counter! "The Couple" for those of you who might be new to my blog are the featured models in my book: One Fish Taco ... (see that in the side bar)!

They have both just recently retired from his dental practice. He is happy as a clam, she is still "adjusting" she said.
I get it. I may never retire!
Just saying.

Have a great creative week!
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  1. So fun to see your drawings in different times. And colorful and lovely as they are.
    There is so much life within your drawing, lines and details coming so much to life!

  2. You did a great job on that truck. I have been woefully bad at doing any homework for stretching. Too busy with other things I guess.

  3. What an impressive array of the truck I bet your neighbour would love a copy of that!! Stunning work Lynn and congratulations getting a shout out!! So much fun work here. I wanted to tell you I have difficulty loading what's on your blog for some reason. Not sure what's slowing it up... could be this computer or you may want to check with others! I kept navigating away on your links then having a difficult time getting back! Happy Mothers day to you beautiful lady!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Love all your pages, you get so much done in a week! Happy PPF

  5. As always, a wonderful tour of your wonderful drawings!

  6. Yes I agree, very impressive. I like the truck, great job on it and all these wonderful works of art. Have a great weekend.:)

  7. Love seeing all your pages! I have been wanting to take a sketchbook skool class as well!

  8. nice work! I find it hard to do cars.

  9. Lynn, you are so versatile! I love all the people, especially in the new handmade journal and the small journal. I also love the things with wheels, objects I have never been able to draw. I always enjoy seeing what you've done during the week.

  10. Lovely creativity! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Your fan is here again! :)
    Aaah, I've spent so much time here...visited Skool artist's sites too - so many talented people, wow!
    I'd love to sketch as you...your style is...yummy!
    Thank you for sharing your creativity,
    have a good week ahead!

  12. I find vehicles rather difficult to do, and you did them beautifully on a two page spreads. I especially like the black truck. Blessings!


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