Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Adventures of Lynn "Flash" Cohen in ink and paint!

 In my continuation of our collaborative drawings with friends, Jutta Wenz and Heidi Likar, in Salzburg, Austria you see me, "Flash" Cohen flying in and landing on top of the Alp where Jutta and Heidi and their cat climbed to meet me. (Heidi and Jutta drew themselves climbing the mountain and I drew, colored, cut and pasted myself into their picture!)

Jutta and Heidi then took me to their Faire where they picked out a costume for me to wear and I beamed myself magically into their picture.
(Again, I drew, colored, cut and pasted myself, a la Jonathan Twingley, in the center of their Faire scene)

Collaborative drawing is a lot of fun and can be done between folks all over the world no matter where YOU are! If you want to draw with me send me your email address and we'll set up a time.
My next destination is Copenhagen, to meet up with yet another Sketchbook Skool friend. Or maybe I met her through the Every Day in June group. I don't remember now for sure.

Meanwhile, back in California, I make my usual weekly forays to Starbucks where I draw the people there!

I love giving them things to talk about ...

I don't know "George" but he is there regularly and has a whole group of friends and possibly family who meet him there as often as we go there. This day we got there early and he was waiting for his group to form. It did eventually.


This week held other adventures for us personally. My DH had to have some work done at the hospital and I spent my WAITING TIME drawing all the people in the waiting rooms with me. They changed out from time to time, as various patients were admitted into the surgery room, or doctors came out to tell families how their loved ones were doing.

I sat across from these folks while waiting to be let into the room pre-procedure to see my husband and talk to his cardiologist beforehand.
The doctor turned out to be a cool dude we both felt comfortable with. He told us what to expect.
It was going to be a long day.
As DH went from Admitting to Surgery I got shuffled to other waiting areas. The woman in the wheel chair was obviously the "victim" here and she and her daughter had some loud words. Mom was hard of hearing, I could so identify with the loud frustrated voices, as it is what happens in my family because of my loss of hearing too.

This woman didn't have to wait long it seemed. The doctor came out to tell her something and she got up and left the room. Probably to go be with someone behind the big doors.

I continued to wait with these folks in the big room again.

Well we did NOT get to go home by noontime, or one or two o'clock either. They finally came and got me and let me go into the post op room. I guess they had cleared out a lot of patients, as my DH was almost the only one still there. They were waiting for his vitals to stabilize.

The nurses were really nice. I got some cranberry juice and some canned peaches to eat. I was so hungry by then anything was appreciated. Next time I will bring a picnic basket of food!

They made us wait until six thirty to be released. Then I had the fun of going to find my car in the parking garage and figuring out how to find my husband at the side of the hospital. I did it, but it was not easy.

Two tired people finally got to drive home.

It's nice this story has a happy ending! Color me RELIEVED!!! Drawing while waiting really helped too!

I continued to draw all week in Every Day in June:

This one was really fitting after my ordeal getting lost in the parking garage at the hospital. I know the floor and stall number, but they were not easy to find. Lots of walking later, I did! No one had stolen my car after all.

But I am terribly directionally challenged!
I stole the cover I had made for one of my Travel Art Journals from our trip to Europe last fall for the prompt "Transportation". I just drew the same things again, including us with back packs climbing the mountain! Now I think we will be able to do this again!
Here's to good health!
Modern Medicine!
Wellness Wishes for all!
Have a creative week!
Thanks for coming by.
Thanks for your comments and following my blog!
See you next week!


  1. Glad to know everything is going well... sketching is a great way to pass time. Love to see your drawings!

    1. Thanks Emie, drawing really helped, and thanks for your good wishes.

  2. What a week you have had!!! Love this blog post with all the different things you have shared here. Glad all is well with your DH...thinking of you both.

    1. Thanks Ann, the scary part is behind us now! Glad you enjoyed my drawings!

  3. HI Lynn, Like your "Art Journal" Blog and I must say I am surprised that your hubbie's surgery was outpatient. Can't anyone stay overnight anymore? Anyhoo, grateful all is well and I enjoyed your drawings. Makes me think about going to a waiting room just to sketch. It's be more fun if I don't have to be there worrying about a loved one huh? My best to you and hubby. Hugs, Darlene

    1. Thanks Darlene! We really WANTED to go home!!! And I am glad we didn't have to stay. If they were not happy with his vitals it would have been different, they did have a bed for him available. Just happy we did not NEED it.
      Thanks for your good wishes.

  4. So pleased at the outcome but what a worrying day for you. But oh you do make a harrowing time seem entertaining, and admire you for spending your 'waiting' time drawing and sharing your story with us. Hope all is well xx

    1. Yes, Polly, all is well! It did make the day go faster and I worried far less than if I were just sitting there W A I T I N G!

  5. Glad to hear the hospital ordeal is over and I hope things are good! Waiting at a hospital is such a nerve wracking experience, so I"m sure being able to sketch the scenes and the people was a good way to calm yourself a bit. My favorite sketch is of Fred in the hospital bed with the male nurse in the background. I hope he is doing well at home now!!

    1. Thanks Joan, yes drawing really helped me through that day!

  6. I hope he has recovered well and all is better after such a time... At least you had drawing to distract you and keep your mind and hands busy... Great drawings...

    1. He's pretty much back to normal, but without the angina! Thanks!

  7. Love the sketches! Happy PPF, Valerie

  8. I love your life sketches as usual, and your everyday in June series was fun to read. However, this week I was particularly fascinated by the idea of the collaborative drawing project you're involved in. It sounds like a lot of fun. Happy PPF! #34

    1. Arnoldo, collaborative drawing is do much fun. Thanks for your comments and visit(s)!

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks Rosie, ( my daughter married a Kaplan!)

  10. Hahaha You're so much fun, Lynn! :) Hope you have a wonderful, creative week! :)


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