Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Week in the Life of Lynn Cohen, Artist!

Picking off where I left you last week, there I was Thursday last over lunch at Tacos Jalisco. I drew these first folks at the table right in front of mine. They were so engaged in conversation they did not notice me at all. And besides they are getting free advertisement for the place they work!

Carlos was in the house! He's much handsomer than I made him here. But I think his spirit shines through! He was still waiting to hear if he got that acting gig he auditioned for ... actors wait a lot!
You can see his signature in the orange spot by his head!

Friday found us at Starbucks again. In case you wonder, I don't drink coffee, I just draw there. As so many models are available; ever changing too. My husband gets a coffee and reads a book and the newspaper, which he buys there, so they do get a little change from us for our use of the table.

Meanwhile, Sketchbook Skool klasses have begun again!  Starting my second year.  I am taking my fourth semester's worth, called "STRETCHING"! Our first teacher is Jonathan Twingley. I encourage you to google his name and find his website full of his wonderful art. A joy to see. Very fun stuff.

He got us started with an exercise using ink blots, ink poured on a paper towel and put between two pages of an art journal, then draw anything that comes to mind around them.

Here's Jonathan! Everyone loves him. He's very present and helpful, and encouraging and VERY INSPIRING too! Did I mention that I LOVE HIS ART?!

Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene, are our founding teachers in Sketchbook Skool. Both also inspiring and supportive. They introduced the new klasses and I drew them and Jonathan from their videos.

Koosje liked hers so much she asked my permission for them to use in in public media. So don't be surprised if you see it somewhere else sometime! What a compliment! And you can google too! They offer a free class to get you interested! I'd take advantage of it if I were you!

I really had fun with that ink blog exercise!

And here are a few more:

On Sunday I had the urge to draw and husband was doing something else so I headed out alone to the market where I buy my organic fruit and vegetables, and organic Brazil nuts. They also have an okay deli and a place to sit and eat. So I sometimes do that and draw. This woman and boy were not together there, but they sort of look as though they are. He was sitting across from me waiting for his drink to get made. She got hers first and left. I always drop stuff out of my Portabella Mushroom sandwich onto my art journal pages. Luckily it wipes up fairly well.

Meanwhile back in SBS, Jonathan gave us a collage assignment. To draw random things on a large sheet  of watercolor paper, cut them out and create a drawing around them. On the one above the boys head and truck were the cut outs.  The rest drawn in around him.

Her head and car and the cat are the cut outs here. These were fun to do. They actually are two of my grand children age progressed about six years!

Monday of this week found us at Starbucks AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! The folks at top are often there, well some part of this group always seems to be there and always in the same spot. We can pretty much count on them. Not the first time I've drawn them either!

If I run out of customers there I can always count on my very own model, he is always available and cheap too. He's the one in front with the book!

We still go to Winters to the Mexican Pueblo Meat Market and Deli for lunch. The fish tacos were really extra full of fish this week. My husband says they make the best hamburger he's ever had.
Oh, that's the bank across the street. How many times have I drawn it now? It's time for me to turn around and draw the people eating there I think. And no, I do not know what a Winter Fish is. Forgot the S in Winters!

Thanks again for stopping by to see my weekly art endeavors, I hope they entertained you some.
Your visits and comments keep me drawing! Who doesn't enjoy feedback?

You will probably see drawings of children here next week. Come back to check it out ...

In the meantime I invite you to hop over to Paint Party Friday via the icon on my side bar; same with Sunday Sketchers! Lots of great artists post in both spots!
And a whole international community of artists hang out in Sketchbook Skool! Lots to see and to be inspired by.

Have a creative week and I will too!


  1. What a wonderful collection of sketches. You have had a good week!

    1. I have had, Carmel. Thanks for coming by! Happy to see you here!

  2. As always a great collection of sketches!!! Bravo! Congrats on Koosje asking for permission to use your sketch. One of the NYC Urban Sketchers was in a bookstore in NJ sketching and Danny Gregory came over to talk to him. How fun! Enjoy the week...I'll be looking forward to seeing more sketches. I was thinking of you last night when I was sketching in Starbucks. lol

  3. Wonderful collection of work! Carlos is handsome the way you sketched him. Jonathans work is amazing! You should maybe try the oprah chai tea at starbucks!! Looks like you have truly found your creative voice every single day!! So happy for you! Love the cut out heads with the vehicles!! Excellent work!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Love your work as always. I enjoyed your post. Have a great weekend.

  5. thanks for sharing your week; have a nice PPF

    much love

  6. Ooh lots of juicy art here. Love that you drew all the teachers. I haven't dived into that, maybe someday I will. I loved Jonathan.

  7. Lots of color and smiles... keep'em coming!

  8. I enjoyed seeing how you spent your art time this week. Lots of interesting people. Sounds like you are liking the class. Not sure I am intuitive enough for something like that. I thought the sleeping cat was neat. And I did recognize your dh from other occasions you have painted/sketched him.

  9. Your posts are so long I have to read, then comment, then read more, then comment more, and so on!

    I love Danny Gregory, too. One of his books were what originally got me started really sketching. I remember there was an exercise where he said "draw a mug" and then "now go get a mug, and really look at it while you're drawing it" and I was blown away at the idea that drawing was really about seeing.

    Still blows me away.

    I may have to go check out Sketchbook Skool...

    You can do the Lynn Cohen version of the ink blot drawing--Portabello mushroom blot drawings!

  10. Thanks for sharing your great sketches!!!! Happy Sunday!

    Smiles, Saskia :)

  11. I like your style alot! :)
    And I admire you for drawing faces, I can't do that,
    I'm better at things :))
    Have a great Sunday

    Tinna ✐

  12. Always fun looking at your sketchbook.

  13. Lots of fun creative work in your journal pages this past week. Fun! :)

  14. You are just having too much fun, Lynn!

  15. you are sketching away
    lots of great pieces here

  16. So fun to get a glimpse of your cafe life! And all the different people there :)


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