Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Vacation Weekend, Six Days in July, and Sketchbook Skool Playing in Klass

We went to Fort Bragg over the forth of July. I got to christen my new folding art journal that my friend, Carmel Campbell in Oregon, and a SBS Klassmate, made for me! It's on beautiful toned paper that really soaks up paint. I used markers on this first page and they really pop off the page!

Same for the second part of this first spread ...

The next day, July 4th, I reverted to watercolors. (Winsor & Newton) As you can see the colors are nice, but not as vibrant as the markers. (Faber-Castell)

The people were abundant and gave me lots of opportunities for variety, men, women and children!

The following day I was still using watercolor paint ... these thirsty papers drank it in ... I went over it in ink again after painting it.

On our last day there I went back to markers. and some colored pencils too. It's fun trying different art supplies! I really like this new black Pentel pen I picked up while I was there.

I am part of a group of artists doing Every Day in July!
Our first day was to draw a caricature. It's easy to turn my dear 10 year old grandson into a caricature, as he has big ears to begin with! I did exaggerate them, however!

I stretched a bit for the next prompt which was "National Icon" and settled for the California State Bird icon! I've been in California all my life and it's a big state! I think we think we are a nation onto ourselves! In a good way, that is.

Third prompt is "Desert"... I drew these cacti from my imagination!

Meanwhile, back in Fort Bragg we went to the beach an that gave me a chance to meet the prompt for "Summertime".

Prompt #5 was "Something that made me feel Yucky!"

On July 6 I was to draw "Something I carry in my pocket", not much, as I carry most of my stuff (art supplies, journals, pens, markers, pencils, flip phone, money, in my back pack).

This week a new Klass in Sketchbook Skool began. It's called Playing, and we are being encouraged to use our imaginations as much as possible and to just have fun. This assignment was to lay down shapes using Gouache paints, and then see what you see in the shapes and draw that sparingly with pen! Mine fit in our return home from our long weekend away and Fred going off to pick up our cat.

Reflecting on the Coming Week!
Make it a creative one!
Have fun!
Wait till you see what I am doing in the next Sketchbook Skool Klasses for Summer,
Playing (July) and More Playing (August).
Next week will be a lot of fun here!
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  1. Love your Ft. Bragg sketches! Certain paper does really sop up the watercolors and you get very muted colors...or even worse they don't dry quickly. Fun sketches of EDJ and Sketchbook Skool! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. Lovely pages, prolific as always!

    1. Thanks Christine. I do try to draw most days!

  3. you can really see the difference on that new paper you mentioned - the colours look really intense.

    1. Nic McLean, the intense colors are the Winsor & Newton watercolor markers! The plain watercolor paint are less intense.

  4. Another awesome week of sketches. Love seeing what you have been up to.
    Happy PPF
    Sandy :)

    1. Thank you Sandy, and I appreciate your visits!

  5. I enjoyed seeing how different the sketches look done on toned paper. Of course, all your drawings are so wonderfully expressive.

  6. Your paintings look much more "solid" this week. Is it because you did backgrounds that "pulled them together"? Or is it the new supplies? I like it! have a good week, Lynn.

    1. Gloria J Zucaro, I think it's all that plus being super relaxed on vacation.

  7. This is such clever and entertaining Sunday Sketch. I enjoyed your vacation and all your illustrations.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Wanda. Do come again. Thanks!

  8. oh Lynn, these new style of drawings with the strong colours and the little snippets of text on there really speak to me. Love them! As well as your entries for Sketchbookskool. Great work!

  9. I am enjoying the colors, they are rich and vivid. The vacation is fun because I can enjoy yours. Blessings, Janet, PPF

  10. Wonderful work this week Lynn. Just wanted to share is that when you work in a book its like you are connecting with the words of the author. Its like another layer of your work. That is one of the reasons I chose Be Here Now, for all the wisdom that it includes. Its now part of the art I create.


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