Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's My Blog About My Art, My Feelings, My Beliefs and My Life; You are my Guest, Stay as long as you like.

I've never used my blog as a political platform before. But when the Every Day in November art group offered "Trump" as a prompt I had to decide whether to participate or not. Finally I decided that staying quiet about my feelings was like hiding, sticking my head in the sand.
Trump as Presidential candidate scares me to death.
So rather than be scared I decided to participate.
Something wonderful happened when I did.
Not only did  I find all the artist friends who were of like mind, but I even, through my art,
swayed one persons opinion, and she said she'd decided not to vote for Trump. She told me my art, this little drawing, "swayed my thinking"!
So on the off chance that could happen again I am posting it here.
Now if you are still here, the rest of my art today is political free: (almost all)
As you know I draw a lot in public places. I also like to give voice(s) to my cast of characters ...

It's true, I have drawn the guy on the far right in the striped shirt and his wife several times already.
I can't help it if the same people frequent these places when we do ...

However, on Black Friday, for a short period of time, the place was literally EMPTY of patrons except for us! So I drew the furniture!

Lucky for me this couple showed up and sat at the table directly across from where I was sitting. I like being able to use my white Sharpie on the gray toned paper.

Meanwhile back at Every Day in November I drew to the prompt of Cat and Dog. I drew our cat Henry in black ink only ...

... and then I added a bit of watercolor paint. Do you have a favorite?

Okay, I guess I lied a little about being done with politics. "Signs" was the next prompt in EDiNov.
The world is so full of important issues right now, they just all flowed from my pen onto the paper!
I really do hope everyone is thinking seriously about these important issues. They sometimes become overwhelming, therefore my last line about "Stopping the world, and wanting to get off." I guess I won't do that. I'll just vote for the candidate, who I feel has my best interests at heart!

Meanwhile, back at Starbucks on yet another day ...

People come to talk, drink, work, study, read ... and then there's me, Drawing!

This is the dog and cats for the Cat & Dog prompt. The funny thing here was I did not see the orange cat until I was done drawing the dog and gray striped kitten and started drawing that orange bit under them. Hey, it's another cat!

If I were going to have a favorite for this week, this drawing would be it! I love the guy half hidden behind the rack of gifts. The presence of the blond gal, as she leans forward to talk to the other three guys across from them. Their obscuring each other and letting me see only some of their body parts!
It was really fun to capture all of that!

And then there was this guy who kept changing his feet positions and I had to adjust and just keep adding them one by one.

This was a diverse group, I felt they represented many parts of the world we live in. Nice that they can all sit together in peace!

Another prompt to draw from a favorite photo of my own. My husband at Crater Lake!

What I love about art journaling is putting the story of what is happening on the page not just in drawings but in writing too.

This was for a prompt:"Elf Yourself"! Of course I had to create a Chanukah Elf. Pretty funny, huh?
But it could be a cute greeting card for that holiday! You think?

I am sure most of you have seen this happening many times over! Another one of my favorites!

I'm always amazed at the ways people USE Starbucks. This was a study or tutoring gathering, I'm pretty sure.

And I have no idea what these guys were talking about but the two on the left came in to join the guy on the right. They all stood and shook hands. Then they sat and talked. The guy in the middle talked the most. The woman was just in the background alone, but pretty soon three guys /different guys/ joined her.

Next Prompt: Three French Hens! Mine are a tribute to Paris and the desire for Peace there and everywhere in the world. I also thought of my friend Cris' chickens in Oregon! But hers are not red, white and blue!

Today I was very bummed out after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California. I don't know if it shows in my art or not. I felt the top three people were very disconnected from each other. They were each there alone. We need more togetherness and  harmony in our world. 

I loved the gal in the hat. And of course the second woman got drawn a second time. There were a few guys, but again, every one on their own.

This couple was together. But doing their own thing. Her phone was ringing incessantly. But the bit of music it played simply added to my drawing, and the drawing act itself was very soothing to my soul.

I hope you have ways to sooth your soul. We all could use lots of soul soothing don't you agree?

Here's hoping we can get through the coming week with out anyone getting shot or stabbed or bombed. Sorry, I guess I am still a bit bummed out. I think I'll  go draw some more.



  1. Love your look back over your week and what you have made. I don't live in the States, but Trump is one scary and bad person, I hope he does not win. Happy Hanukkah to you, too. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

    1. Thanks for your visit and positive comments. I'm glad you enjoy my weekly art review!

  2. Like i always say, i love your characters, the way they speak and engage with me :) But your drawing of Henry won my heart :) My cat is almost 12 years old now.Happy PPF :)

    1. I'm happy you enjoyed Henry's portraits! Meow to your cat too!

  3. finally sat still long enough to really explore your blog this week. Your comments have inspired me... I'm off to one of my (distant) coffee shops, probably the one @ B&N, to explore and sketch. Love the comments you add to your coffeeshop peeps! Thanks Lynn!

    1. I'm thrilled I've inspired you to draw in public! I hope you'll share what you do with me! Stick one back here in my comments! Have fun!

  4. Incredibly powerful Lynn!! I hear you! You know we are of like mind...enough said! So sad the state of the world. I feel like we have regressed!! Sooo sad!! I found that black friday illustration to be really powerful too!! I loved the cat and dog one that looks like a picasso influence!! Henry with a bit of colour is also wonderful!! Everything is fabulous!! So glad you followed your heart on this one, I know it's brave!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I know! Yes we are! Glad you liked my art this week too. It's my solace for sure. Hugs.

  5. What fun drawings! We have a local photographer that posts her pictures on facebook. She often adds similar captions to her photos and makes me laugh. Happy PPF

    1. Happy to know I've made someone else laugh! We need a lot of laughter in our lives!

  6. your political piece had me laughing Lynn! It is scary to think he is the Republic frontrunner! Lovely art as usual.

    1. Thanks for your continual support Christine in all things!

  7. What a versatile talent you are! Had fun seeing your interpretations.

  8. I have not ever voted for the elephant in all my years of eligibility and will not ever. Though elephant is my favorite animal.
    I enjoy your sketches. That you are talented goes without saying. I admire and am awed by your prolificity.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Thanks Indira! I truly shy away from the word "talented"! I think I am gaining an ability to draw through practice and it gives me much joy!

  9. Good sketches, Lynn! I agree about Trump....he's such a scary, pompus, a**! I don't think he likes anyone or anything. I like your sketches of all the people. Your Starbucks' people are so friendly. I pray this week with be quieter and safer than the last few have been. Happy Chanukah!!!

    1. Thanks Joan for your supportive comments. It's heartening to know most people I'm friends with are voting what I consider to be intelligently! I too hope for peace, quiet and safety! Thanks for the Chaukah good wishes! Xo


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