Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Week in Pen and Paint

Thank you all who visited my blog last week and offered your condolences to me and my family
after my dear Uncle Harry died this last week. Your thoughts and sharing with me over the years (for some of you) has been great. I appreciate having the opportunity to share my family with you and for your wonderful reactions.
This picture does not do them justice, but one I did quickly for the prompt in
Every Day in August "Beloved Elders".
See the real thing on my side bar or in last weeks post.

Life goes on and so does my drawing at Starbucks. This time in Fairfield, CA. This guy sat directly across from me, one table away. I really do not think he knew I was drawing him. This was his position from before I started. His arm went up and down, but always returned to this position.

This next prompt for Every Day in August was "Still Life". I found these on my desk to draw!
I found the tin box at a garage sale a while ago. It is filled with drawing pens.

Again, ED in August: Prompt: "Family Heirloom". It's my grandmother's menorah. Something I light each year at Chanukah, now with my own grand children. I'll make sure they get it when I die. So many happy memories wrapped up in this brass candelabra.

Another day at Starbucks in Dixon, CA. Just lots of folks doing lots of different things there!
Another prompt: "Spooky" for Every Day in August drawing challenge!

This evening we went out to hear blue grass music at a Hops Festival not far from home, at the place where they make the beer between Davis and Dixon.

The musicians were good! It got chilly out and I went to my car to find something to keep me warm and all that was there was a packing blanket, a big black thing, so I wrapped it around me and when I came back the female singer saw me and smiled shaking her head "YES!" and indicating that she was cold too! I was so glad I had it.
Fred's going to take some guitar lessons from the lead guy in this group, Matt.

This prompt: "Monochrome" for ED in August is sort of a selfie from memory!

We had an exciting outing last Sunday in Oakland where I met with the East Bay Sketchers and we had a special guest, a VERY SPECIAL guest, Prash Miranda, one of our wonderful teachers in Sketchbook Skool was visiting from India! He is such a charming, sweet guy. It was a real pleasure to meet him in person!

When we first arrived I found my friend from EB Sketchers, A.P. drawing an old Victorian house. I sat and drew her. She looked so cute in her colorful dress and hat.

Two other EB Sketchers and Sketchbook Skool friends/klassmates were also there, Janice L-h and Margo R.W. .. I drew them drawing the fountain. I much enjoy drawing people over things it seems.

This double spread represents the last page in a 30 page art journal that is a fold out journal I was given as a gift. It has rich watercolor paper on it. It takes Koi paints better than Newton & Winsor paints, colored pencil and water brush too and markers. These are a mix of watercolor pencils and Koi paint. You have to stand on your head to see the guys, I'm sorry to say.

I will end with this drawing done for the prompt "Frozen" for EDA. I used a reference photo of myself from a trip in 2001 to Minnesota when it was the coldest winter since late 1800's. I nearly froze. I much prefer Sunny California.

I leave you with a little animation I made this week in Sketchbook Skool: Click on these words to see it!

I hope you are having a good week where you are! I wish you a creative time in the days to come.
Thank you for coming here again and for your comments, each and everyone of them warms my heart!


  1. Lovely sketch as a tribute to your aunt and uncle! You have a lot of great sketches here!!! Glad to see that you were out sketching with a group again.

  2. Each week I look forward to sharing your life. You are so kind to let us in and follow you around. Love each one and they each express so much what is going much action, so many lives and faces...Just love your talent and your blog.

  3. I love the tincan zen. Your version of Prash is great. I am so jealous that you got to meet him.

  4. Wonderful work again, my fave is the Chanuka menorah.Happy PPF, Hugs, Valerie

  5. Its as if you talk your heart out to the world...what a lovely way to express the world around you!

  6. Lovely sketches, prolific as always! So sorry for your loss Lynn.

  7. Very cool. It's so much fun to see little snippets of your days like that! Happy PPF!

  8. Loving all your sketches. Happy PPF

  9. Lynn, I always love your sketches and wonder how you drink all that Starbucks coffee. LOL! Looks like you are a fixture at many of the west coast stores! I especially like your menorah painting. What a special heirloom your grandma's treasure is to pass on to the next generation! I am sorry about your uncle. He had a long life and what a tribute to him in your Aug. 18 post.

    1. Faye thanks for all your thoughts here. Just so you know, I don't drink coffee at all. I sometimes buy oatmeal there at Starbucks, but my husband is the coffee drinker. I often wonder if I could go in there by myself and not buy anything and still draw. I doubt I'd be asked to leave. You think?

  10. Very nice. I applaud you for drawing with pen and not pencil. :-)

    1. I'm a student of Danny Gregory! I learned from the best!!! ;-)

  11. I'm sorry about your uncle. So many wonderful artworks, you are so impressively productive!

  12. Lucky you got Prashant wearing his cap! Later that week he left it in a giant Sequoia Tree!


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