Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We Said Goodbye to Uncle Harry, and Drawing kept Me Going

We said good bye this week to my Uncle Harry.

I never knew a better man than my dear uncle Harry Gluskin. He was the husband of my mom's youngest sister, Miriam, for 68 years. She preceded him in death two years ago on her 95th birthday. He lived to be 96 years, 7 months. I had the honor to be at his side during a short time (less than one week) in hospice care. We had a lovely sweet visit six days before that when we enjoyed lunch together, went outside and sat in the sun looking at butterflies, talked and laughed and reminisced.

He had a rich life full of love, great respect and admiration from family, friends and acquaintances.

He will be greatly missed, and we are all blessed to have known him as long as we did.

I first met my uncle when I was four years old. I was told I was meeting an uncle named Red, because he had red hair. When I saw him, I said "You aren't red, you're Orange!" He and I told that story to each other and others for 70 years! And as recently as just last week!

These photos were taken in 2013 at one of our many visits to enjoy their company.
My uncle was one of my biggest fans of my drawings. He'd ask each time we came if
I brought new drawings to show him.
He would have loved this cat whose mouth opens and closes (by a cut and fold of the paper) that I made for our grand daughters 4th birthday.
It looks like it's waving goodbye.

He had such a loving, romantic marriage, I know he'd have enjoyed this couple I drew at the ART ABOUT in Davis last week.

He got a kick out of all my Starbucks folks too.

I didn't get to show him this "Nightmare" drawing I did for Every Day in August!
It might have upset him.
My nightmare came, I am sure, because I knew I had to draw one for EDA and hadn't had one in a very long time, but one popped in on command the night before this drawing was due. I was going to see someone in prison, but instead got captured and imprisoned there myself! It was scary!
I was glad when I woke up.

He'd have liked the 'love' graffiti on this bridge, that is on a country road between Dixon and Winters, CA. We cross it all the time on our way to Winters. Also done for ED in August. "Bridge" prompt.

He enjoyed my people drawings I think, as much as I like drawing them. He asked me how many times I've drawn Fred. Here he is watching our neighbor Dave install a new sprinkling system in our backyard. He's a good neighbor.

These next two I just did today, August 19 ... It's a two page spread and I show two so you can see the women at each end. My printer isn't big enough to show them both at the same time. I liked drawing the woman with a full head of red hair.

EDAugust "Something That Flies"

Thank you, Uncle Harry, for being such a loving uncle, a wise mentor, a sweet friend. I will miss you, I already do.

In Your Memory
Have a Creative Week!
Celebrate Life!
Be Good To Each Other!
And Thank You for coming by to see my art and listen to my stories.
I appreciate your visits, and your comments mean the world to me.


  1. You have such wonderful memories now of both Aunt and Uncle.

  2. A lovely tribute to your Uncle. What special memories you have.

  3. What wonderful memories. He will always be in your heart.

  4. I am sorry for your loss, Lynn, but glad you had such a wonderful uncle. My aunts and uncles are getting older, and I realize how blessed I have been. That was a great generation of people.

  5. Thanks for your beautiful memorie of your lovelies.

  6. Wonderful drawings, and it's always hard to sy goodbye to those we love. Happy PPF, Valerie

  7. What wonderful tribute to a dear Uncle!! What a well lived life! I love the photo of your Aunt & Uncle as young folks (look at his 'girlish figure' in uniform!! (that was a favorite saying of my dad's 'got to keep my girlish figure!')
    How hard it is to say goodby - and what a lovely way to honor your biggest fan!!

  8. Thoughtful and touching post, Lynn. Such joy filled sketches even through sadness... Thanks.

  9. So sad, that you've lost him, but I see: you have had a good time together, that's true happiness, to have such an uncle.
    Art can help...
    Greetings and prayers

  10. Sorry for your loss, but thank you for sharing such a wonderful tribute with us...xx

  11. Very sorry for your very hard to lose someone you love dearly and someone who always encouraged your work. I'm becoming a your work.

  12. Your Uncle Harry sounds like he was a wonderful man. I'm sorry to hear of your loss but hopefully your art (which he loved) will be a comfort to you. It's a wonderful tribute to him and I feel honoured that you've shared your photo's and words with me xx

  13. I am so sorry for your loss, Lynn. I can tell his love and support played a major role in your life. However, I'm sure he's still admiring this wonderful tribute from Heaven, in the company of your Aunt Miriam, his beloved wife. May your Uncle Harry (Alias Red or Orange) rest in peace. Blessings, my friend.

  14. I'm so sorry about your loss. I know how important he was in your life and how supportive he was. I know you were important to him too and helped make these last few years better for him. You have a nice collection here.

  15. sorry for your loss :( He sounds like a wonderful guy and really liked your story about his hair colour :)

  16. My best to you Lynn...what an impression Uncle Harry left upon you. Aren't you grateful you captured memories in your sketchbook? I always looked forward to the Uncle Harry stories.

    1. I know. I'll miss them too. And him. We'll be the keepers of the stories now. Thanks.

  17. So sorry for your loss. It is never easy to say good bye.

  18. This is the most beautiful tribute I've ever seen. You have captured the essence of the couple and the deep and abiding love you have for them. I know how hurtful this is and will be for some time to come. (((Hugs))) Prayers and Blessings, Janet, PPF

  19. We all loved Uncle Harry and Aunt Mimi, you brought them to life with your visits, drawings and evident love. Lucky family. So sorry that he is gone now, but you have so many wonderful memories, and drawings to help remember. Sending hugs to you.

  20. Thank you EVERYONE who came and paid tribute with me here. I did share my aunt and uncle with you all over the past several blogging years! It was my joy to do so, and to receive from each of you your responses to this joy. I now thank you for your condolences and understanding and sharing of your own feelings here. What a beautiful gift we have here and give each other. Thank YOU!

  21. So sorry for your loss Lynn...this is a wonderful tribute to a dear man! Sounds like he was a wonderful support to you and then you for him at the end! Love the little story about Uncle Red... You look gorgeous with your aunt and uncle! Bless you in your grief!

    Hugs Giggles


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