Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Week in Art by Lynn Cohen

Day 19 in Every Day in June: FASHION!
This came about around the same time as the horrible murders of nine African American people in their church in Charleston. So I melded the two with a flash to my past in the early 1970's when I was sewing jean ware (hats, purses, vests, jackets and skirts from old jeans)
and our wishes then for PEACE that included Civil Rights!

The next prompt was to draw animals or pets so when I found Henry V laying in the clean clothes in the laundry basket with is eyes open glaring at me defying me to tell him to get out, instead I grabbed an art journal and a ball point pen from a bathroom drawer and drew him quickly! He was comfy he did not move.

Last Saturday we went to the Free Folk Festival in San Francisco, where I met up with a group of San Francisco Sketchers and we all drew the musicians in action.

It was a long day with lots of different kinds of music and people who sat still long enough to be drawn with comfort and ease.

I did love this woman's second pair of glasses; and was stoked I could draw an accordion!

I met Monica (on the right here) at the lunch area. We were both waiting for our orders so we chatted. She was there to do Egyptian dancing which she teaches to this group. She knew about the SF Sketchers from the year before and was stoked we were there again (me for the first time).

The last group of the evening was where my husband (in the middle here) sang a solo. I was go glad I got to hear that and draw it too.
He knows the two guys on the right, been singing with them since the early 70's.

I got a chance to use my Parallel Pilot pen on the gal below. Love it's versatility of thick and thin lines.

Back to Every Day In June: "Sporting" shows my  brother and I playing our favorite card game of spite and malice. He always accuses me of cheating. I don't cheat!

The next prompt was "Rain", something we are dearly in need of in California right now!

Of course I am still drawing at Starbucks as well ... loved this curly haired guy and the older folks on the right.

This one comes with a story. I was drawing the woman on the left who was sitting directly behind the guy next to her here. He got up and came over to ask me if I was drawing him. I said "No, I'm drawing the woman behind you!" He went back to sit down. Then feeling he must really have wanted me to be drawing him, I did. Later I called him over as he was on his way out and showed this to him. He said "I like it!" and so I asked him to sign it and he did.
(see initials on his knee)
Then he said "I want half the royalties when it sells!"

That was fun. So was drawing these next three victims, I mean models, who had no idea I was drawing them. At least they didn't indicate that they did.

I still draw the First Northern Bank in Winters if there aren't any folks inside to draw, as was the case on this day.

The next EDJ prompt: In the Can brought these images to mind:

And the prompt for June 24 was "Sweet": which got me drawing something I no longer eat, and that brought up memories of when I did and with whom. Happy Birthday memories!

Wishing YOU a happy creative week.

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  1. Wow and wow and wow! So impressive...Love you making jean items for peace and your cats facial expression is it! All the musicians and the guy who want the fun!! What a great job and still crazy at it!! Love everything you do!! The two glasses thing was something I did for several years, just not out of my home!! lol

    Hugs Giggles

  2. This is a great set of sketches Lynn. I loved that first one. It brought back so many memories. The music festival was great too.

  3. You sketch such an assortment of wonderful subjects!!! Great job capturing all the performers at the folk festival!!!

  4. That could've been my cat in the basket! ;o)

  5. Love the musicians. Cellist is fantastic! Henry V is one lucky, royal cat:-)

  6. Wonderful sketches of the music festival and love the cat ~

    Nice tribute to the shootings in Charleston ~ so sad what we do to other humans ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. I get such a kick out of your drawings, so true yet somewhat whimsical. And you seem to find lots of "characters"! have a good week.

  8. You sure had an interesting week :)
    Love how you handle memories.

    Have a great time!
    Tinna ✐

  9. Wonderful art! I can definitely see the look in your kitties eyes, you captured him so well!

  10. Lovely sketches Lynn, and what a terrible tragedy.

  11. Your lively sketches have so much color and movement, like scenes from a movie or TV show. They inspire me to find a group of sketchers when I move (heading up to Tampa from Miami soon). Cheers and have a great week!

  12. Your lively sketches have so much color and movement, like scenes from a movie or TV show. They inspire me to find a group of sketchers when I move (heading up to Tampa from Miami soon). Cheers and have a great week!

  13. And where are today's sketches from Mare Island?
    wonderful sketches, very vibrant!
    And the phrase is" I won't dance, don't ask me..."

    1. Mel hi, thanks for coming by. It was fun meeting you yesterday at the sketch crawl/nature walk. I'll post those drawings I did there on Wednesday or Thursday, as I do each week. Do come back!

  14. Loving your sketches this week. Especially the ones with all of the musical instruments! And LOVE the cat in the basket. :)


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