Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Art Journal in Gray, 3 Coffee Houses Full, & Every Day in November: Days 7-12!

My week began using my new Strathmore 80# Gray paper and white gel pens. I am really enjoying drawing on toned papers (last week it was tan). It's fun to seek out white haired people to draw now.

The first two were done at Barnes & Noble Café. You'll notice one woman got into both drawings just because she wore a white jacket!

The following day we were in Starbucks café and I did some quick drawings of people standing in line ...

And then focused on couples sitting across from me. I was at a big table "hiding" behind my turned off iPad and back pack so as not to be found out by these unsuspecting models. Again, the guy with white hair got to have a white gel pen hair appointment!

Same day and dad and daughter enjoyed breakfast together. I think it was dark where I was sitting as I was not aware of grabbing a yellow pencil when I colored his face. So we are taking bets on whether it's what his daughter is saying to him, a too tight belt or jaundice that is causing his yellow skin issue.

My friend, Janice, suggested I try doing one line contour drawing for my people in line folks s I did here. They do seem to flow better than the line of people I showed you earlier.

Another day, same Starbucks, found these people clear across the room from me where I could not be privy to their conversations, therefore "The Quiet Zone"...

Sitting closer to me was a couple I have drawn before, the woman alone once and I am pretty sure her husband too. Then this lone cowboy sauntered in, I found him to be rather dashing in his sports jacket, cowboy hat and boots! So was determined to get him into my art journal!

On this day I went alone, my husband having a friend to meet in another town that morning. It was raining, I remember, and I chose a Starbucks close to home. The two women with the child have been there many times before. They were right smack in front of me, and I drew them unsuspectingly to them, (I think). Superman sat behind them.

I was there a long time. They had changed out all the furniture for some reason, no more big comfortable chairs, just small tables mostly, one long table, but in a new place toward the front. I sat at a small table and drew folks as they came in for their drinks. Most of these people were there one at a time, got coffee and left before the next person came in. Therefore, a scrambled page of loners.

However, this foursome sat right where the two women and child were before they left. So I drew them while they were discussing something important. They signed some papers and left, but were there long enough for me to get them drawn. I colored them after they left.

This couple sat on high stools at a high table in the middle of the room. They were very kissy. She kept kissing on him. I turned it in to a bit of a cartoon. But I'm not opposed to people kissing in public.

This woman took over that table in front of mine after the group of four signed their papers and left.
She saw me drawing and called me on it. "Are you drawing?" she said. "Yes, I am", said I. And then I lifted my art journal to show her I was drawing her. She did not recognize it as such. She got up to come over to look more closely. She said something like "nice" ... I asked her to sign it to prove it was seen. She did. Then we both got back to our business of the day.

I continue to draw to  prompts in
Everyday in November
The first one was a train.
I chose to draw a Super Speed train, called the Bullet train in Europe. We took trips on two such trains when we were traveling there last year. They go over 200 miles per hour.
But you don't really notice the speed. I could still draw the people on the trains.

The next prompt I pretty much copied from the photo offered of this plate of peppers and peas!
I didn't feel the need to doctor them up in any way. I enjoyed practicing the use of colored pencil shading. I was pleased with how it turned out. Something different to do.

This prompt from a photo of a sunset in Alaska. Mine is more pastel than the photo. Everyone in the group seemed pleased with how  I had done it.

This prompt was flowers. I went way outside the box by collaging a photo of our youngest grand daughter and quickly giving her a bed of gel penned flowers to wear and dance around in.

This long horned ram was fun and probably the drawing I spent the most time on.
I took my time sitting in my recliner drawing it while remembering seeing rams like this walk by our car in Custer State Park in South Dakota a few years ago!
I'm quite enamored by these creatures.

And the most recent prompt Day 12, was a photo of a  church. I turned it into a synagogue, as that is where I was raised and where I find myself most comfortable, as I am Jewish!

And that ends my drawing to this date. I will draw more tomorrow and probably the days following,  and they will be posted next week.

Thank you for visiting my blog this week! I appreciate your coming by and your comments. They are my inspiration to continue drawing!

You have  a Creative Week where you are!


  1. Amazing number of drawings Lynn...great work as always :-)

    1. Thanks Ann. I try to stay busy and stay out of trouble !

  2. I really like the gray, easy on the eyes! I enjoy your stories of people!
    Amazing talent to capture so many details so realistic. Fun style!

    1. Thanks so much Peggy. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. The peppers, the big horn sheep and your contour crowd sketching are the highlights for me! Keep it up!

    3. I'm glad you liked them Janice. I can assure you I will continue drawing as frequently as possible. I do love it.

  3. What a lot of beautiful and fun work! You seem to like Starbucks! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

    1. Yes, coffee houses are my art studios! Glad you enjoy my art!

  4. Yes, these days are greyish. But you put them full of action that they turn interesting. You are very talented and productive.
    Happy weekend ♥

  5. Lynn, i really really love your characters.I watch them as your days unfold in the pages.So full of life, color and energy.Thank you for sharing. Happy PPF :)

  6. Love it all but am particularly pleased to see that gorgeous sunset. Your quick 'quick one liner' is a great example of how well you capture postures. Happy PPF

  7. Holy doodle that's a lot of sketching! Interesting how different the sketches look on that grey paper! We'll done love the veggies and altered photo too! Hugs Giggles

  8. Your people drawings are phenomenal, each person has such a personality, and I love the stories you make about them and the words you put in their mouths. I think I would notice if someone in a cafe was drawing me, but the Ipad trick is a good one, if propped up it would seem as if you are looking at it, rather than at them. Amusing that you looked for white-haired people because you wanted to use your white pen.

  9. I love the sketches on the grey background. It really gives depth, and makes your coloring pop a bit.

  10. Love them all, especially the Starbucks on Saturday. Great scarf!

  11. lots of great drawings as usual :D really like the contour drawing :)

  12. Fun illustrations, Lynn. I really like the black/white ones with white hair. :)

  13. I like the sketches on the toned paper, Lin. Love seeing all the white-haired people. lol I find that most people don't mind being sketched, especially if you show they what you did if they catch you. lol Nice work!

  14. HOLY MOLY! awesome work, love your unique take on what other people don't even register, too cool!!!

  15. Great journal pages, Lynn. I have to say I really love the ones with just a hint of one color in them. Well done. :)


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