Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sketchbook Skool Klasses & Grandparenting = Ready Models

I designated this 8" X 6" Pentalic Travelers art  Journal for my 4th semester, beginning of 2nd year of Sketchbook Skool. I drew the name of it with a calligraphers Illustrators pen! I am getting very fancy with my art supply collection in case you hadn't noticed.

I'm taking Stretching, the name of the Sketchbook Skool Klass for this my fourth semester. The second teacher is Lapin of Barcelona, who is French, and here is his portrait I drew in ink:

This weeks teacher, Lapin has some interesting lessons for us.  He had us start with Blind Contour drawings, that means look at your model not at your page while drawing the entire time. Both right and left handed.

My first subject is my ten year old grand son Aaron. We had the great honor of taking care of these two grand kids in their home for five days while their parents took their first away vacation without their kids, if you can believe that!

Lapin's next assignment was to draw Big Heads, Small Bodied people. To start with the eyes!
Aaron and I both decided this is by far the best drawing I have done of him yet. I didn't quite get the proportions right for the assignment, but you'll see I got better as I continued ...

My next subject/model was my ten year old grand daughter, Yael. (yes, they are twins). She had a splint on her hand, as we got a call from the parents at the airport before we left home, that Yael had collided with a classmate at school and we needed to go earlier than planned to get her to the doctor for x-rays. Luckily it was just a sprain, but it made for a hectic beginning to our five days adventure!

Lapin had suggested we use three colors for skin tones and these drawings: Prussian Blue, Alizarin Crimson, and Yellow Ochre. I got them in Gouache. So they are bright and rather loud. I am learning how to tone them down with more water now.

Next I drew myself from memory! Still struggling a bit with the colors.

I'd say this is the best of the lot, color-wise and otherwise. But I think I did this one with my
Winsor & Newton watercolors.
It's my husband. He was drawing too. We all were!

On day after we got home I drew myself looking in the mirror. Same paints, gouache. Less intense.
The intensity is in the expression here. I swear I look much better than this when I look in the mirror with my glasses off in the early morning.

Here's another of Yael using my iPad while icing her wrist. This was not a Big Head Small Body drawing. and I used colored pencils and water brush.

While the kids were in school we had time to go to Starbucks there so I could draw, and we also went to art supply stores, (2)!! Where I had fun getting new things and refills for old things!

Theses were done with colored pencils and water brush too.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Yael and Aaron enjoyed drawing along side me. We all draw a lot!

I sort of got carried away with black ink and water brush on Yael's face. She is not the bearded lady she appears to be here. Best you focus on the pretty flowers in the vase or Aarons high hair (not real either).

And another day at Starbucks.

Sunday morning we had time to kick back before we set out to go to San Francisco to play in 73 degree sunshine by the water. It was an unbelievable gorgeous day out. And we had so much fun.

We walked around Crissey Field, went to the small aquarium there, saw shark skulls and teeth, live fish, and wound up by the Golden Gate Bridge, walked on the pier where we watched people fish, and finally landed in the Warming Hut where we got a bite to eat.

I drew the scene there. Yael drew the six young adults sitting in front of us on the grassy area. I wish I had taken a photo of her drawing. I encouraged her to show it to them when she was done. It was really, really well done. They were amazed and pleased and so I encouraged her to ask them to sign it for her and they all did! That was fun for all of us.

It was a great five days, that flew by. The kids are easy to take care of and be with . They are fun and funny, and kept us busy, busy, busy. We attended Aarons soccer games and practice. Yael had to sit out softball games due to her wrist sprain. But she'll be back to it soon.

I hope the parents decide to travel more in the near future as I would do this again in a quick minute!

I hope you have a creative week!

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  1. Dynamic change to your blog Lynn and I like it....looking forward to seeing this art journal here.

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  2. Lynn, your collection of sketches is wonderful!! I love the sketches of the kids and your husband. I'm glad you worked out the skin tone colors. How super that all of you were sketching each other!!!

  3. Wow these are fabulous!! Love the ones of your funny all the commentary!! Also Love the one of you without sunscreen! Love the legs up and feet on your grandson too...adorable!! They are all amazing, fun and so vibrant!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Lynn, I always enjoy my day spent with you! You have a great family! Such fun.

  5. Wonderful sketches Lynn! I too am planning to take that class -:)
    Happy PPF

  6. I love the stories you tell through art... really how you tell "life" through art. The talk-bubbles are hilarious - especially your husband's!

  7. Wow Lynn, can't believe how productive you are! Amazing to see and so interesting to "read" your life through your drawings. It's great that you're passing your love for drawing onto your grand-children!

  8. You've been busy sketching. I love seeing the people. Glad to see the class is really challenging you with all those faces. I've been thinking of signing up and think I should.

  9. Great job with Lapin's drawing. What fun he was. Still love seeing all your wonderful renderings of people.


  10. I just love all your faces. Each with it's own personality. Great job.

  11. I've done blind contour twice, so much fun but very diffcult.
    You did great work!
    You're so productive and all your works are candies for my eyes... :)
    Have a good week ahead!

  12. It sounds you had a great stay and tour with your grandchildren, and I enjoyed to see your work with ink, pencil and colors! :)

  13. Fun blog. . . I am glad you bring me along with you.


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