Thursday, November 19, 2015

Twenty EIGHT Drawings This Week and my Blog is Eight Years Old.

I just realized my blog is EIGHT YEARS OLD! (started in 2007) I want to thank everyone who has kept following me all these years! And those of you who have come aboard along the way.
I hope we will all be around here in blog land for a long time to come. I love sharing my art this way! Thanks again. It's your continued support and inspiration that keeps me drawing.

Keep an eye on the gal on the far right of your screen. She will show up again this week towards the end.
The gal on the left you met a week or so ago. You can always scroll down further in the blog to find her if you so wish. It seems many of us are regulars in these coffee cafes I make into my art studio(s).

I seem to be able to easily complete three drawings plus coloring per session! I remember when drawing one and going home to color it in the same amount of time was a big accomplishment!
A lot to be said for practice!!!

Yes, the guy on the lower right is in the drawing above this one as well! Some people get do-overs or repeats!

Cherries was the prompt in Every Day in November for day 13.
I wish this was true all of the time everywhere!

At Starbucks my main "art studio" of late, on a day I only did two??? Oh dear, I must be slipping.

We must have been hungry as we left Starbucks to go to the Nugget grocery/deli for lunch. I drew these two guys not with each other .... but close ...

... and this sweet family dining together!

Day 14 Gazebo. Every day in November. My best childhood friend, Patty, who lived across the street from us had a gazebo in her backyard. It was full of grapevines. We could eat them when ripe. I don't think her mother made wine, jam maybe. Probably. We liked to play in the gazebo.
I used some gently used oil pastels I found at a thrift store, set of 24, for $2.99 (they normally sell for $50, I looked it up!)

A third place I draw on occasion is the Pure Grain Bakery, a German Bakery, downtown where we live. Watercolor.

Day 15 was "Whiskey Bottles" for EDiNov. This also fit the prompt of Patterns at my other blog:
Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens", a place where everyone is invited to draw and post.

We are still at the Bakery here.
And I am using white Sharpie to make the hair pop on the gray paper!

... and here!
Day 16: Stairs. I wanted to draw a spiral staircase, so here you are looking down it from the top.

Last Sunday I went to Marin College to an Art Marathon where we drew live models, some clothed like these and some nude. You can see my drawings of nudes in my Life Drawing Page, located via the SIDEBAR of my blog. Not everyone likes seeing nudes so I gave them their very own page and I add to it every time I have the opportunity to do live figure drawing. I think I have around 75 now. I just started earlier this year.

Fully clothed folks hang out at Starbucks where they get drawn by me, while posing without realizing they are posing for my art journal.

Staff Meeting in Back of the Room.

This one had a fun story. The gal on the right and I arrived at the front door at the exact same time and fell over ourselves trying to let the other go in first. Finally I suggested we "go in together" and we did.

Day 17: Lady Bug Every Day in November (pen and colored pencils)

Day 18: Chihuly Glass: Water soluble colored pencils and water brush.

Another drawing day at Starbucks. One guy sleeping!

I'm always trying to fix people up in my cartoons.

And sometimes there are some very serious discussions going on there too!

Day 19: Havana. Have I mentioned before that I love drawing old cars and trucks? Done with red Micron pen, red & black Faber-Castell markers.

And today we went to Barnes & Noble CafĂ© again, just where this blog post starts out. And I did draw the same woman again. Check her out.

This guy was drawing I finally realized. And I so wanted to introduce myself. But he was way deep in the zone so I decided not to disturb.
Next time.

Last but not least this duo of mom and daughter was there. The MOM was COLORING in an "adult coloring book"! How fun is that?

Thanks again for stopping by, for leaving your comments. I appreciate it all. It really does inspire me to keep drawing! Have a peaceful and creative week.


  1. These made me giggle. How fun to see your interpretations of people in their everyday life!

  2. I love the old red car, very nicely done. Also loved the ones on grey paper, they really pop out and say "look at me".

  3. Congrats on your 8 years of blogging. It is always fun to see your paintings.

  4. Once again you've had a week full of great sketching. Happy Blogaversary!!! Eight years is a long time! I'm not sure how long mine has been going, the first one had a problem and wouldn't let me post any more. lol Maybe I wore it out.

    1. I had another blog with my art quilts on it that went kuput. No idea why, very disappointing. Thanks for your visit Joan.

  5. I always enjoy how you capture the essence of each person you draw. It is fun to read your captions too! Thanks for sharing. Wow, you have been blogging regularly for eight years! That's dedication! Well done!

  6. Your blog is my Sunday Comics....Thanks for never disappointing me~~

  7. Your work is incredible as always. :D


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