Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day and the day Before and the Day Before that and so on ...

 My husband and I worked together as a good team this Thanksgiving. We cleaned the house for a week (it needed it badly); we shopped for food (he for the meat, me for the veggies); we each cooked our own favorites (he the turkey meat; me the 2 squashes and onion dish, the asparagus, mushroom, onion, zucchini, garlic and spinach dish topped with roasted almonds; the twice baked yams stuffed with fresh cranberries, dates, orange zest and orange meat relish. Our one guest, my brother, brought a pumpkin pie for dessert. It was all delicious.

I was to draw veggies for Every day in November prompt #26 so this is what I drew:

 I received a gift this week of this one beautiful persimmon and my very first thought was I must draw it. I used General Pastel Chalk pencils.

Again, in EDiNov there was a prompt #25 with a "kid on the beach". I chose instead to draw from a photo of my twin grandkids running on a different beach!

The next three ink drawings should be in reverse order. It was a few groups of people who seemed to be studying something very seriously and then coming together to compare notes. You'll recognize the gal on the left here in picture #1 alone.

Prompt #24. I loved doing this one. It was "A Window Display" which I changed to "Window Dressing". Same thing right? But I took it a little bit further!

Prompt #23 was "Poppy". This one reminded me of a trip I took in Israel in 1961 with my soon to be first husband and when we got out of the truck with our group we were in the middle of a huge field of these delicate red poppies for as far as the eye could see in either direction. It is truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Last Sunday we went to the Pure Grain Bakery where I drew the people there. I do enjoy giving them things to say and think.

Prompt # 22 was "Pattern"

I know this was Starbucks from the red cup!

This one was fun. He kept changing positions so I drew him in two of them (same guy) and I could hear him talking so I just wrote what I heard him saying...

Same day at Starbucks ...

 ... and here! You can tell it was a warm day. One guy is wearing shorts.

Prompt #21 is the "Ford House" museum in Mendocino, CA. Been there many times.

Prompt #20 "Butterfly" I wrote the poem about the Jewish Ghetto by Pavel Friedmann around the butterfly. Children in the concentration camps in WWII in Germany drew lots of butterflies on the walls. They knew they were going to die and they hoped the butterflies would take their souls out of the camp.

A quiet moment at Starbucks on another day.

... and people talking together on the same day.

It's Thanksgiving Day today. I hope this finds you well and healthy. I hope you had plenty to eat, and people's company to enjoy. We kept it simple this year. Just my husband, my brother and myself. We ate well (as mentioned above); we talked and reminisced, we played cards, and we enjoyed good food. We have much to be grateful for. I hope you do too. Be safe where ever you are.

Have a creative week. I sure hope to as well.
Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.
They really do keep me drawing!
I am grateful to you for that!


  1. As always a feast for the eyes! My favourite has got to be the veggie filled VEGAN script of course!

  2. Love seeing all your drawings Lynn, but that Window Dressing is my favourite, lol :-)

  3. I am glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is nice to have an inspiration for house cleaning. One of the reasons I invite people over. ;) I enjoyed this week's drawings...

    1. Thanks Lisa, same here about when we really clean. PS we don't have a lot of company.

  4. Love the vegan page and the window dressing. Fab sketches all week. Love seeing your stuff.


  5. Really wonderful sketches. The grand kids on the beach is my fav this week. Have a great weekend

  6. wow, so much to see, feel and read!
    Exploring your post makes me imagine how people are, what they do, wear, how they sit etc. in real life...Very inspiring!
    Have a good week ahead!

  7. I love all your black and white drawings this week, Lynn. Something a little different. Your meal sounds delicious(and the vegan drawing is wonderful).

  8. Nice work Lynn, loving your colourful veggies!

  9. I love your vegan piece! It sounds like a wonderful thanksgiving. You are so amazingly productive!

  10. It is always great to see what you have sketched in a week...impressive! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I can't believe we are starting December tomorrow! Time is flying by...

  11. Visiting your blog and looking at your great pictures is always such a pleasure. They are always cheerful and make me feel happy. This time the "Vegan-lettering", the persimmon, the poppy and the pattern are my absolute favourites! I really love the way you have drawn this pattern! Many thanks for sharing!

  12. I enjoyed seeing all your people watching sketches! I've been trying to draw strangers more often and find I am not keeping the sketches loose enough. I get caught up in too many details.

    Your thanksgiving had me salivating:)


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