Wednesday, June 10, 2015

EDJ From My Imagination #3-#9, Drawing In Public Places, Collabrative Drawings, More Public Places and More Imagination from Real Life

Every Day in June  (EDJ) is a fun challenge on line to draw daily to a theme. The first two I did are in the blog post before this one. Here are numbers 3 through 9. ( #s10-30 to follow!)

You can read the theme at the top of each ledger sheet.

As you can no doubt tell, I am really enjoying drawing from my imagination. Something that was encouraged in the "Storytelling" segment of Sketchbook Skool. This challenge is really letting me let it all hang out!

This dance number is especially nostalgic for me, as my father was in the juke box and pin ball machine business when I was a kid growing up. So Wurlitzers were found in our garage where he serviced them. And of course they were in every spot we hung out in as teenagers too!

This one spoke to my two plus years as a vegan eater!

I know too many people who are "blue" from depression and grief among my friends, and clients, and people in the news as well.

I finished the Folding Art Journal, my friend, Carmel Campbell in Oregon made for me. This is a last inside cover page done at Barnes & Noble last week.

And this two page spread was the last two page spread in the same art journal. It's filled now.
Thanks again, Carmel.

Starbucks in Davis was a first for us. We hadn't been there before. It's very large, and since it is in a college town it was VERY FULL. No dearth of models to choose from.

I did one more drawing of three different women there, but I can't show it yet. It belongs in a traveling art journal and we vowed not to show that art until the books reach their owners several months from now. I'll have to do a whole blog post then of all the drawings I did & am doing for those 19 books.

Sometimes I just draw the place with no people in it, as for about a minute there were no people standing there where they had just been before and would soon be again!

On Saturday after doing my veggie and fruit shopping at the local farmers market I met up with Fred at the Pure Grain Bakery. I drew these people sitting behind him.

And then these three gals chatting directly behind him.

Next day we were at one of our local Starbucks. We like to mix it up, make the rounds on different days. That poor guy had his arm all bandaged up, and he didn't look very happy either.

This is a half outdoors (through the window) and half indoors, man in front of the baked goods at the same Starbucks!

Later the same day we drove to Winters, for lunch and drawing there. These gals got up as soon as I drew the outline of the gal on the left's head! I kid you not. The entire rest of the drawing was done from memory, except the tables and wall décor, which I could see. I'm pretty darn proud of this.

Continuing my Collaborative drawing, this time with Nathalie R. in Brussels, I drew myself on my "magic carpet", my mode of transportation, wearing my "Flash" cape (inside story at Sketchbook Skool; they call me Flash, because I draw quickly); and I drew Nathalie from a photo of hers.

Nathalie added to my original drawing above!
                          And I followed up with my response below:

Nathalie drew this wonderful drawing of me and the statue and other tourists in Brussels! I added the letter to her. Isn't this fun?

I'm now off to visit more friends in Salzburg, Austria, who I met there in real life last September and continue to be friends with in SBS.

And later, probably in another week, I fly to Copenhagen, Denmark to visit yet another SBS friend.

I am up for drawing virtually/collaboratively with any one living anywhere in the world. My magic carpet knows no limits. Just need an email address for swapping drawings. (in comment area if interested)

This week we went to Starbucks in Dixon ...

... and drew these folks!

On my other blog: Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens we are drawing to a new theme of drawing in the style of another artist living or dead. This is from memory of a field of sunflowers we drove by this morning in Vacaville, CA, which made me think of Vincent Van Gogh. So I came home and splashed paint on paper, and added ink lines hopefully somewhat in his style.

I hope you enjoyed my drawings from June 3- June 9th. One weeks worth!

Wishing you a creative week! Twenty-two drawings in seven days, not bad, huh? I sure know how to have fun!

See you at Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketchers via the icons on my side bar.

Thanks for stopping by. Your continued support, inspiration, and comments keep me drawing!

XO Lynn

Can you believe that my blog has had over 150,000 views since it's inception in 2007?! Wow!!!


  1. This series of your lovely sketchy painting is the best yet!! Loved every one

  2. Great sketches ~ and I chucked at the accounting paper. I *just* pulled out a pad to take with me to a conference to use for both taking notes *and* sketching!

  3. What an amazing amount of sketches from one many places and so many characters. Bravo, Lynn!

  4. You are amazing!! Your observations are great. You are really a great illustrator!!

  5. Wow love all the great bits of your life illustrated! Especially you and sweet. Look forward to those other illustrations from the 19 books!

    Hugs giggles

  6. I think of all, the one that touch me the most was the Blue one.... Happy PPF!

  7. I really like your drawings they have so much vim and zest!

  8. These are great- and so much fun too. I love the swept me off my feet in 1978 piece! Made me smile.

  9. I love all of your drawings, especially swept off my feet. Really very touching. Great job Lynn.:)

  10. The beginning of your post touched my heart to tears in my eyes...all your drawings are so awesome. I liked the Davis one since I have not been to Davis in years and had visited Starbucks when I was there. All your drawings are so personal and I just love that. Thank you for sharing your world with the rest of us! It's great! Happy PPF and have a terrific weekend. Rasz #69

  11. Love seeing your art Lynn, so amazed at the volume. You are an art superhero.

  12. Lynn, i love your art!! It's funny, when i was looking through your illustrations, they looked familiar to me... then I read your side bar and realized you were the one with the blog *GETTING MY FEET WET*!! i used to follow you and somehow lost you for a while. :) So happy to know you've joined Sketchbook Skool and that you're still drawing. Wonderful work. And yes... your dear friend Patty. Such bonds are never broken. xx


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